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I remember arguing with my now dead father about health care — I had no insurance and my employer issued bouncing paychecks, but my dad always said I should have been grateful to have a job.

I can’t believe it.  But it is true.

Madam Speaker, hats off to you.

I can’t believe it.

This is what I voted for.


Let’s Do Health Care Reform Like the Republicans

Upperdown vote unless some won’t comply — then twist arms — make sure someone makes millions and then viola!  Health Care Reform!


Credit Cards for Med and Dental

Local KHOU had one of their “Defenders” reports on tonight about Care Credit credit cards.  It featured a couple of people who should have read what they agreed to and switch dentists.

I’ve had a Care Credit credit card for a number of years now.  Initially, my dental insurance only covered $1000 worth of dental bills each year and had all sorts of restrictions on certain procedures.  For example, you could only have one quadrant root planned per year — even though it is a painful experience and easier to do as an upper and a lower.  I signed up for Care Credit through my dentist so I could get everything done at once.

It’s easy to understand.  Depending on the bill, you get a predetermined amount of time to pay the bill off at no interest.  Since I switched jobs and couldn’t get dental coverage, I have used it for all of my major dental.  If you have an honest dentist, they give you an estimate, counsel you about the treatment and the cost, and don’t charge you until they do the work.  That way you can plan to pay it off without interest.  Poor Care Credit.  I have never paid them any interest.

From the “Defender’s” report, the company took care of all of their examples of problems.  To me, it looks like the providers are the problem here, but did the “Defenders” focus on them?  No.  They were off the mark here.

(Link to the report tomorrow.)

Just as He Promised

President Obama sign the defense spending bill today, and it included the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Of course, there are detractors out there.  I can’t tell you how many times the act has been characterized as addressing “thought crimes” which is just silly.  From the CNN article:

Several religious groups have expressed concern that a hate crimes law could be used to criminalize conservative speech relating to subjects such as abortion or homosexuality.

It’s just more whining’.  They will still be able to call homosexuality an ABOMINATION all they want.  I’m getting really tired of conservatives being WATB over requests from the rest of society that they simply be civil.  Oh, and their preemptive victim-hood stances are getting old as well (i.e. their taxes haven’t gone up, the White House hasn’t tried to block their favorite “news” station from getting access, nor is health reform going to allow government bureaucrats to kill anyone’s grandmother).

And speaking of health care — steady as she goes.  I’m hopeful we’ll get a decent bill and it will form the foundation of ongoing reform.

What am I missing?

I’ve never had cable, but the complete craziness that is Glenn Beck draws me like a magnet.  So what if only 1% of the people in this country watch him — the point is to get more, no?

His radio show can’t compete with Limbaugh or Hannity, so that’s why he always sells the visual on his radio program.  Dimwit Pat Grey (Gray) late of local Houston radio can’t be of much help.

Kathleen (commenters are fun!) seems to think Beck is the man of truth.

This way lies rebellion and dare I say it: treason.

I just had to put that in there 🙂

Classes start tomorrow and I am already behind.  Fall is such an ass-kicker.

If Kathleen had a job, what would she do?

I suggested that we have some tissues and wipes in our classrooms.  We get the benefit (I guess) but I spurred my boss to go with a more environmentally negative solution.


At this point I just want to survive her.

Oh, enough of this already

I’m sick and tired of the myth of that republicans/conservatives don’t do protests unless they are really really motivated.  I drove by the local Planned Parenthood site late last Saturday morning and the protesters were out there, just as they have been for years.  And this video shows that people have been out in rage for a long time — it’s dated 1989.  And let’s not forget that those republican/conservatives have long used their children as props — whether it is about abortion or end of life issues.  I can’t be the only person who remembers children — egged on by their parents — trying to give Terri Shiavo a sandwich.

So when people like me get preached to like this, I take it for what it is.

The thing about conservatives, especially non political conservatives, is that they don’t take to “protesting.” They see it as silly for the most part.

As I pointed out, they have been protesting since 1973.

We conservatives tend to be very busy. We work hard to pay our bills and taxes. We go to school. We raise our kids, and we spend our weekends watching our kids play sports, and going to church. We don’t have time to “protest.” Most of us don’t even have time to pay much attention to politics, other than what we catch on the nightly news. We vote and we give to campaigns we agree with, and we have always felt that that was enough.

I must point out that Kathleen has been unemployed for years now and has spent a good number of the last few years hanging out on the internet, relaying lies and smears.  (Much like the rest of the unemployed wingnuts.) I’m quite certain that she regrets not being able to bash Clinton online while he was in office and regrets that Obama won the nomination — and not for the reason you might think — she was just waiting with Hillary bashing galore!

But back to her view of republicans/conservatives — when asked about this statement, she responded:

I think you are simply reading into it things that are not there. I in no way imply that if you aren’t conservative you have the opposite qualities. I have good friends who are Democrats. I know we share many qualities. I was simply describing the conservatives that I have known my whole life and why they haven’t been politically active and are now.

Uhm, no, that’s not quite right. Her whole point was to emphasize that republicans/conservatives are way too busy with life’s requirements to do something like protest — implying both that they never had before today and that they are employed types who are religious and focus on their kids and church.

She’s been an activist for a while now according to her comments, when it is convenient for her, but not when it isn’t.

As Sean Hannity emphasizes — it’s retired people and stay at home moms who are fueling the anger at town hall meetings.

Most of us liberals are still at work — even though I am on vacation this week — again — yay! (I earned it, dammit!)

Sleep in, Deal with the Recorder, or BLOW IT ALL OFF?

I have issues with my DVR.  Sometimes it likes me, other times not.  Sometimes it does what I ask it to, other times not.  Sometimes I ask it to do things and regret it later.

Usually, I record the Sunday morning news programs, mostly just to keep up.

I don’t know if I want to do that this weekend or not.

ABC had Malkin on last weekend and spent useful time swatting her nonsense.  Fox is always interesting though, because they always tout Republicans.  It’s good to see that they still have no ideas.

One thing about the Sunday shows is that they don’t rotate Michael Steele with J.C. Watts like Hannity does (just to please or dampen Quanell X’s chaarge against him).

It’s a mish-mash, but I’ll record it.

It’s Newt free — I guess he didn’t write a book this week.

I still wonder why doctor Bill isn’t on the Sunday teevee shows . . . .

Maybe it’s Not Just Me

I get the feeling that opponents of the health reform bill shot their wad a little too early.

While polls may indicate that some sympathize with the screaming people at the town hall’s, the death panel talk along with the premature victory dance is just that: done and over.  The next news cycle comes and goes and Palin will fade again.

It’s pretty sad that people hang on “her” every word, that people think she is even in a position to move the debate.  The crazy idea that her Facebook writing has changed legislation is nonsense.  Five hundred and thirty four people in a position to care aren’t going along with her.

Bottom line is, Obama goes out and works the public.  I keep hearing that his family will take a vacation.  I wager he won’t take much of one — less than me or most employed people.

And he will work through the month when all of the screamers are still recovering from their premature shouts.

Sorry I wanted to but just couldn’t go there. .  .

A Simple Comparison from this Morning’s News

From the Houston Chronicle — a page chock-full of links the the number of people who die each year from preventable medical mistakes.  From the link:

Experts estimate that a staggering 98,000 people die from preventable medical errors each year. More Americans die each month of preventable medical injuries than died in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

And what is of greatest interest to conservatives this morning? The person they love to hate more than almost anyone else — Sheila Jackson Lee.  As was reported earlier this week, these guys aren’t interested in any type of reform.  Their goal is to stop any reform whatsoever.