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I Never Published My Denver Pics

No word yet on whether or not my colleague and I will get to go to the next professional gathering (in BOSTON!!!!), but I remembered that I never posted my Denver pics.


I love this blue bear.  This is from before the blizzard.


I never passed off my camera to take pics of myself.


Denver’s Contemporary Arts Museum.


No photoshop here.  It’s just some government building looking cool in the snow.


Not this guy.

I liked Denver a lot and hope I get to go to Boston!

Cory Crow: A Profile

I’m almost at tears, so bear with me.

There is this blogger.  He’s here in Texas, and his dreams of living off of blogging is a sad story.  It seems not enough people care about his blogging.


He likes dogs, especially rescue dogs.  But screw BARC.

And what else . . . let’s see.   Not much.

How can I get this on twatter?

Hello what?  Cory Crow supports a blogger (so old fashioned) who published someone’s work info.  YaY!

Thanks for playing Cory.

You are a WINNER! (Dubya told me so.  And do you still like babies?  We want to know,)

Happy Halloween!

No trick or treaters again this year.  I live in an older neighborhood with a rather permanent ownership ratio, so there haven’t been trick or treaters for a few years now.  Up until this year, I had at least carved a couple or three pumpkins and lit them with candles.  It didn’t work.

My mom and sis went out to trick or treat with me nieces.  The oldest reportedly dressed as a bumble bee; the middle one as a cheerleader; and the littlest as Bell from Beauty and the Beast.  (When she was trying to tell me last weekend, I kept hearing “bear” which I thought was cool.  “l’s” and “r’s” and all that.)

The weather was beautiful today.  I worked in the yard.  a branch on my Chinese Orchid tree snapped earlier in the week (strong wind) and was hanging over the sidewalk.  Another branch was drooping down near the porch.  (I learned from This Old House that stoop comes from Dutch.  I didn’t know that.  I also got some very good tips about how to fix my gutter problem.)

It was cool and so poor Dora was not happy.  She found the one sunlit spot and planted herself there.  Frying her brains is what she does outside.  Tammy and Murphy are now barking at ‘neighbor’ — the crazy guy from down the street, who during the two weeks after Ike told me that my pups were talking to him.  The poor guy lost his ride and now routinely walks to the supermarket and rolls back a shopping cart with just two or three things in it.  He never returns the cart.

I went to the “in process” somewhat new Kroger on 11th street today.  I needed a plan for lunches for next week, but I didn’t have one when I went.  I found a couple of good cuts for not much money, so I figure I can do one in a baking bag tomorrow with potatoes, carrots and a tomato.  The other, I will slice up for sandwiches.

I found a low sodium mushroom sauce that will hopefully liven up the leftovers from a rather tasteless crock pot misadventure I had.

The new Kroger is very nice — it has a Whole Food feel to it.  It has bulk candy, nuts and GRAINS!  When I was cooking for the pups, I always looked for bulgher and such.  I don’t think I’m going to start cooking for them again, but I might.  Bulgher is also something I liked when I was in Latvia, so I might get some next time — just for me!

Lastly, it’s a little chilly out, and my air return register is still sealed up after Ike (so no central heat right now), but I finally found a room heater that was designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.  It’s from Vornado.  I have a feeling that the parts perhaps were made in China, but all of the other heaters were completely made there, so I hope I got close enough.

Back to Grown Up News

Matthew Hoh had something significant to say about the war — it’s a political action still — in Afghanistan.

It’s worth reading, if you didn’t see it.

Twitter is twatter.

Houston Controller Race on Red, White and Blue

This was a pretty good addition of my on again off again favorite program.  All three candidates got in their digs as well as their positive points.  It worked for me.

Lots of smears were brought up.  I’ve gotten a phone call supposedly from a fellow Democrat who is unhappy with Ron Green (I deleted it — it was typical concern trolling).  It was paid for by Pam Holm.  Also, I got a whatchamacallit flyer thingy in the mail today from Holm, telling me that Ron Green hasn’t paid his taxes (it went straight into recycling).  Of course, things are more complicated than that.  He appealed to others who have had disputes with the IRS.  Shouldn’t that get the glibertarian vote?

Holm went on Glenn Beck’s show from what I gather.   That tells me she is a teabagger and/or trying to nationalize a local race.  Either way, it’s a huge turn off.  When M.J. Khan asked her about the lies she has told about him in her campaign advertising, her response was, let’s say, less than flattering.  The Rottweiler with the turquoise mini-collar in her flyer is in the same category.

In the end, I’m sticking with my original choice, Green.  Kahn made a good show, too.  I wouldn’t mind him being Controller.  But Holm hasn’t really done anything to make her a good choice, unless one wants a smear merchant and fringe national media sell-out holding the purse strings on the city’s budget.

A Loss for Houston

John O’Quinn died today in a car accident.  He was a legendary attorney, a generous supporter of the University of Houston, and a bit of a fast player.

O’Quinn saved my job once — in a way.  Back in the ’80s, I worked as a paralegal to put myself through school.  The attorney I worked for was a total slimebag (he was eventually disbarred).  At one point, my boss needed money (he had a lot of kids) and he sold some cases to O’Quinn, along with a law clerk, a paralegal (me), and a file clerk.  At that point, at least my paychecks didn’t bounce.  (While I feel for some who had it hard in the ’80s in Houston, I have special place in my heart for people who got worthless paychecks.  There were a number of us.  People who actually got paid for their work were lucky.)

O’Quinn went on to fund the Alumni Center at UH and have some trouble with jury tampering.

In my gut, I think this tragedy is sad for those who knew or were related to him.  As for me, not so much.  I didn’t like being sold off to the highest bidder.

As another attorney boss of mine said, “rock stars and attorneys die spectacularly.”

Yet another reason for not going to law school.

You’ve got to be kidding me

Local CBS news just reported that “some political analists” say that by backing Gov. Rick Perry, she indicating that she may run in 2012 with Perry as her V.P.

Please god, let them be right.  I would enjoy the hell out of that.  It’s something to look forward to.

Right after that they had a report about voter fraud.  Not voter registration fraud, but voter fraud — the boogy man of Texas Republicans.  I had heard the teaser for the story earlier and thought, hmmm, has the Harris County DA finally found a case of actual voter fraud after all these years?

Why yes he has.  It seems a man used his dad’s name to vote.  They have the same name (except for III at the end).  Unfortunately, the man’s father is dead and the guy never registered, so there was one too many votes in the 2008 primary elections.  The man plead guilty and is repaying his debt to society.

So, we’ve had a case of voter fraud, let’s pass voter ID legislation!!!!!!  Oh, that’s right.  The part time Texas legislature is out of session (which is by design).  I expect this case will be brought up again and again when they are back in session, trying to force people to jump through useless hoops simply to exercise their basic right to vote.

Ah, yes.  While I was poking around the KHOU site, I found this little report.  It’s typical: sow confusion and then force voters away without voting.  With all of the talk about requiring a picture ID, I wouldn’t be surprised if many thought that was actually the law.  The county clerk’s office (Republican) doesn’t think anyone was turned away, so that makes it all ok then, right?