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Known as Socrates now, with his companion, Polly:


He’s growing up to be such a handsome boy!

Just Found This — It’s Terrific!

It’s the White House Blog — which I have read before — but today’s entry is outstanding.  The best part:

RHETORIC:          BECK SAID VANCOUVER LOST $1 BILLION WHEN IT “HAD THE OLYMPICS.” Glenn Beck said, Vancouver lost, how much was it? they lost a billion dollars when they had the Olympics.”  [Transcript, Glenn Beck Show, 9/29/09]
REALITY:              VANCOUVER’S OLYMPICS WILL NOT TAKE PLACE UNTIL 2010. Vancouver will host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games from February 12 – 28, 2010 and March 12-21, 2010, respectively. [, accessed 9/29/09]
Glenn Beck is not only a jackass, but a dumbass as well.  But we all already knew that.
Oh, and I just remembered about that creepy interview Beck did with Katie Curic.

Time to Put on Your Sackcloth

Is President Obama no longer the Leader of the Free World?  Well, the Washington Times and Kathleen seem to think so.  And it’s all his own fault because he didn’t say anything against the three most terrible people in the world while he was addressing the U.N.  I guess if you don’t say nasty things about people that means you are weak.  Or something.

So who does Kathleen and the Washington Times think is the new Leader of the Free World?  Why, Mr. Netanyahy (sic), of course!

Mr. Netanyahy’s (sic)”Have you no shame?” speech to the U.N. brought tears to my eyes. It was a long time coming. The U.N. shamefully allows such evil as Ahmadinejad, Chavez, and Qaddafi to speak as world leaders and no one had a thing to say against them. Until Netanyahy (sic).

Gee, I don’t know.  I’d like my Leader of the Free World to be above the fray and above calling people out, but that’s just me.

Ahmadinejad stole an election and killed his own people protesting, and let’s not forget that little nuclear proliferation issue. Pres. Obama then adopts a resolution to curb the proliferation and testing of nuclear arms and move toward total disarmament. (I’m thinking of adopting a resolution in my home that my teenagers keep their rooms pristine. I’m sure it will work. I mean, a resolution always works, right? They worked so well against Saddam.) The text of the resolution doesn’t even cite Iran by name. Why is this?

Because then he might have to name Israel as an outlaw nation as well????  Maybe???

Kathleen seems to be confused about how U.N. resolutions work and the state of nuclear weapons in the world.  It’s a public secret that Israel has a rather large nuclear arsenal, it has never let the IAEA inspectors in and is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  Just today, Syria demanded that Israel must comply with  IAEA .  I’ve always felt that it is dishonest of Israel not to comply with treaties and rules that every other nuclear nation does with the exception of India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Obama stated that the UN resolution was “not about singling out individual nations.” Oh no, heaven forbid we do that.

Se my above comment.

But Netanyahy (sic) didn’t have any such misgivings. It was nice to see strong leadership in the face of evil.

Because he’s the only kid on the block with the bomb?  Could that be why?  Or he’s just petty?

It doesn’t look like Russia or China are interesting (sic) in any serious sanctions on Iran. So it looks like it’s up to us. Great.

That’s news to me.  And I guess the U.K. and France don’t count.

The White House reveals (sic) a few days ago that Iran has (sic) building a secret underground nuclear facility. Iran responds by test firing a series of missiles yesterday.

Which was expected by the administration.

As much as Pres. Obama and his “flower power”  (ed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) foreign policy goes, Iran is clearly not going to “unclench it’s fist.” It’s now time for Obama to step up to the plate and be the kind of leader Netanyahy (sic) has clearly shown to be.

C’mon Obama, get up in front of the world and shake your fist in the air angrily!  NOW!

There you have it: sloppy and stupid.


“Lefty, how do you FEEL being lumped in with this guy?”

Meh.  You are the one doing the lumping, Kathleen, and I don’t really think that your opinion matters much to me and mine.

You keep fishing, but your bait is sour and all I can say is good luck with your crusade to get the good ole boys to vote for a “darkie”.  Get back to me when you have found a minority to run for elective office here in Texas (who wasn’t appointed in the first place).  The last one I remember was failed business owner and one time mayorial candidate Sanchez.

On the local level, the Dems seem to have a good mix.  Kuff has interviews with absolutely everybody.

And while I don’t really care for football — GO COOOGGGGGSSSS!!!!!!!


That’s what Roberto said.

Here’s the video that I couldn’t find the other night of children praying to the president.

I don’t know if that is going to work, so here’s the link, too. (Upon editing, looks like it did.)

And here’s the link to the Michael Berry show where I was robbed.  I’m on in the first hour on 9/24, then the second hour goes downhill.  At least I got a laugh out of him. . . .

Thanks for letting me be on your show, Michael!


Lesson to self:  careful what you ask for.

Dan Patrick shows up on PBS and showboats it all the way.  It looks like he’s done the hair care for men and colored his gray.  He looks like some guy from the ’70’s.

He’s trying so hard to dominate the conversation by throwing out every canard he can.

Perhaps more in depth about it tomorrow.

Next up is Jared Woodfill, the hapless chair of the Harris County Republican Party.

Jared:  Democrat party democrat party democrat party. And keeps coughing and sniffling.  Dear GOD he might be dying off-camera.

The Democratic chair is hilarious!  LOL hilarious.  He skewers everything.

Jared is spreading the pig flu as we speak.  Jared is fringe!


I entered this contest on the radio, and sure I knew going in that it was subjective, but I thought I had the very best answer.

I listened to the whole show, just to know where NOT to shop.  Nick wins because of his family.

At least I got the first 10 score!!1111!!!!1!1!!!11!!!!!

What was the competition? What is the creepiest President Obama “worship” you have seen or heard.  I called in and said that I had seen a video of children (because this show was bouncing off the video of children making the rounds today) raising their hands in worship to a cutout of the president and then the woman leading the prayer started speaking in tongues.  I was referring to the documentary Jesus Camp.  (The film was made by the same people who made the film The Boys from Baraka — which I love.)

Of course, there was enough time to do a simple Google search while I was on hold, and I’m pretty sure the people who work for the radio host are competent, so when they let me on the air, they were not kind (they didn’t even ask me to stay on the line to get my information, despite the fact that I had the highest score at that point), and the radio host was prepared (maybe).

My only surprise was that none of the callers who knew what I was talking about got through.  So, it was a very harry call screening this evening.

Podcast up tomorrow.  (9/24 hours i and 2)

Earlier in the show, the host was saying that Americans (can’t remember if he said ‘real Americans’) don’t do the worship thing.  That sort of stuff is left to African countries.

There are McCain condoms, too.