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Riddle Me This

Barack Obama’s dad wasn’t born in the USA.  Mitt Romney’s dad wasn’t either.

So beyond the birther thing, why is Obama a Kenyan and Romney not a Mexican?

For the GOP, seriously, which is worse?  They hate anyone not from the South and they hate all of us from the South who don’t agree with them.

They — the GOP — are narrowing it so much that no one can agree with them.

I quite like that.  And I like the fact that Michael Berry is having to fight off Mormons.  Just wait until they find Joe Pags. . . wait, perhaps I should call in tomorrow morning.  It’s an idea.





Clear Channel Texas Goes Off the Deep End

As happens at certain — unusually holiday — times of year, Clear Channel has made some changes.  Here’s my favorite quote:

We heard from KTRH listeners that they wanted more of the Michael Berry Show, and our goal is to provide listeners with programming they want to hear.

Yes, that’s all Houston, San Antonio, Portland, and all the other cities (supposedly being expanded to) need is more Michael Berry.

As someone whose job requires quite a bit of talking, I can sympathize — no empathize — with how Michael Berry will eventually feel about hearing the sound of his own voice.  Unless, of course, that is the sweetest sound to his own ears.  As for me, shutting up for a reprieve is always looked forward to, being that I am not quite so into myself as Berry probably is into himself.

I feel a little sorry for Joe PagLIARulo.  He’s doing everything right 🙂  He’s even on Talkers Magazine list (Number  57!!!!!  Michael Berry doesn’t even make the list.  Damn, even Chris Baker is on there!) and has subbed for Glenn Beck!  But who is Clear Channel going with to expand?  Michael Berry.

Yes, that same Michael Berry who has hoodwinked Depelchin into letting him do spots for their adoptions, even though he can’t find nery a one American kid to adopt.

Yes, that Michael Berry who has spent the last few months (years?) decrying libertarians and now he is one.  (Take that Chris Baker!)

Yes, that Michael Berry who was stupid enough to let Dan Patrick, of all people, take over the Republican mantle in the Houston area because . . . well I don’t know why.

I still hope to get a galley copy of his new book whenever it is eventually published.  It will already be out of date, much like all of his other tactics.  Face it Berry, Dan Patrick has lapped you several times over.

Rules to Live By

Don’t lie within an hour

I think they should shut the microphones off. These idiots don’t get that any more. They don’t get the opportunity to talk anymore in front of the microphone. They don’t anymore get the chance to address the American people.


They have no right to my microphone.

That’s the ridiculous Joe PagLIARulo, lying again.

Don’t begrudge people their little bit of government help.  I heard that someone I know is ready to walk away from her house and mortgage.  The same person who castigated me for not refinancing my mortgage before the housing crisis.   The person who told me about this also has a problem with people using the food stamp program.

I don’t know.

As we all get ready to meet with our future, perhaps some are more ready than others.

I find myself better prepared.    Any little thing could change it, but I’m ok.  It’s not because I make a lot of money or anything.  I prepared.

The road ahead of me is long and hard, but I know I have food in the freezer and I can plant more tomorrow.


Wish I Could Just Sit on My Ass and Talk

with the little people doing the work for me, for free in some cases.

I have a good job.  Sometimes it is entertaining, like when very young men from other countries come here and think they can get over me like they do their moms.

My department is income producing.  We bring in money from overseas.  It pays my salary through tuition, and it adds to the Texas economy through apartment rentals and furniture rentals and all the food and clothes and stuff they buy with their international money.

Rick Perry just prays and preys on other states to find new ways to make his business slush fund bring low wage jobs here.

I’m better than him.

Michael Berry and Joe PagLIARulo just talk on the radio.  They sit on their asses and talk.  PagLIARulo claims to educate, though his late coming on the red light cameras was a dud.  And Michael Berry now claims that the other stations in Houston are worse than him.

I don’t really wish I could just sit on my ass and talk.

I’d be like them.

I like my job that brings in international money and pays for itself.  It’s a better job than theirs.  And while it pays less, it is more entertaining than either of them are.

Turning the Titanic

I’m finally moving away from wingnut talk radio.  It’s run it’s course when NPR and the PBS Newshour mention teabaggers more than they do.

Bill Bennett still reminds us for years that he was in the Reagan administration, never pointing out that he has been out of a position to make much of anything for quite a long time.  Why didn’t he destroy his own job at the Department of Education when he could have?  A question never to be answered.

Joe PagLIARulo subs for Glenn Beck and only has one ball, but he recycles his show so much it makes me think that guy is lazy.  Same songs, same lingo, same thing day after day.  For those on laxative, I guess it’s reassuring.  Otherwise, “livin’ the dream” and “get off my phone” coming from a lazy ass WATB is too much to take.

And then there is Michael Berry.  Did someone tell the new guy that the “voice” of Texas radio is actually a state senator?  KTRH and KPRC radio are so screwed up that the Martini guy is going for the FOX model.  Which isn’t working out to well.

Michael Berry is good for making sure that you know 1) people got their mug shots in Obama t-shirts (old) 2) every person that he has a problem with is BLACK 3)he is much more entertained by himself than anyone else is.  Any wonder why the morning show takes more calls than he does?

Sorry no links, bu this will tell more than I can say.  Only problem is that Rick Perry is not included.  Michael Berry has fluffed that man for years, but now expects his listeners to believe he has no horse in the race.  Right.

Mitt Romney
“Governor Romney offers his prayers to all victims of child abuse. The tragedy of the death of a small child shocks all decent Americans.”
— Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom, in an email to Ben Smith.

Sarah Palin
Once again we see, with our nation in crisis, President Obama stands by and does idly nothing while an injustice is committed here in this glorious nation of ours. It’s almost strange that the president has not yet made one statement on the issue of the death of young Caylee Anthony. Why the strange silence, Mr. President?
— Sarah Palin
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Newt Gingrich
tragic to see justice not served. now is a great time to screen my and @CallyGingrich film Rediscovering God in America http://bit.ly/padmWP
51 minutes ago via web

Herman Cain
“I can promise you Casey Anthony and anyone else who I think might’ve killed their children will have no business in a Herman Cain administration. President Cain would look her right in the eyes and ask her point blank if she killed that little girl, we’d get right to the bottom of it.”
— Cain, addressing a Tea Party group in Iowa.

Michele Bachmann
BACHMANN: Well, I’ve been visiting all the primary states, and I’ve been talking to people, and people all over the place are asking me, why, in Barack Obama’s America, someone who murders a baby who happens to be white doesn’t get punished. And Sean, I’ve been on the front lines, and I know people are afraid not just of the massive debt created by the Pelosi-Reid government, they’re worried about the Muslim Brotherhood, which has clear ties to terror groups dedicated to creating a worldwide Islamic caliphate, and they’re worried that Eric Holder’s Justice Department isn’t going to do anything about it if the Brotherhood or another group comes for their children.

HANNITY: Very interesting stuff. Thanks for coming on, Congresswoman. We always appreciate it.

BACHMANN: Thanks, Sean.


From now until I decide differently, this blog will be about the garden, cats, and pups.

That is all.

No Help for Michael Berry?

I gave him a few days, but it looks like Michael Berry’s new experiment has failed.

None of his listeners has found a Welfare Queen to document.


I had hoped that he got a few entries, so I could mock them and him.  Alas, none of his listeners thought it was worth their time to do his work for him.  He just sits on his ass anyway.  Much like Joe PagLIARulo, who just replays the bit of self-centered interviews again and again, all centered on San Antonio.

Perhaps this is the end of English language AM radio in Houston.  Michael Berry with his showing ass and Joe PagLIARulo clueless on anything have killed it.

Good riddance.

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

I am BEAT.  This first week of classes has already taken it out of me, and I have a new game “Garden Defense” that I had to master, and the tomatoes had to be defended and the peppers and beans watered because we have no rain and did I say that I have a love/hate relationship with email?

First up, I must say that defending torture while Christian and Republican is no easy thing, but Kathleen McKinley is so pro-torture it hurts.

Second, will someone take a clue bat to Perry and Cornyn?   The Feds have already been successfully helping calm the wildfires.  Asking for cheap money for your friends is a bridge too far, idiots.  Whining about it is way too far.  PLEASE STOP EMBARRASSING US.  It’s enough that even a simpleton can see that you all are being hypocritical, but sisters please.

Third, while my state peeps are embarrassing me, my fed types are up in your face.  President Obama is and might I say has been doing this shit up right.  From day one.  Imagine if you will, had he only had to lead, instead of clean up and lead . . . that’s what the next four years are looking like.

Forth, I used to live across the street from an HPD officer who stole money from undocumented workers.  He got relieved without pay and then fired.  As I have said before, cops are just the flip-side of criminals.  That radio talk types fellate cops without question is a no-brainer.

Lastly, I love the way Obama has left the radio talker types spluttering.  I also love that this stupid poll is stupid.

I’ve got to finally email my mom all of the Easter pics and Mother’s Day is Sunday, and I have to take Tammy and Murphy into the vet, and it’s just now the time to plant more tomatoes, and I have so many ideas for my garden, and I am sleepy.

Sad and very proud at the same time

It’s a sad time in our country.  Some clever marketing people have made enough noise to make our President ask for a special dispensation in order to release a document that  has been rendered useless due to the PATRIOT Act, just to prove he is an American.

When I heard what our president had to say about it, I felt that he had made the best of a very bad situation.  It was bad because we all know that, just as Obama said, there will be doubters.  And Joe PagLIARulo and Michael Berry kept up their doubt and that of their audience.

Today was an interesting day.  My boss is a liberal racist.  I know they aren’t supposed to exist, but they do.  Today she got a good belly laugh out of my joke involving the color of the keypads that are available on a Smartboard — suffice to say that I made a joke about the black and white colors of the keypads available from the Smartboard and Microsoft Word.  Little did she know that I told the person she she assumed was the butt of my joke that I learned from a visually impaired student that black background with white letter was easier for her to read.  Later, I had to suggest that students calling us masters might be a bit much.

Currently, in my mind, our best teachers are our non-white males.  They aren’t interested in the points the get to increase their salary.  They just want to teach.

It’s funny, not in a HA HA way, that the people who are best at teaching our students are the ones that get pointed out and criticized by white people who can’t understand why calling your teacher “Master” might be problematic.

All I can do is sigh.

I’m not African-American.  I’m not black.  I’m not even brown.   I’m just a pure whitebread girl who grew up with people who made it a point to point out how different people were based on the color of their skin and resented anything that took away from their white privilege — especially their boy children.

What Michael Berry doesn’t understand is that his son is not starting from the same place as the African-Americans that he mocks.   Michael Berry mocks certain people for a reason, and it is political.  His adoption was political as well. Nandy is in on this.  There is no doubt.

Remember that Michael blamed her for delinquent tax checks that he claimed she signed but he did.   If he lied about his wife, either she thinks it is ok or he jammed her up.  Given that Michael Berry and Nandy thought about her running for his City Counsel spot.. .

Liar, just like PagLIARulo.

Day in and day out.

How Many Times Will Kelly Siegler get on TV?

She infamously claimed that the DA’s responsibility was to convict criminals.  We now know that the wingnuts like Joe PagLIARulo and Michael Berry agree with her.  But that is not how it works.

I don’t know how much money Kelly will be able to milk out of CBS for all of the bad convictions she got while in the DA here in Harris County.  It seems wrong.  I know that she and her husband need to make money since they both got kicked out of their jobs for being racists and over-zealous in their prosecutions of non white male unsubs.

My guess is that she will be on tv for a very long time as the Innocence Project moves along.

The Sad News Continues for Michael Berry

I listened to Glenn Beck.  (Why?  Because I CAN!!!!!!!)  He sent a shout out to Michael Berry’s ridiculous boycott and Berry Brigade gnat annoyance of NYC and Chuck Schumer.  The only thing is that Beck mentioned Joe PagLIARulo, as if PagLIARulo was part of it.  He’s NOT.  PagLIARulo has said that the boycott is STUPID.

And while we are on the subject . . . what an idiotic whine fest the Right is having here about the Shuttle.  The reason we didn’t get a Shuttle is BECAUSE NO ONE HERE GOES TO SPACE CENTER HOUSTON EXCEPT SCHOOL CHILDREN.  Idiots here can’t even be bothered to do what is necessary for the bid and Space Center Houston’s attendance is low because people here don’t go there.   Visitors for the most part can’t be bothered with navigating all the way down there to visit either.

I’ve been to Space Center Houston many times.  I don’t want to go on a little trolley ride that tells me how great GW Bush is, which it does.  I don’t want to go to a place where when you get off the trolley to LOOK AT AN EXHIBIT (the whole point), you can’t get back to the main center because other yahoos WON’T get off the trolley to LOOK AT THE EXHIBIT and so you get stranded for hours.

This was about who could exhibit the Shuttles to as many people in the most attractive way as possible.  The people responsible for this in Houston SAT ON THEIR HANDS FOR TWO WHOLE YEARS.   But Michael Berry and other idiots are yelling at NYC, shaking their fists in this dry air here in Houston while things are literally burning up around the state.

Way to go Michael Berry.  No wonder you didn’t even make the top 250.