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Matt Patrick (not his real name) of The 950 Lies and Plagiarizes

At first, Matt Patrick claims that it is a poem that he adapted.   I guess he doesn’t know that “adapting” something without crediting the source is plagiarism.   Later he says, “And then a very special, the night before Thanksgiving poem by yours truly.”

It’s not his poem.  He didn’t write it.

It’s a poem that has been around since 2000.  Yes, it has been passed around, but to claim that one wrote it is stealing.  People lose their jobs over that sort of thing.  Student get kicked out of school for it.  Hell, now the burden of proof is on the student.  Students have to prove through checker sites that they haven’t plagiarized.

But Matt Patrick?   He can claim someone’s writing without any consequence.   Yeah, he “adapted” it.  It’s a lie and thieving nonetheless.

And as an added insult, he revived the “Real American Hero” spot.  I guess he was drunk when everyone realized that it was in bad taste (i.e. during the Iraq war years) to use that jingle.

He was talking about being grateful and about how many people wanted to hear the poem.

He stole that poem and was not grateful enough to give attribution.

Happy Thanksgiving, Matt Patrick.



Michael Berry: Political Genius or Idiot?

You decide:

(click to see the image larger)

Earlier he had a picture of a black woman’s hand with a nice nail job holding a Lone Star Card associated with this call for help.

So, Berry is rolling this out on Memorial Day?  A day when his audience is likely at its lowest?

Genius or idiot?  Your call.

Another of Houston’s Finest

A veteran Houston police officer who was participating with a cooking team at the Houston rodeo’s Bar-B-Que cookoff has been relieved of duty for reportedly tossing a tear gas canister to booth opponents during the popular event, sickening several patrons.

Senior police officer Mike Hamby, 51, was relieved of duty with pay on Monday while he is under investigation for “criminal allegations,“ said HPD spokeswoman Jodi Silva. The nature of allegations against Hamby are under investigation by the internal affairs department and will not be disclosed, Silva said.

At the Houston Police Officer Union, where Hamby is a member of the board of directors, president Gary Blankinship said he had no comment on the officer’s suspension.

Ok, so this good ol’ boy is packing up for the cookoff and decides to take along some tear gas?

Mike DeMarco, executive director for the rodeo, said he was informed by Assistant Chief Don McKinney before Hamby’s suspension that HPD was investigating the incident.

“Chief McKinney stopped me in parking lot and said had I heard of an incident in Bar-B-Que cookoff area, this is what I’ve been told, but don’t have confirmation,“ DeMarco said. “He said our IAD is investigating it.”

Shafer and DeMarco both said use of tear gas during rodeo events is not permitted, and they would have filed criminal charges against a citizen who released the gas.

“I can’t think that we could punish him any more than HPD can, but how stupid can an individual be,“ DeMarco said. “If it was John Q. Public, we would arrest then press the full charges that the law would allow.”

That may be a bid premature.  Perhaps our tear gas B-B-Q warrior will face a jury of his peers yet.


You Knew I was Going to Do This Eventually

I’m going to call Michael Berry on my new cell phone on free for all call in Friday!!!!!

While his phone handlers may try to stop me, and Michael himself may try to silence me, I will be heard, one way or another.

I’m looking forward to it 🙂

UPDATE:  Just for Kevin 🙂 I don’t have to listen to Berry to know that he has open calls on Fridays.  To make it clear, I will call Berry about getting a galley of his book and that little liar video he and his boy Clayton put together about Sal Guinta.  You read everything I write Kevin, so you know what I am talking about.

For All of the Lurkers Looking for Chris Baker

Here is the latest.  Chris Baker‘s gone from KPRC.  It’s their loss, their numbers are down by the thousands.

Chris Baker‘s also gone from the Yankee station he was on.  As one website put it, “Chris Baker resigns from mornings at Talk KTLK-FM (News Talk 100.3 FM)/Minneapolis”.

Chris Baker is listed as a talent for an agency, so you can hire him if you want.  For weddings or stag parties.  I guess.

Michael Berry Drunk Again

This is getting to be routine.  Perhaps I should worry.  Here’s what I wrote to him:

The jin is up.  I have been telling people that your little video is a lie made up by you and Clayton.  I have refrained from outing Clayton as an impostor Marine.
> While you have bragged about the video you and Clayton cooked up, it looks like the truth tellers and OMG military themselves are seeing how this video you did and spread was disrespectful to Sal Giunta and his family.
> You lied Michael.  You and Clayton concocted a lie.  And I am making sure that people on youtube and facebook know that.
> You would be pleased to know that all of the people who have posted yours and Clayton’s video didn’t even think about it not having anything from the actual ceremony in it.
> That also made it easy for me to discredit.
> While you name drop and scream and whine, I’m out here doing the hard stuff — revealing your lies.
> I hope you are happy.   I have a full time real job, but I spend what time I can fighting your lies.
> Michilines
> calle viena

Michael Berry at his finest:



Back to hoarding i see

That was the first email.  Here’s the second:

You are a crazy sick psychotic bitch

The cat urine has made u nuts emily

Go away u nasty skank

Sorry u r ugly n gross

But no interest in indulgin ur need for attention

Ur cats dont love u hoarder skank

I almost feel sorry for him.

Here’s the third email:

U should change ur name to hoarder urine

Three attack emails.   I guess I should count myself lucky.  It’s more that others have got.

Perhaps I should add “drunk Michael Berry” to my tags.

Michael Berry Spew

A Really Sad Update:

Michael Berry is trying to comment on this and other posts.  So SAD.

Michael, enjoy your family on vacation.  I am, you should too.

This will last until I get around to transcribing his broadcast.

I heard you on one of the upcoming issues of “hoarders”

I love your conversations about your cats

I bet your place smells like their urine

No wonder you’re so angry

Sad little blog provides GREAT entertainment to me.  keep writing, hoarder, it’s fun.  Do you pay the bills off that?  Oh, that’s right.

Keep listenin, hoarder lady.

Talk Show Host

Isn’t that cute?

You poor, pitiful wretch.You don’t like me.  Got that.But take stock of your life.You sit and listen to the radio all day, hating what you hear.Please, for the love of anything DECENT, give away some of those cats, the cat urine is making you smell for miles.Buh, buh, hoarder lady.  Think about it.  Nobody likes you, not EVEN your feral cats.


Talk Show Host

Beat me up talker boy!

Good, you urine infested catwoman

Go away

Drown in your own venom

You are a hateful, evil bitch.  I was on the verge of dealing with you legally if you continued to write me in such hateful ways.

Now go live in your cat-hell and never contact me again.


Talk Show Host

MICHAEL BERRY CLOWN would better characterizer it.

So, for some reason Michael Berry decided to go off on me today

Michael Berry, a radio host who gets paid to sit on his ass and lie two hours a day, decided that he would talk about me on his show today.  How do I know?  He referred specifically to the post below.  He called me names, like an adult would, finally settling on his favorite “hoarder” because he thinks it will insult me if he points out that I am following city ordinances by trapping, neutering and releasing the ferals around my house.

I called in and told his screener I had two points.  One was about the cats, the other about his lying about the Medal of Honor ceremony last month.

Berry didn’t remember at first that he had supported the city ordinance requiring trap-neuter-release.  And after I pointed that out to him, he cut me off and went on a nice long rant about all of the cats he thinks I have in my house.

I decided that since he reads this blog all the time I would show him which pets live in the house.  I give you Dora, a German Pointer (that’s bird-dog to you country boy Michael Berry), Tammy, a Chow Chow mix, and my baby Murphy a pit bull-lab mix.

I don’t approve of the tactics

I see what they have a problem with.

J. David Jentsch, a researcher at UCLA, does this:

Jentsch uses vervet monkeys in his research on methamphetamine addiction and tobacco dependence in teens, along with cognitive disabilities affecting schizophrenia patients. University officials say their animal research is subject to strict oversight, but the work has come under fire from animal rights activists who say it amounts to abuse.

Some of Jentsch’s work has included administering methamphetamine to monkeys and then withdrawing the drug, a project that includes killing about half a dozen of the primates each year for postmortems.

I’m sorry, but do we need to know how bad meth is?  Don’t we have enough voluntary human subjects to get the idea?  Why do that to monkeys?

That the researcher is so defiant leads me to believe he’s just in it for the money.  Look at his picture and you might agree.

There is something wrong with people who use primates for stupid research that can be easily proven.   What is this guy’s hypothesis?  Meth is bad?   Hell yeah and you don’t need to torture monkeys to prove it.


Michael Berry’s Response

What’s that saying, when you’ve got nothing in an argument?  Oh, here it is.  Joe PagLIARulo:

Once they lose, once they’re against the wall, the only recourse they have is to attack on a personal level and you know what?  I’m too big for that.  I’m too smart for that and so are you.

Obviously Michael Berry isn’t 😉  I sent him an email, pointing out that he got a little mixed up on whether Medal of Honor recipients are recipients or winners.  This is how he responded:

Seriously?  Is ur life so sad?
Im startin to pity u


And another email:

U poor nasty hag
Feed ur cats
Ur life is emptyand deep down u know it
Keep writin ur blog nobody reads
Poor sad pathetic thing
So lonely u must be
Meow, cat lady
U reek of cat urine
Pleade change the litter box
An a third email:
You are a fool
And you know it
You are obsessed with me
I just wish someone had asked you to prom
You are forever scarred
So sad

Please feed the cats

That’s our Michael Berry:  big, smart!