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I’m sure there’s overlap

Michael Berry deleted all of Chris Baker’s audio when he fired him, but I have the transcript and no one would deny that Baker wants to take his peeps down to the border to shoot people.  You can listen to him here, but I recommend against it:  it’s mostly fart noises.  That makes for good radio, docha know 😉

Chris Baker’s peers are here.

What happened to the Minutemen at the border?  I’m sure there is an overlap with the teabaggers.

On a funny note, Michael Berry was so mad he had his spot recorders record a spot stating that, “if you dont like it dont lissen!”  He also poured out a lot of the STFU.

Yeah, that works.


Garden Post

Some pics I took this evening — per Roberto’s request:

A Christmas gift from my mom and bitter sister.  Made in China.

I read the instructions and put in two plants.

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Happy Earth Day

Unless you live on the Gulf Coast and care about it.

The rig that exploded (I linked to it yesterday) in the Gulf sank today and is spewing an estimated 8 THOUSAND barrels of oil a day.  BP is a part of this disaster.  Nothing new around these parts.

One of the survivors says that the 11 missing were burned up in the explosion.

Like I said yesterday, no one has ever died installing a solar panel.  And had we worked to install solar panels on every house in the country for the last thirty years, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

But HL&P (now Reliant) couldn’t have made as much money if everyone in this sunny region sent energy back to them; Exxon couldn’t have made so much money if people recharged their electric cars at home with energy they captured from the sun.

Just how many people have died pulling oil out of the ground?  Has it been worth it?  How many people have died in coal mines?  Has that been worth it?

I would love to say today, on this Earth Day, that I only get energy from the sun or wind.  I’m part way there, but that’s not enough.

Will this disaster get nearly the coverage that the tea party people did last week?  Looks like the answer is no.

Today and Tomorrow

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.  There are some who want to stir up shit on this day, but truth be told, it’s nonsense.  I’ve only ever run into one person from Mexico who was pissy about demographics.  And I work with more people from Mexico than the average person.  So that means I KNOW.  Take that.

I was off today.  While listening to lies all day, I cleaned the backyard and “dressed” my hanging tomato plants.  I also found spots for my remaining cucumber and sunflower plants.

I thought about what it means to be a Texan.  I was born here and have lived here all but a year and a half of my life.  When I was a little girl, my family went to the San Jacinto Monument for picnics and to remember.  While the rest of my family is totally wing nutty, I’m not.  I love my city and my state.  While I was overseas, I always said I was from Texas.  It just where you are from.  It’s what pissed (and still does) off so many people from here to have George W. Bush claim to be a native son.  He wasn’t.  It still pisses me off that Barbara Bush lives here and can say nasty things that reflect poorly on us.  It pisses me off the Perry is still the governor.

(Let’s just see if Michael Berry really reads this:  Michael, how does it feel to say the N word on the air?)

Tomorrow is Earth Day.  As I said earlier, I will plant some seedlings.  I hope to also get the peppers and carrots into new planters — not sure if that will happen.  I need to plant the oregano and parsley. . .in other words, every day is Earth Day around here.

And while I’m at it, no one has ever died working on a solar panel — nor have any birds or other animals.  What was that CRAZY Carter guy onto when he put solar panels on the White House.  Have you ever wondered why you can’t afford to get solar panels on your house?  Especially ones that send energy back to the company you pay a ridiculous amount of money to for energy?  Could Chris Baker or Michael Berry address that for once?

The answer is no.  It wouldn’t make for good radio.  Good radio is sound effects, fart noises, silly parody songs and banging on BLACK PEOPLE especially the President.  That’s what makes good radio.

Oh, and how many times a white guy can say nigger on the radio.  That’s the most important part of good radio.

“We Lost Thirty Years”

I’m watching The American Experience tonight.

It makes me sad.

They just showed Regan taking the solar panels off the White House.

Today, women are being trained to work on and build solar panels in poor parts of India, and that same technology is out of reach for average people here in the U.S.  It’s easier for a person in India to get solar power than it is for me.   Why is that?  That’s rhetorical.  I know why.

We lost thirty years of people caring about turning off the lights and being economical with energy.  Today, the electricians and others where I work don’t care that there are lights that won’t turn off.  They are on 24/7/365.

I still hope to get solar panels on my roof.  I recycle and would even without the rewards.

The environment is not an abstraction.

This is odd

After all of the hype for the tea party people today, memeorandum has passed them by.  It can’t be late because that site always lags just a bit on what is going on.

Since I have a real job that requires me to actually work (unlike Michael Berry or Chris Baker or Rush Limbaugh, who get to fly by the seat of their pants), I couldn’t follow the tea party people so much.  From what I saw on teevee today, they don’t quite know what to do.  Seriously, they are still doing the same thing they were a year ago:  rallies with Republican politicians — don’t even get me started on that Riddle woman — and signs and tee shirts.

And what?

Health Care Reform Passed.

Financial Reform Will Pass.

And finally, Immigration Reform Will Pass.

Here in the supposedly red area of Texas, the Tea Party People couldn’t get their guy elected to the REPUBLICAN PARTY CHAIR.  You’d think they could make their money spent on advocating work in this red state, right?

“So why are those radio and television talk show hosts spending so much time arguing that today’s wealthy are unfairly burdened? Well, it’s hard not to notice that the talk show hosts themselves tend to be among the very wealthy. “

No duh.

And where does that money come from?

Well, a few thousand or more comes from here.

Tea Party Excitement in Harris County

The local tea party people ran ads on at least two or three radio stations in support of their pick for Harris County Republican chair.  How many people turned out to vote for their guy?  15, 179.

That seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  But like other races the tea party has been involved in, it wasn’t enough.  The same old guy won again with 25, 488 votes.

So I guess when the tea party people make their attendance claims about Discovery Green tomorrow or  at Sam Houston Race Park and the total is about 15K, then that will be about right.  And it will mean about as much as the election yesterday did.

And on a related note, Dan Patrick is looking for a new way to take your money — oh, I mean get his name in the paper.

Only in Texas

You ask, (don’t you) why do BLACKS and HISPANICS have clubs that good old white boys can’t join? There’s the BLACK this and the HISPANIC that, and good old white boys say, “Where’s my club, dammit?”

This is our starting point.  Anyone can join any group he wants.  If Michael Berry decided that he wanted to be a member of the NAACP, he could, his adoption of a child born in Africa not withstanding.  Men can join women’s groups, caucasians can join any group.

But there are places, mostly golf clubs and other last refuges of caucasian exclusivity, that historically have not let others in.  True fact.

So, why have people started groups to represent their non-caucasian selves you wonder?  (If you are a teabagger who just woke up, or a talk radio host who just wants to stir up the racial animosities as those who have the means always have in this state and Houston as well.)

I could attribute it to the White Man Whine, but it’s more than that.

The first person to sign up for the new caucasian club was an Hispanic female.  Shocked?  Hispanic is not a race.  If you look at any census, look at the diversity of Hispanics,  it is clear (for the thinking person).  Some Hispanics are caucasian.  Surprised?  Some are mixed.  Some are of African origin.  Some are of Asian origin.

In the end, this club may be forward looking.  Caucasians will be in the minority soon and this club might serve a purpose.  I think there will be a day soon that talk radio, oil companies or the Republican party (and I include teabaggers here because they didn’t try to take over Democratic precincts this spring, only Republican — they have only put out ads about the Republican County Chair.  They don’t care about Democrats — never have) will be the minority.  Hell, they probably already are.  It’s just going to take some time for this white thing to roll over.

OMG My Tax Bill is HIGHER must be Obama’s fault

On Birther Radio (otherwise known as KPRC and managed by Michael Berry), I’ve heard people calling in on Joe Pag’s show especially, crying about their paycheck being less or their taxes going up.

Of course, tax rates haven’t gone up, unless you pay more for cigs so kids can have health insurance.  If you are getting less in your check, you need to talk to your employer.  S/He is either cheating you, or s/he is cheating you.  Everyone got more money in their paychecks a year ago.  If your income tax bill has gone up, perhaps you are like me and you don’t have as much to deduct this year.

Yeah, I could cry about the fact that I got my energy efficient windows when I couldn’t get a tax break for doing so, but I blame that on GWBush and the Republicans for not getting with the energy efficiency program.  Dicks.