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Dick Cheney Coward Who Knew?

I’m sure all of the chicken-hawks crowing about Marines and their guns are fully behind Dick Cheney finding Canada too dangerous to visit.


How Many Times Will Kelly Siegler get on TV?

She infamously claimed that the DA’s responsibility was to convict criminals.  We now know that the wingnuts like Joe PagLIARulo and Michael Berry agree with her.  But that is not how it works.

I don’t know how much money Kelly will be able to milk out of CBS for all of the bad convictions she got while in the DA here in Harris County.  It seems wrong.  I know that she and her husband need to make money since they both got kicked out of their jobs for being racists and over-zealous in their prosecutions of non white male unsubs.

My guess is that she will be on tv for a very long time as the Innocence Project moves along.


I almost forgot: Radio Ratings out today!

Houston-Galveston is the 6th largest market in the nation, but Micheal Berry’s radio stations can only garner a fraction of the listeners.  Only about 500K out of 3+ million people listen to one of his stations and the other that he is on for a longer amount of time only catches about 250K.

Given that other stations capture listeners in the millions, this doesn’t seem to be anything for Berry or Joe PagLIARilo to brag about, but we all know they will.

Proof of Trouble Brewing at KPRC Radio

I know that this mostly just interests me, but c’mon, it’s fun to watch a wingnut radio station going down the tubes, no?

AM radio KPRC (trying to rebrand as “the 9-5-0” after the Matthews ordeal) is now dealing with another controversy.  Chris Baker has disappeared again!

Back in the day, radio personalities could be shuffled from one market to another and no one would really ever put two and two together.  Today?  No more.  I was the first to track down Retarded Chris Baker when Michael Berry fired him and now (after many hits on my post about it) lots of the radio station listeners have found Baker in Minneapolis.

I am laughing my ASS OFF.

Just look at the uprising at KPRC’s Facebook page (in newest first order):

And these are the people who think they can change the country by voting once AND have the people they voted for listen to them.  When even you local AM radio station won’t listen to you, how powerful are you?     Since Chris Baker is not on the air in Houston, not so powerful.

To me it seems that AM radio listeners are just loud but not powerful, and AM radio is just loud but not powerful — except in as far as they have Republican politicians convinced of their nonexistent power and they can lie about the numbers behind their supposed support.

And just as a side note — core listeners don’t seem to care much for PagLIARulo — he gives them a headache.  Good thing I have a strong inner core — otherwise I wouldn’t be able to bring you the crazy!

Joe PagLIARulo Radio: The ‘Three Rs’ Edition

Joe PagLIARulo decided to get into a little math this morning.  It was a bad idea.  While doing a lame fisking of President Obama’s interview on 60 Minutes last night, Joe got bent about who the president said would benefit from extending the Bush era tax cuts.  The president stated that millionaires and billionaires would get the biggest breaks.  Joe hates this and responds:

Not true.  Now, the whole idea that the people that are getting the biggest breaks are the rich is a lie.  Actual dollar amounts, of course, they’re getting a bigger break cuz they pay way more money into taxes, but percentage-wise, it’s not even close.  Listen, if you pay 10% tax rate right now on your income tax federally, you’re going to pay 15% starting January 1st.  Last time I checked, 10% to 15% was a 50% increase in taxes.  50% more.  The evil rich, they’re gonna go from 35% to 39.6, which is an 11% increase in taxes.  Now, let’s see, who’s getting the bigger break?  The people getting an 11% break or the people getting a 50% break?  I would suggest — actually a 33% break if you were at 15 going back to 10.  I don’t want to get all convoluted by throwing a bunch of percentages and numbers out there, but simple math tells you the people who are going to see — if nothing happens and everybody goes back to the pre-Bush era tax rates, you’re gonna see a 50% increase if you are in the 10% bracket.  If you are in the 36% (garbled) 35% bracket  up to 39.6%, you’re going to see an 11% increase.  Let’s stop the bull.  Let’s stop the lying.  OK?  It’s just not true.

I just had to write in.  It’s clear what he was trying to do, but it was also clear that he was none too sure about his math.

Me:  Joe, it’s a good thing you are in radio and not an accountant.
Let me show you how silly your earlier *math* is.
If there were no flag burnings one year and one flag burning the next
year, according to your *math*, there was a 100% increase in flag
Which is a misrepresentation, just like your calculations are.

PagLIARulo dutifully responds!:

either bring what I said incorrectly.. or get over it Michelle.  My
numbers are real.. you and the president are on a fishing expedition.

Me:  Here’s what you said Joe — people who are in the middle class benefit more than people at the top and you explained it this way — 15 minus 10 is 5 and 5 is 50% of 10.  36 minus 33 is 3 and 3 is 11% of 33.
I compared that to 1 minus 0 is 1. and 1 is 100% of 1.
So, what did I get wrong?

I was just ball-parking this, as I didn’t hear exactly all of what he said, but I only needed to hear the 50% part to know what he was trying to do, and therefore make my point.


your math is off.. what I said was an increase of 10 to 15 (which will happen if the cuts aren’t extended) is a 50 percent increase.  Going from 15 to 10 was a 33 percent cut.  going from 35 to 39.6 is an 11 percent increase.  Have some coffee and wake up a bit before emailing me .. k?

PagLIARulo fires a CYA (but is it enough?):

btw.. the increase for the top tier is actually 13.6 — thanks for the help!

Me:  You said, “either bring what I said incorrectly, or get over it.”  So I did.What do you want from me Joe?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!  And your math is still off.


I took advantage of his ambiguous adverb to chum the water and have a little fun.  I’ve read that in a previous job, Joe was considered to be a sort of grammar cop, but I’m not seeing it.

PagLIARulo get miffed:

no math is dead on.. and I corrected myself..

lemme ask you a serious question.. what exactly is that you have a problem with?  Is it that I’m so right so often that it bothers you?  Do you want people to have an 11 or 13 or 50 percent increase in taxes?  Would that make you happy?

what exactly, Michelle, is your actual issue?  You know conservative values are why we’re the one super power left in the world.. and the most free and liberated people?

is that an issue for you?

get to the real issue, Michelle.


I don’t think he gets my point, which for me is a good thing.  And running to the “American Exceptionalism” point is very weak.  It’s like asking, “Why aren’t you a patriot?”  Ugh.

At this point, Joe decides to rant about me on the air:

By the way, Michelle the liberal will not stop emailing me.  I mean she, I think she now records the program, and word for word tries to go through — I think she looks up every word I say in the dictionary — (with a fake voice says) well I don’t know that’s exactly the way it’s defined.

The other day she had a problem with me saying that I affected positive change on election day because I tried to educate the voters whether they voted liberal/democrat (sic) or conservative/republican, at least they had better ammunition going to the poll if they listened to my program.  She had a problem with that and then today I said if you had uhm if the tax cuts all expired — the Bush era tax cuts — that people paying 10% tax today would go up to 15% and I said that’s a 50% increase, which it is, now when they went from 15 to 10 they saw a 33% decrease, which it was, which is what I said.  I also said if people paying 35% today go up to 39.6%, it’s an 11% increase.  Well, I was actually wrong about that.  It’s almost a 14% increase.  Sorry, Michelle.  It’s actually worse than I said it would be, but you’re all 100% of this and 50% of that and a bunch of convoluted numbers.  Listen, I stand by what I said cuz you know what?  We’re going to see a massive increase in taxes for no other reason than we’ve got an expanded large government that needs to check itself now, especially after this midterm election.

I just want to say that no dictionary was used in the composition of this blog post.

I wrote back:

Me:  And then you flubbed it completely on the air.  Joe, I don’t have a problem, I just find you hilarious.  So, when I ask you if you have any proof that you influenced (or affected) the elections and you say no, I get to laugh.  Or when you get all turned around trying to do math that is beyond you, I laugh even more.

And if you are interested in what my “issues” are, you can, as they say, “read my blog” 😉 .

calle viena

I ask you, was that too subtle?  All of those guys (they are all pasty white guys) on KPRC flog their stupid non-blogs and Facebook pages RELENTLESSLY.

Patronizing PagLIARulo:
Ur so cute Michelle. Dont care if u laugh or cry Michelle as long as u keep listening. Thx for helping my ratings!!
Help his ratings?  I’m not part of the system that measures that and if he counts a page hit while I write these blogs, well rock on, brother!
I know I don’t have to explain the math to you, my dear readers, but just in case Joe manages to navigate his way here, I want to lay it out clearly.
He decided to look at percentages in a misleading way, which is why I used the 0+1 = 100% increase example.  That sounds like a lot.  And that was Joe’s point.  He wants his listeners to think that 50% of a small number is much larger than 11% or 13.6% of a large number.  (Using Joe’s math, the answer is actually closer to 12%, or 11.61%.)  By ignoring the base number, it *sounds* like the middle class are making out like bandits and the poor top 1-2% of income earners are just barely scraping by.  Another way of showing how misleading this is is by using a retail sales example.  Let’s say something is on sale at 10% off.  Then there is a subsequent sale  taking off an additional 5%.  Well, Joe would say that’s 15% off, but in reality, it isn’t.
And seriously, listening to PagLIARulo always makes me think that he must give himself a headache.

This is the type of person who just got elected by the teabaggers

As I noted in my previous post, Joe PagLIARulo of KPRC is a liar — a bald-faced one at that, as you will see.  Here’s an email exchange I had with him this afternoon:

Me:  Just wanted to let you know that it might benefit you to know that you lied this morning and your listeners know it.  I called to ask you what proof you had that you influenced this or any election.  You said none.  That’s all I wanted to know and I said thank you.  You then decided to be the big smart man and call me names.  You went on to state and I quote:  “I never said I influenced any election.  You’re wrong.  You’re dead wrong.  . . Do I think that I affected change in the election?  No.”  But you did.  Go back and listen to your show.  At the 10.11″ mark, you state and I quote:  “I’ve got incredible ideas and my ideas, I believe my ideas affected positive gains in the last election.”  I’m betting since you can claim to be “too big” and “too smart”  to “attack on  a personal level” you will just let all this pass and hope that your audience was too stupid to catch it or has such short memories that they will forget.  AMIRITE?  Liar.

PagLIARulo replied:

you are dead wrong.. I don’t say things like “I have incredible ideas.”  You are clearly someone who has a hard time hearing and dealign (sic) in truth.

And again:

I have no idea with the 10.11 mark is.. you wanna give me a specific time?  This is silly, by the way — because I know what words come out of my mouth.

You are a hater.. and need to learn the meaning of the word context.

Me:  You said it to the second Chris who called.  It was after he suggested you should run for president.  You said you have “incredible ideas.”  Here’s the link — listen to it yourself. (I deleted the link from my reply — it’s the same one in the previous post.)  It’s at the 10 minute mark.  You can deny it but you said it and then you lied about it.

Pag LIARulo replies:

you are a hater.. and a liar and have wasted enough of my time.  Learn the word context.  Listen beyond your closed-mindedness.

I’ve taken the time to include an mp3 IN CONTEXT..

I clearly respond to his sarcasm with some of my own about ideas.. THEN — Michelle — I tell him I affected positive change in the election.  What positive change Michelle?  The positive change of a more educated electorate.  I go on to say.. there are many who are democrats like Chris who voted democrat on Tuesday.. but, because of my show they were better educated and prepared.  Do I think I influenced the election?  No.  Did I affect positive change?  You bet.  Listen to the mp3.  I look forward to your apology for being so dead wrong about the context of my comments.

You should be embarrassed.

He includes the link I have already sent him. in the above email.

Me:  Ten Minutes Eleven Seconds (I included the link again.)

Me:  Then later on you said to me that you DIDN’T say that you had affected positive change.  And you started your name calling.  I didn’t call you any names.  And you have started to it again here.  Try to be the big smart man you claim to be and stop lying and name calling.

Me:  I sent you the damn link first, Joe.

PagLIARulo replies:

you have lost.  I look forward to your apology.  Never said I didn’t affect positive change.  Your lame little question was “do you think you influenced the election?”  I said no.  Listen again.. learn about context.. I look forward to your apology.  In life, we sometimes win.. we sometimes lose.. you have lost this won miserably.

Thanks for hatin!

PagLIARulo, again:

watch your language..

awaiting your apology.. you really are making yourself look bad here.

nice try though

Me:  God you are dense.  I asked if you had any proof that you influenced the election and you said no.  You do know that a synonym for affect is influence, right?  They mean the same thing.  First you said that you had affected positive change and then when I called you on it you lied and said that you hadn’t said it.
That lie is on you not me.

Me:  I didn’t mean to offend your tender sensibilities, Joe.  I had no idea you were such a shrinking violet.  Man up.

PagLIARulo back again:

hahah.. can’t admit it huh?  The context of my conversation with Chris matters.. and so does the wording of your question to me.  I didn’t influence the election.. I affected positive change — and I explained that meant a better educated electorate.  Hahah.. English must be new for you.  Two very very different things indeed, Michelle.

Write back if you’re ready to apologize.  Otherwise, don’t expect a further response.  I’m wasting my time offering fact to someone as hard-headed as you obviously are.

Me:  Joe, again, influence and affect have the same meaning.  Look it up in a dictionary.  Sure context is important and you stated, “Do I think I affected change in the election?  No.”  And here you are in this email saying the same thing.  The two words have the same meaning.
You are as thick as a brick.

Ridiculous PagLIARulo:

you’re making me uncomfortable.  I’m married.. stop hitting on me.

I await your apology.


Me:  “I affected positive change.”  “Do I think that I affected change in the election?  No.”
Which is it, Joe?
You are more of a flip-flopper that Mitt Romney.  At least more than a few hours had passed when Mitt flipped.

Creepy PagLIARulo reply:

you’re so cute.. say the words.. type em out.  “I’m sorry, talk show boy.”

you can do it!

you can do it!


Basically, that makes two lies I have caught the liar in and I’ve just gotten started!

So I was listening to Joe PagLIARulo this morning . . .

and while being dickish to one of his callers, he had this to say:

I am way more effective behind this microphone than I would be running for president and I don’t wanna be the president and I don’t wanna be the king like Obama does.  I’ve got incredible ideas and my ideas, I believe my ideas affected positive gains in the last election.


Maybe one or two more callers went by and then PagLiarulo had a long discussion about personal attacks — particularly when one’s debate opponent has nothing.  He said:

Once they lose, once they’re against the wall, the only recourse they have is to attack on a personal level and you know what?  I’m too big for that.  I’m too smart for that and so are you.

So, I called and asked him what proof he had that he individually or any other  talk show host had on the election.  He said none.  I said thanks.  Then he immediately launched into personal attacks:

Are you going to hang up now Michelle?

Me:  So you’re just making this up.

So are you going to hang up now you big scardy (sic juvenile) cat?

He wants to know why I asked the question — well it’s because he made that claim (see above).

I never said I influenced any election.  You’re wrong.  You’re dead wrong.  . . Do I think that I affected change in the election?  No.

Joe PagLIARulo.  Still a liar.

“Livin’ the dream!”

If one listens to Joe Pagliarulo in KPRC any morning, you will hear the title quote, along with, “Love you like a brother” and “Get off my phone!!!!” more times than you can imagine.  Less frequently, but enough, you will hear, “Prove me wrong!” and “I don’t lie.”

This morning, Pagliarulo was having an aneurysm over Rahm Emanuel making a video in D.C. to be played in the Chicago market and using the word “here” to mean Chicago.  (I guess Pagliarulo thinks Mission to Mars was, you know, filmed on Mars.)

Here’s the email exchange I had with him:

Me:  Where is “here” to you, Joe?  You lie every day about where you are.  You pretend to be here in Houston, but you’re not.  You’re in San Antonio.  Why don’t you stop lying and come clean with your audience?

Pagliarulo:  I”m not in san antonio.. thanks for not having a clue.. and I NEVER say I’m in Houston .. unless I actually am.. which I frequently am.  Thanks for getting it wrong!

Me:  You live in San Antonio.  You pretend to be here in Houston every morning on the radio. Stop lying and come clean.  You and Chris Baker both lie about where you are every day.

Pagliarulo:  I don’t live in San Antonio.. and, by the way you confused person, my voice is broadcast live to the Houston market every morning.. no  matter where I am.  LIVE to Houston.  I’m not taping it elsewhere and rebroadcast like-live in Houston.  It’s a Houston show … done live daily for Houston.  So glad you listen every morning!!

Me:  You don’t live in Houston.  Baker doesn’t live in Houston.  You both pretend you do to your audiences.  Stop lying.

Pagliarulo:  hehe.. you’re so wrong.. and have lost this argument.. it’s okay.. someone has to lose.. just happens to be you today.

Me:  I see you are also lying on your online resumes.

Pagliarulo:  I have no online resumes!!!  hahahahahah.. you’re reaching.. I’m yet to hear my lie Michelle.  get a life.. you’re beaten here

Me:  Liar:

Pagliarulo:  didn’t realize Linkedin did an online resume!!  Thanks!!  Need to add my Houston show.  I appreciate it!

Me:  What?  Did you think they only do paper resumes?

Pagliarulo:  hey dork.. everything on there is true..what’s your question?

Me:  It says San Antonio, not Houston.  Stop lying.  Tell your audience that you don’t live here in Houston.  It’s just that simple, Joe.

Pagliarulo:  you’re a dork.. it says San Antonio because I do a show for San Antonio every afternoon.  hehe.. you don’t get it do you?  I do two shows a day.  one for Houston.. one for San Antonio.  When Glenn’s off I do his show.. and I frequently fill in elsewhere too.  hehe

Always self-promoting . . . .

Pagliarulo:  updated!!  thanks so much.

Me:  Are you some kind of Sybil?

And to think this man was allowed to breed.

Pagliarulo even claimed that there was WMD in Iraq later this morning and went through the whole litany of GWB 27%er’s excuses.  My goodness these white men on KPRC sure do know how to whine.

Station Boss Michale Berry was on later in the afternoon whining about how politics is all about race.  It’s his standard shtick.  And here’s a pro tip for Berry, refrain from whining about doing your job on the air.  Everyone knows you are just the trained monkey.  Whining about having to tell other people to do things for you while you rake in the big bucks is just unattractive.

One more thing.  I guess it’s better late than never, but Berry has found a way to make money off of the Teabaggers.  KPRC is having a Teabagger rally on October 16th and if you have the money, you can pay to have some face time with Berry, Pagliarulo and the other white guys on the station — except for Chris Baker — because he is in Minnesota.

Sometimes it worries me that there are a handful of people driving around my city who listen to and agree with, nay, egg on these yappers.