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Will Michael Berry Lie Again?

He’s already done so twice.

Here’s a link to his “interview” with a Medal of Honor “winner.”

He’s milked this “call” for all it’s worth and more.  Remember, I debunked it rather quickly.  I’m still getting hits from people who are using my posts to debunk Berry’s claims on some of the most obscure forums.

And now I find that Ramon Robles is also a liar.  No wonder he has no problem with Michael Berry lying or Joe PagLIARulo either.


Michael Berry Still Lying about Sal Guinta and his Medal of Honor Ceremony, still no Price to Pay for It

I missed this when it was posted, but Michael Berry is still trying to squeeze every bit of a hero out for his own benefit:

Friday, April 13, 2012
Michael’s Interview With SSgt Sal Giunta

It’s not an interview.  It’s just the same old nonsense.
I’ve gotten steady hits for my proof that Michael Berry has been lying.  It’s only a matter of time before this lie is put to rest.
But why hasn’t Berry paid any price for lying?

Dick Cheney Coward Who Knew?

I’m sure all of the chicken-hawks crowing about Marines and their guns are fully behind Dick Cheney finding Canada too dangerous to visit.


OMG Radio’s Stupidest Picture

Radio, mostly talk radio, is well known for its idiotic portraits, but this one takes the cake:

Does this have doofus written all over it or what?  There is nothing worse than a hanger-on know nothing about music person wearing a shirt that shows he knows nothing about music.   This is embarrassing.

And to think this idiot has people who hang on his every word every day, from early in the morning to late in the evening.  If his boy Rick Perry had done better, he would probably be doing better.  As it is, his book will never be published, he will remain a clown and my god, he will be an idiot.

I challenge even Kevin Whited to explain this photo to me.  Kevin?  Cory?

Not on the 10:00 News










Wish I Could Just Sit on My Ass and Talk

with the little people doing the work for me, for free in some cases.

I have a good job.  Sometimes it is entertaining, like when very young men from other countries come here and think they can get over me like they do their moms.

My department is income producing.  We bring in money from overseas.  It pays my salary through tuition, and it adds to the Texas economy through apartment rentals and furniture rentals and all the food and clothes and stuff they buy with their international money.

Rick Perry just prays and preys on other states to find new ways to make his business slush fund bring low wage jobs here.

I’m better than him.

Michael Berry and Joe PagLIARulo just talk on the radio.  They sit on their asses and talk.  PagLIARulo claims to educate, though his late coming on the red light cameras was a dud.  And Michael Berry now claims that the other stations in Houston are worse than him.

I don’t really wish I could just sit on my ass and talk.

I’d be like them.

I like my job that brings in international money and pays for itself.  It’s a better job than theirs.  And while it pays less, it is more entertaining than either of them are.

Tomorrow and Beyond

(Just so the blog doesn’t die)

I have plans for the weekend.  I will take pictures and document it all.

The heat and lack of rain has made me very anxious.  I can better understand now what my grandparents went through, especially after an oil company poisoned their well water.

Some people don’t understand where our opposition to the oil companies comes from.  Mine is clear.  An oil company made the catfish in my grandfather’s tank into saltwater fish.  An oil company ruined my inheritance.  The land my grandparents owned is worthless and has been for years because an oil company ruined it.

I will try to save my garden this weekend.  We will see if I am successful.


It’s Just Hot

There is nothing I can do right now but protect the plants I have in the ground.  This drought is hard.  I can imagine what it must be like in the horror that is east Africa at this point.

I admire PBS for not just focusing on the debt ceiling debate.

One of my old students from Mali stopped by today.  I encouraged her to come back to our program.  I hope she does.

I heard today about people who are willing to go into nuclear disasters like what is happening in Japan.

I think that there are bigger problems in the world than just voting to raise the debt ceiling.

What a nothing burger to get all knotted about.  What a waste of time that the Teabaggers have caused.  They are a loud minority and they don’t even have a clear point, but to destroy this nation simply because there is a half black man in office.

I Should Have Taken Pictures

I made a little dinner tonight.  It was a variant of a recipe that is in The Eating Well New Favorites Cookbook.

My little fingerling eggplants had fruits, so I made an open faced pseudo-Eastern Europen thingy.

First, I picked the eggplant.  This was problematic because the oks (outside kittens) thought it was dinner time.  It wasn’t.   Poor babies are so hot, but they do have the haven of the aquagarage and the space under the house for relief.

Then I picked a few little cherry tomatoes, a few plum tomatoes, and some peppers.

I went back out and fed the OKs and picked off some oregano.

I chopped up the eggplant and salted it in a colander and let it sweat out.

In a small bowl, I crushed the feta cheese, added the fresh oregano and some olive oil and lemon juice.  That all went in the fridge.

I chopped the tomatoes and peppers.

After an hour, I rinsed the salt off the eggplant and squeezed out the moister.  I sauteed the fresh peppers in olive oil, then added the eggplant and tomatoes.  I only had the heat on  for a few minutes.

I put the wokked stuff in the fridge.

To serve, I put the feta mix on a slice of bread then dribbled the eggplant mix on top.

Things I bought:

olive oil, bread, feta, lemon juice

Things from the garden:

eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, oregano

That looks like balance.

There Are No Poor People Here

Let’s  say you live in an apartment where they have central air, is that common or uncommon?  Depending on where you live, that might make or break a rental deal.

According to the Heritage Foundation, having A/C means you are fake poor.  Given that it is impossible to live in certain parts without A/C, and that some do live that way, it doesn’t deter the Heritage types nor talk radio types from harping on the poor.

The Heritage’s con conclusions are questionable at best.  I looked at the raw material and saw no income means testing.

The take away is that if poor people somehow live in an apartment with A/C, access to a washer and dryer, and perhaps bought a used phone or playstation — or better yet, had it given to them via CHARITY, they are not really poor.and live in your car.  No wait, you have to sell your car.  You have to be Africa poor, you know what I mean, no utilities living in a hut in the desert poor to be poor in AMERICA.

To recap, Heritage took some numbers that I would beg you to come to the same realization from, to whack the truly poor in our nation.  Oh and those who advocate for them

Oh and before you can claim to be poor you have to sell everything you have.