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Proof Here

None otherwise.  (Did you see Orin Hatch lose it on the Newshour tonight?  I did.)

There is true buyers remorse in Wisconsin, in the rest of the country about Obama, not so much.

YaY Texas!

This is depressing.  We elected a man in Perry who claims to not want government help, but more people in Texas are on government support in this state than any other.  Most of them are white people.

I’m sure Kathleen or dadude will say that black people need more help to become Republicans, or something.


Tomorrow is a tough day for me to get everything done I want to do.  We’ve got leveling and it will take out a huge chunk of time.  The lazy handy man bailed on me Tuesday, so I need to look for someone else to fix the roof of my garage.  And we have placement.  And then I want to call idiot Michael Berry.  And with a quick term turn around and new texts and our change in scheduling, I just don’t know how I will get it all done, but I will try.

One thing I don’t like about having a cell phone is that you can’t really cradle it between your ear and shoulder and so do something while you are on the phone.  Big drawback.  And no, I am not ready for Bluetooth or some such asshole thing.

I wish I could go to Austin Saturday.  It’s a real shame there’s nothing to attend in Houston.  Maybe I’ll send a pizza tomorrow.

You Knew I was Going to Do This Eventually

I’m going to call Michael Berry on my new cell phone on free for all call in Friday!!!!!

While his phone handlers may try to stop me, and Michael himself may try to silence me, I will be heard, one way or another.

I’m looking forward to it 🙂

UPDATE:  Just for Kevin 🙂 I don’t have to listen to Berry to know that he has open calls on Fridays.  To make it clear, I will call Berry about getting a galley of his book and that little liar video he and his boy Clayton put together about Sal Guinta.  You read everything I write Kevin, so you know what I am talking about.

I almost forgot: Radio Ratings out today!

Houston-Galveston is the 6th largest market in the nation, but Micheal Berry’s radio stations can only garner a fraction of the listeners.  Only about 500K out of 3+ million people listen to one of his stations and the other that he is on for a longer amount of time only catches about 250K.

Given that other stations capture listeners in the millions, this doesn’t seem to be anything for Berry or Joe PagLIARilo to brag about, but we all know they will.

Workers of the World

Our standards of living differ, as do our specific fights, but this solidarity is overwhelming. There are links to support the workers in Wisconsin here.  There are no planned protests in Houston, but perhaps that will change, given that many people’s working conditions will possibly become more dangerous.  And everything will get more expensive for average people because of a handful of easily frightened people — people who see average people standing up for themselves as a threat.

There’s much less on what is happening in Lybia than there was in Egypt, but Al Jazeera is still there, doing their best.

My GOD the yellow journalism on my local teevee station is just astounding.  The set up on their latest “investigative report” was the anchor asking how people can protect themselves and the investigative reporter saying you have to go to the station’s website.  Right . . . . . . . .

My Dog Breitbarted All Day and Night

The other night I took the bag out of the kitchen trash can and foolishly left it inside the house.  Two of my pups got into it.  One couldn’t handle it and had a Brietbart.

Last night he was still having a Brietbart, and he was shaking.  I comforted him and he finally went to sleep.  He still had one more Brietbart before I woke up.

He’s now fine.  No more Brietbarts.

Idea here, if it’s not already obvious.