Picture of the New Fence

I love my new fence.  As I said to David, the guy who built it, I just gave my neighbor a really nice fence, since the “pretty” side faces his yard.  For me, it’s sort of the opposite of what most want.  I like the “other” side facing my yard.  It is an enclosure that I can see and feel.  It gives me comfort and a sense of security and privacy.  I’m on the inside.  I like it.

First a before picture.  I’m sure I have more, but this one is at hand:

I’ve circled the fence as it was falling last weekend when we got some rain.  The fence was leaning after Ike and then Tropical Storm Lee blew it over more.  The rain was the last straw.

DB Fence took down what I was afraid to — it was a good thing.  The fence was very heavy and I understand it was difficult to do.

Here are some pictures of the process mid-stage and then the finished fence.

I’m very happy and it is a beautiful fence.  Working in the yard this morning, I can see my plan coming together.

At first, David and I had talked about putting the pickets on one side up to the end of the garage and then the other side to the gate.  They ended up having enough room to put the “pretty” side up along the whole run.  I’m very happy about that.

This is the best picture of their work.  I can’t tell you what it means to me to have this fence and gate.  It’s so beautiful.   I wish the cedar would stay this same color forever, but I know it won’t.  But look at it!  David picked every board.  None — not one — has a knothole in it.  Not one single picket.  It is a fence that was built with care.

I asked them to leave the dirt from the post hole digging.  I will use it to fill in other places — possum holes and such.

I’ll take out some of those pavers and make a great bed for mint and onions.  Just look at that beautiful fence!

Today was the beginning of something for me.  I feel safe and protected in the back yard.  I think kittens felt it too.



One response to “Picture of the New Fence

  1. Beautiful! And just from the pictures alone it feels so much more secure … next step: the hobbit peek-a-hole! (just kidding) …
    good job and definitely a case of lemons (irresponsible neighbor lets fence go to hell) into lemonade!!!

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