Rules to Live By

Don’t lie within an hour

I think they should shut the microphones off. These idiots don’t get that any more. They don’t get the opportunity to talk anymore in front of the microphone. They don’t anymore get the chance to address the American people.


They have no right to my microphone.

That’s the ridiculous Joe PagLIARulo, lying again.

Don’t begrudge people their little bit of government help.  I heard that someone I know is ready to walk away from her house and mortgage.  The same person who castigated me for not refinancing my mortgage before the housing crisis.   The person who told me about this also has a problem with people using the food stamp program.

I don’t know.

As we all get ready to meet with our future, perhaps some are more ready than others.

I find myself better prepared.    Any little thing could change it, but I’m ok.  It’s not because I make a lot of money or anything.  I prepared.

The road ahead of me is long and hard, but I know I have food in the freezer and I can plant more tomorrow.



One response to “Rules to Live By

  1. I’m not going to give up like I did this summer. From now on, I am going to fight for every little seed I plant. Every little seed.

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