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I’m Pretty Sure Your God Doesn’t Care If You High-Five Me

The things that people do  in service to their personal god amazes me.  The extent to which they insist that I go along with it makes even less sense.

Take the whole issue of birth control.  My GOD, why should women get it for free?  Why should women get a leg up on men in a Western Country in 2012?  Why is it so controversial?  Basic reproductive medicines should be free and included in any health care plan.  It’s just about the majority of people on the planet — the country — any place you look — there are more women than men.

BUT, religion comes into play and far too many women just let it go.

Today was a turning point for me in one group.

I have friends in Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Syria, and have for many years.  I’ve even dealt with the ridiculous influx of Saudis.  But today I had a child refuse to touch me.  A simple high-five to reward his good work was something he couldn’t countenance.

From now on, I will not let any Saudi male touch anything of mine.  I will make them stay away from me and anything of my work.

There are some who still apologize for Saudi behavior, but I for one do not have to take it.  I will teach my classes as I always have, which has worked for every other group from every other country on the planet.  (And yes, I have taught outside of the U.S.)

As I told the Saudi who refused to give me a high-five for his good work — you are in my home.

In my home, your celebrate good work with a high-five.  I don’t have to take into consideration your inexplicable obsession about some god micro-managing your every move.

CLUE BAT:  Your God has better things to do.

Update:  A Saudi student who was absent the day this happened came up to me the following day (yesterday) and made a point to not only touch my arm, but hold on to it and tell me that not every one of them feel the same.   I told him that the student who had such a problem with touching me should apologize, that what happened was disrespectful and rude.

Later, the same student came by my office and asked to kiss my head.  It was very touching and makes me tear up even now.  He told me that he had told the other student to act like a Texas man or get his ass back to Saudi Arabia.

There is hope.

Today, we had a good class.  The material in the book allowed me to show them this:  President Obama and Michelle Obama signing.  When I played the first video, there was a bit of “Oh, Obama” but I moved it forward to Stephon.  They couldn’t understand him, but I had printed out Stephon’s translation, so I gave it to them,  and showed them both clips again.  Then I showed them the ASL alphabet and then the video of Michelle Obama.  They could see her sign “I” and it was on.  We watched the video of her several times and they all tried to guess what she was signing (it’s really fast!)  We signed simple words to each other throughout the class.

It was a really good class.  Guess who was absent?


Why Can’t Michael Berry Check His Facts? Or is it That He Won’t?

Thanks to all of you who have sent an email to Michael Berry. Keep it up! He still won’t admit that he was wrong, or that he opportunistically politicized what was a very honorable ceremony.

Update:  Very clear photo of parents in front row here.

Second Update:  Just to make it clear:

For the feeble, this is a photo of the parents, just to show that they are the people in the front row.

Here’s Michael Berry contact info.  He’s a liar.  Let him know it.

Michael Berry read this email on the air not once, but twice, and he didn’t see anything wrong with it.  I’m thinking it is more of the “you made me think that about you so it’s your fault” sort of mind-game that he is known for.  It concerns the Medal of Honor Ceremony that was held today at the White House.  Before I get to nonsense of Michael Berry, let me just say that Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta is an honorable and very brave man and I hate that someone like Michael Berry, who never served, saw fit to denigrate what happened today.   That the denigration was a complete fabrication makes it even worse.  Michael Berry’s masculine insecurity knows no bounds.

Here’s Berry:

This Salvatore Giunta, this story I find the humility of the man, compared not just to Barack Hussien Obama, but compared to that class of clowns in the United States Congress, the humility of the man.  “I’m just an average soldier.”  That’s what he said.  And the woman on 60 Minutes with the cute accent said, “You’re average?”  “Yeah.””Well, who would be a great soldier, what about the great soldiers?”  “Yeah, image how great they must be.”  I mean that’s pretty strong, that’s really strong.

Humility is not a desirable attribute in talk radio, so it’s good to know that Berry recognizes it in his betters.  Berry goes on:

I said yesterday that he erroneously that he won the medal of honor.  You don’t win the medal of honor.  You receive it.  It’s my error, but there’s an email that came in, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Lance Corporal Clayton, and he wrote, “Michael, I had the honor of watching one of America’s true heroes receive the nation’s highest honor today.  Something that many people think you win, but it’s really not won like a trophy or prize, the medal of honor is not something someone sets out to receive, because the act of which it takes to get, it is typically so big that you do not survive, which is why there have been nine, I believe the last nine have been given to people posthumously.  I mean to the families.”

If you listen to Berry, those last couple of sentences sound ad libbed.  I don’t think he got any such email — or — he didn’t clarify when he was reading and when he was editorializing.  The next sentence is why I think it’s the former:

This is the first living medal of honor winner since Vietnam.

I thought they weren’t “winners” but rather recipients.  Didn’t Lance Corporal Clayton just scold Berry for saying just that?  Smells fishy to me.

This being said the highest respect should be paid to those who do receive it, and all should honor that person.  Today while watching Staff Sargent Giunta stand there waiting, I couldn’t help but think about his family and question where they were, and why they weren’t there in the front row along with the soldiers that were with him during the altercation.

Lance Corporal Clayton, respectfully, they are in the front row.

That woman with the long blond hair in the front row?  That’s his wife.  The other people are his family.

At the end of the ceremony, the President started shaking the hands of all the congressmen in the front two rows and chatting it up with them.

Lance Corporal Clayton (or should I say Michael Berry?), the people the President was shaking hands with were Medal of Honor recipients.

But who cares?  It sounds good!  And it gets better!

It wasn’t until he reached the third row that he was actually to the point of where the family had been.

Wrong side of the room, idiot.

What’s this, more confusion about who is where?  That always works on RADIO.

I even notice that one of the family members was a World War II  vet and probably couldn’t see because of all the goons in front of him.

Let’s see.  President Obama acknowledges the families of the men Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta tried to save.  And who are the “goons” in front of them?  The Staff Sergeant’s family.

What can I say, it’s misdirection all around.

All the soldiers were further back, on a different side, back behind everyone else.

That everyone else being Medal of Honor “winners”.

I guess my question to you is, am I viewing this wrong?


Is this just another show of how disrespectful he is toward the heroes of our nation, the true heroes of our nation?


Should the families and soldiers been in the front, shouldn’t the families and soldiers been in the front, ahead of the others that he rubs elbows with every day and as a Marine this completely disgusts me.   But before any of those non-deserving should have been at least been the family, in my opinion.

The family of Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta was in front, so what is Michael Berry going on about?  The only people in front of his fellow soldiers were Medal of Honor recipients, so who is this guy — whoever it is — talking about?

Oh, it must be Michelle Obama and Secretary Gates, as you can see.  Right?

That’s seemingly the end of Berry’s “reading of the email” and now we are into Berry’s “own” thoughts:

And that’s so true.  Who put the United States Congressmen who’ve done exactly nothing on the front two rows and then there’s his family on the third row?

No one because they weren’t there.

And the family of the two soldiers who died and whose lives he was working to save, which is why he received the medal of honor, you put them back on the third row.

Because his family was in the first two rows.

They gave the ultimate measure of commitment to our nation and they’re on the third row, behind the Democrats in Congress.

No, they were behind the family of the man being honored.

If there is a more fitting example of the hubris and arrogance and lack of respect for every-day Americans than that photograph,

Which photograph would that be, Michael?  You said you got an email supposedly from someone who had watched the ceremony, not just looked at some picture.  You made an assumption, didn’t you Michael Berry, and you think you can sully every last thing this president does.  Well you can’t.

Congressmen on the first two rows, and the honest descent every-day families who’ve lost loved ones in Afghanistan at a ceremony to honor their loved ones, on the third row.  If there is a more fitting picture for what’s wrong in this country, I can’t imagine what it is.

This is what is wrong with this country.  People like Michael Berry.  There were no Congress people there, and had there been, and had they wanted to honor Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, so what?  The people in the front rows were previous “winners” and military officials and the First Lady.

Just so you know, Michael Berry took no calls that whole hour, even though he spent most of it railing about the new topic de jure.  There’s a reason for that.

Lying Liars Lie, AMIRITE?

“Livin’ the dream!”

If one listens to Joe Pagliarulo in KPRC any morning, you will hear the title quote, along with, “Love you like a brother” and “Get off my phone!!!!” more times than you can imagine.  Less frequently, but enough, you will hear, “Prove me wrong!” and “I don’t lie.”

This morning, Pagliarulo was having an aneurysm over Rahm Emanuel making a video in D.C. to be played in the Chicago market and using the word “here” to mean Chicago.  (I guess Pagliarulo thinks Mission to Mars was, you know, filmed on Mars.)

Here’s the email exchange I had with him:

Me:  Where is “here” to you, Joe?  You lie every day about where you are.  You pretend to be here in Houston, but you’re not.  You’re in San Antonio.  Why don’t you stop lying and come clean with your audience?

Pagliarulo:  I”m not in san antonio.. thanks for not having a clue.. and I NEVER say I’m in Houston .. unless I actually am.. which I frequently am.  Thanks for getting it wrong!

Me:  You live in San Antonio.  You pretend to be here in Houston every morning on the radio. Stop lying and come clean.  You and Chris Baker both lie about where you are every day.

Pagliarulo:  I don’t live in San Antonio.. and, by the way you confused person, my voice is broadcast live to the Houston market every morning.. no  matter where I am.  LIVE to Houston.  I’m not taping it elsewhere and rebroadcast like-live in Houston.  It’s a Houston show … done live daily for Houston.  So glad you listen every morning!!

Me:  You don’t live in Houston.  Baker doesn’t live in Houston.  You both pretend you do to your audiences.  Stop lying.

Pagliarulo:  hehe.. you’re so wrong.. and have lost this argument.. it’s okay.. someone has to lose.. just happens to be you today.

Me:  I see you are also lying on your online resumes.

Pagliarulo:  I have no online resumes!!!  hahahahahah.. you’re reaching.. I’m yet to hear my lie Michelle.  get a life.. you’re beaten here

Me:  Liar:

Pagliarulo:  didn’t realize Linkedin did an online resume!!  Thanks!!  Need to add my Houston show.  I appreciate it!

Me:  What?  Did you think they only do paper resumes?

Pagliarulo:  hey dork.. everything on there is true..what’s your question?

Me:  It says San Antonio, not Houston.  Stop lying.  Tell your audience that you don’t live here in Houston.  It’s just that simple, Joe.

Pagliarulo:  you’re a dork.. it says San Antonio because I do a show for San Antonio every afternoon.  hehe.. you don’t get it do you?  I do two shows a day.  one for Houston.. one for San Antonio.  When Glenn’s off I do his show.. and I frequently fill in elsewhere too.  hehe

Always self-promoting . . . .

Pagliarulo:  updated!!  thanks so much.

Me:  Are you some kind of Sybil?

And to think this man was allowed to breed.

Pagliarulo even claimed that there was WMD in Iraq later this morning and went through the whole litany of GWB 27%er’s excuses.  My goodness these white men on KPRC sure do know how to whine.

Station Boss Michale Berry was on later in the afternoon whining about how politics is all about race.  It’s his standard shtick.  And here’s a pro tip for Berry, refrain from whining about doing your job on the air.  Everyone knows you are just the trained monkey.  Whining about having to tell other people to do things for you while you rake in the big bucks is just unattractive.

One more thing.  I guess it’s better late than never, but Berry has found a way to make money off of the Teabaggers.  KPRC is having a Teabagger rally on October 16th and if you have the money, you can pay to have some face time with Berry, Pagliarulo and the other white guys on the station — except for Chris Baker — because he is in Minnesota.

Sometimes it worries me that there are a handful of people driving around my city who listen to and agree with, nay, egg on these yappers.

Here We Go! Reparations, Anyone?

I can’t believe Micale Berry didn’t latch onto this for his 950 Man Talk show today (especially after Chris Baker spent 2 hours talking about a Brit chick bagging 1K men).

Here’s the next meme — I thought it would be about the struggle of poor farmers.  NO NO NO NO NO.  It can’t be about that.  It’s about BLACK farmers and Reparations and La Raza and SNCC and every other nonwhite boogy man you can conjure all in one.  From Kathleen McKinley’s Houston Chronicle blog:

We are getting played on the Shirley Sherrod coverage. I did a little research last night and then sat back to watch what was being said about the latest on this case. Fox devoted the opening segment of their 6 o’clock news hour and while I noted Shepard Smith went out of his way to denounce Andrew Breitbart and show Shirley Sherrod as the exact opposite of what the shorter video seemed to imply.

Nightline devoted a segment with fawning coverage of her career as someone who assisted the poor and they didn’t hold back on cracking Fox and Breitbart. This morning they continued with an opening that I tolerated until almost 7:20 with George repeating what had been said last night and then some.

No one mentioned that Shirley Sherrod was a plaintiff in the Pigford vs Glickman case that had sued the USDA and that 1999 settlement has paid out right at $1 billion so far.(1) Nobody has mentioned that Obama allowed the justice department to reopen the 1999 settlement and allow another 73,200 plaintiffs to have a crack at that money that so far has been paid to 16,000 rural southern black farmers (original plaintiff estimate was 3,000.(1) No one mentioned that Obama has already authorized another $1.25 billion be allocated to compensate these new plaintiffs that total four times the number of black rural farmers (est. 27,500) that were identified when the case was filed 1997.(1)

Not a peep was said of the $13 million settlement Mr. and Mrs. Sherrod and their New Communities group received a few days before her July 25, 2009 appointment to her current position by Vilsak.(2) Note that New Communities is solely an enterprise of the Sherrods now as it has not been active for years.

And oh by the way, Mr. Sherrod is Charles Sherrod, a founding member of the Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee which in 1966 had the reliable John Lewis as it’s chairman.(3) Remember John Lewis and his claims about being spit on a called the n-word a few short months ago? After John Lewis was replaced by Stokley Carmichael they renamed themselves the Student National Coordinating Committee and merged with what became the Black Panthers.(4)

Now here’s a kicker. One of the last active chapters of the SNCC/Black Panther group was in San Antonia and had an officer named Mario Salas who went on to assist in building La Raza.(5)

Now all of that may look like a bunch of tangential information until you realize that the original stated goals of the Rural Development Land Network, whose Vice Chair is Shirley Sherrod, was to “resolve to work toward reform of the land ownership patterns in this country”.(6), (7) Kind of sounds like reparations to me.

For the administration and especially Tom Vilsak to say they shot from the hip and over reacted when Obama, Holder and Vilsak have been shoveling money into the burgeoning settlements of a suit brought by Shirley Sherrod defies integrity, honesty and hopefully the law.

Oh my.

Someone please email this information to Michale Berry.  He’s behind the curve.  I can’t do it because he is afraid of me.

Please someone reading this blog send this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT REPARATIONS to Michale Berry.  He was all hot and bothered about this topic when he was on the city council.  He would love to have his conspiracy theories confirmed.

What is this really about?  The USDA treated people differently in the past based on their skin color.  The people were finally able to file suit and win their case in court.  THEY WON.  IN COURT.  And there are some people out there — connected with Fox News and Andrew Brietbart, who think this constitutes reparations.

Fucking idiots.

Some Video Links Plus Added Rants

I don’t get this. He doesn’t really say anything and his pronoun references are completely vague.  It looks like someone in the GOP lower levels is trying to push the NJ gov for prez.  What about Rick Perry!!!!1!!1!1!

Sarah Palin gets put on the spot.  I can think of quite a number of people more qualified to yap about the oil spill.  Michael Berry isn’t one of them.

White male Seattle idiot police officer punches a young black woman in the face. Commenters say she deserved it.  It’s hard to watch.  I don’t think I could have stood there and just recorded it. Cops can just be criminals with guns.  One Bellaire cop shot a pro baseball player and got off — nothing happened to him.  Michael Berry blamed the baseball player’s mother for the shooting.  FAIR ENOUGH?

Related:  Pasty white boy gets ruffed up by 68 year old.  The same people showing there “balls” about a cop punching a 19 year old black girl get misty-eyed and cry Assault!!!!  Assault!!!!! when it’s one of their own.  These people are insufferable.

Lastly, I am SICK of pasty white people telling African Americans that this that or the other is their problem.  As I have said again and again, why can’t all of the pasty white concern trolls take a look at their own poor white folks and fix that?   Michael Berry and Bill Bennett need to quit acting like they’re black and get with taking care of all of the poor whites.  Wouldn’t that be novel?

Pasty white guy wants drug testing.  Who is going to pay for that?  Does the Utah Senator have some interest in a drug testing kit company?  Does the Utah Senator have a problem with people who are down on their luck?  I’d like to see him submit to a drug test on the teevee first.  Dick.

Lastly, I’m about ready to build a Mexico City style wall around my damn house.  Someone put the nicely bundled vegetation I had ready to go for next month’s green pick up by the city in my recycle cart, destroying the very expensive new freaking green yard waste bag I had ready in the process.  Whoever it was left my recycle cart in the middle of the driveway, too.  Oh, and whoever it was, cut up my Lantana, too.

Dicks — all of them.

More Hyperventilating Wingnuttery — International Edition

I heard a snippet about this earlier in the week on Glenn Beck’s radio show, and then again this morning on a local Libertarian– wingnutty radio program.  President Obama has granted Interpol “unprecedented liberties to control Americans.”  All of the usual suspects are there in that Google search, including a few I’d never heard of.

Jake Tapper and the NYT painstakingly walk the wingnuts through what exactly the Executive Order the President signed on the 17th actually involves, but I doubt that will stop any of them from believing that some guy from Scotland Yard will be breaking into their homes to arrest them at ANY MOMENT!!1!!11!!!!  And control them.  Or something.  And you know what?  You’ll never hear about it in the MSM.  Fucking liberals.

Let’s be Honest, This is a Rant

(Without links for tonight)

First off, I woke up to Mike Gallagher going on about political correctness — like that is new.  He wants to screen every person with a Muslim name who wants to get on a plane.  I find it odd that there isn’t more outrage about how the guy got on the plane in Africa or Europe.  Do the TSA have people in Amsterdam?  Another disappointment is that Janet Napolitano felt that she had to answer the screamers.

(Obvious parenthetical — the city was supposed to start requiring biodegradable bags for yard waste, but the new bags are not available widely enough yet.  I was able to get all but one bag out for the latest pickup.  I will switch to the other bags, but having ordered my composter, I may only need to purchase one package.)

Back to the would be bomber — given that I went on an international flight less than a month after 9/11, I’m not one of the people who gets worked up about this.  It’s always been the case that traveling by car is much more dangerous and wouldn’t it be novel for the American public and our officials (in that order) figure that out?   The solution to the current issue would be for international airports to wonder and stop someone who doesn’t live in the U.S. buying a one way ticket here.  But that’s not what the criticism is about.  It will be conflated to 9/11 and be very afraid to fly and everyone will lose some of their freedoms — or not.

Part of me wonders how families and people in general endured continental flights before there were laptops, cell phones, DS’s etc.  How did they survive it?  And to get back to Mike Gallagher, he pointed to how the Israeli airline deters terrorists:  they basically profile Palestinians.  As he claims, no one complains.  That would make sense.  Palestinians live in world where they are suspected no matter what.  They are made to wait and wait, often in the sun, just to get to their jobs.  Yes, let’s be just like Israel, where you have to be a Jew to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.

I know, Gallagher is just looking to get blog hits at this point.  For the last week his sub has admitted as much.  He is promoting a link on his blog that gives an 800 number to D.C.  Either one of them could have given the number on the air, but no.  You must go to the website — oh and sign yet another petition.  About Health Insurance Reform.  The first one, delivered via ambulance, didn’t work, and so you must do it again.

The same station delivered a ridiculous “best of” Bill Bennett this morning.  Why should we let these people be in charge again?  It also advertises the USJF — no, not the Judo thing, but the wingnutty thing that supports not only the birthers, but seems to be run by a Dickensian named KREEP, and wants to erect a monument to Saint Ronnnie in Berlin.

I’ve run out of steam.  I’ve tried to be humorous.  I’ll add links tomorrow.

I had wanted to take picks of what I have been doing, the process, but I didn’t.  If there is no rain in the morning, I will capture the work in progress.

And speaking of progress, and the end of the year, I, for one, think our President and Vice President are doing a very good job.  I’m relieved that they are the ones in charge.  I’m also extremely happy about our Mayor.  Except for the governorship, I’ve got the representation that I have always wanted.

Pay Attention!!!! Or, else

This is for Kevin:

These are just a few of the things horribly wrong with this bill. It’s time to start over. It’s time to do this right. The Democrats are trying to rush this through for their own political agenda, and that is just wrong. All of us want to fix things in health care. There is agreement on many many things, but the Democrats are shutting out the Republicans and the American people on this.

We aren’t happy. If this passes, I don’t think you will see the usual resignation of defeat from the American people. This is different. We are done being railroaded. We are done being ignored. There will be the largest non violent protest since the days of civil rights.

You just wait and see.

I decided against mocking this post and instead just straight quoting it since people like Kevin and Cory seem unable at times to get my humor — I know, it’s MY fault.

Honestly, I can’t really understand the over-simplification of history encompassed in that second graph, nor can I “wait” to see more of the tea party crowd bellyache about the media, taxes, government takeover, yaddah yaddah yaddah.

(BTW — I don’t know what happened to the post you called unhinged, Kevin.  I didn’t delete it.  Sometimes WordPress eats things.  My apologies.)

“The person’s account below is known to three of our group, and he is NOT a whiner or complainer…”

So that means he’s not a liar.

It has come to this.  (And I know this is not the first time, nor will it be the last.)  All of the wingnutty goodness comes bubbling to the top.  That’s why the local teevee news had to actually run a story on a local wingnut’s nutty story.  I’m sure this particular wingnut has been harassing them and other news outlets relentlessly.  It’s just what he does.

Wait.  You haven’t heard about this and you don’t know what I am talking about?  You must not follow wingnut blogs.  The local news does.  What’s wrong with you?!?!?!?!?!??!

About the Historic Snow

This is how things played out in my life — we will compare it to others in a bit.

I remember earlier in the week that the forecast on the local CBS channel was for snow on Friday.  My family does a family thing on the night that Santa rides the firetruck through Pasadena every year and I had stupidly made a dental appointment for about the same time, so over Thanksgiving I agreed to identify the date.  Once I had it, I called my mom, and we talked about the possibility of snow.   She remembered (memory of an elephant — it was December 10th last year) that it had snowed early last year.  I remembered that too and so this year was not that much earlier, except that we have had snow more often than ever in my life of 40+ years of living here.

I was surprised and anxious when I found out on Friday that the university would be closing early.  I had planned on having a full afternoon to get my work done — so I had to prioritize.  I made it — which means I was able to listen to Chris Baker on the way home.

First thing to know is that Baker is not in Houston.  He’s in Minneapolis.  So when he claims that his kids are playing in the snow, he’s lying.  The snow hadn’t reached there by Friday afternoon — if this particular front even affected where he was.  He tries so hard to pretend he’s here.  It’s almost sad.  Sad because he thinks his listeners are so dense.

Baker made fun of weather forecasters and Houstonians for two hours.   If he could have called his listening audience pussies he would have.  Maybe he did.  But Baker’s hobby horse is the media — and on weather days  — it’s the weather part of the media.  (Let’s just let it go that he is part of the media too now.   For better or worse — he and his kind have inserted themselves.)

Maybe it’s because I don’t have cable.  Baker hates weather people.  According to him, they (weather people and reporters) always go overboard.  I saw none of this on the local weather.  I understood why employers let people go early — I was out on the mostly invisible roads last Tuesday — as were most of the people I work with.  Visibility even without sleet and snow was nil in Houston that night.  The city and responsible employers did the right thing — and hopefully planned for such hits, as any good business would — and decided to try to mitigate the damages.

And for that, all of them are called wimps by a guy up in Minneapolis.  A radio guy who has nothing to worry about.  A guy named Chris Baker, who has ridiculed every person he has ever come across — perhaps even Michael Berry — and still has a job.  He produces nothing.  He calls people names. Again and again and again.  He thinks things are funny the more they are repeated.  While he mocks his audience, he trusts World Net Daily and Sky News.  He lives in another city but pretends to live here.

Over and over again he told his audience that the world was laughing at Houston all because the city officials and responsible business people took precautions.  Will he come on the air on Monday, from Minneapolis, and credit the city for the lives potentially saved because of the actions taken?  Has he looked at the “liberal” newspaper here to seek the death-toll of the “Great Blizzard of 2009”?  It’s not funny, so no.

I wasn’t surprised to hear Randy Lemmon jumping on the bash the media bandwagon at 6:00 this morning.  He’s supposed to be the “Garden Guy” but this morning he was the “keep the meme going on this wing nut station guy.”  He decided that he would clean out his freebie closet by giving shit (his definition) away to anyone with a bash the media story about the weather that made him laugh.  Funny thing is, the station ran a stale weather report from Friday early on Lemmon’s show.  “Oh noes!!! I thought.  It will get down to the 20″s again tonight?!?!?!?!'” Right.  Bitch about the media and it will bite you in the ass.  Lemmon complained about the weather media, but then ran an outdated weather report that could have confused.  No worries.  Hardly anyone is paying attention, so no one cares.

Someone I know recently moved from the inner city to outside the loop.  Now needing to pay attention to traffic after years of just zipping on side streets to work, he started tuning into AM 740 — recalling their ads of being the news traffic and weather station.  He was surprised to find Lana and J.P. interviewing Cunningham as if it were news.  I told him that 740 no longer has reports like they used to, so all they’ve got is phone-ins.  And now it’s all partisan.

For a very long time, Houstonians had a radio station that just gave them the information that they needed.  It’s call letters spell out Keep Tuned Right Here.  They had actual news — real news (though one of their old reporters is now doing wingnut commentary on a competing station) real traffic and real weather.  Now it’s all wingnut all the time.  AM radio in Houston is filled with liars and those who support liars.  YaY for AM radio.

Ha ha.  Upon adding links, Michael Berry’s AM 740 still has up warnings from yesterday.  It’s 8:20 on Saturday night and this is what the “news” radio station has up:

Oh yes, I will click there.  This station deserves to fail.
I wonder if the people whose loved ones died this weekend found others’ — including Friday’s  Chris Baker — laughing at the conditions funny?   Baker won’t touch that on Monday.  It’s not “funny.”  And he’s not here.  One man may have jumped or was plunged to his death on a local freeway.  I’d pay money for anyone t ask Baker about anyone laughing at that, especially given how late on the weather updates his mothership is.