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The Price of Getting Involved

I’ve been following the bears in Minnesota since I heard about them on Prairie Home Companion.

Today, the update was that a 3 year old female with an identification collar was shot and killed:

Gentle Jo was killed in Soudan, MN, last evening.  She made it into the forest before collapsing on the run from a shot through a lung.

Shoot first.  That’s it.

I don’t think that type of mentality will change in this country before I die.  I just hope that I can follow this little family for a year or so without any of them getting shot.

My Dream

That this country could wake up from its gun fetish.

The gun industry,  its manufacturers, ammo producers and its advocates eat up enough money to stamp out many societal ills, but all of the money is wasted on toys people will only ever shoot at a target at a gun range.  They should all go the way of the carriage:  just a novelty of fake wild west shows.  Let the real entertainers — the thespians — take over to show us how it was in the day.

Having a handgun didn’t seem to help Michael Berry.

Let’s Talk About Guns

Yesterday I heard someone wax prolific on the idea of gun regulation.  His point was that things are dangerous.  If we outlaw one thing (guns) that is dangerous, we should outlaw everything that is dangerous.

Read this.

And then read this.

This will not work out nicely.  Rabid second amendment screamers, as well as those who rallied  to the 2nd amendment remedies, will have to answer for their rhetoric.

Call me naive, but I think the gun talk will fade and mayors against guns will win the day.


Town Hall Meetings and Conceal Carry

Linkless post for now, but I’ve just got to say that any politician who holds a town hall in Texas is just crazy.  Looking at the Doggett video made me cringe.

And today, the wingnuts — Kathleen and Michael Berry — just raise the crazy to an unbearable level.

It’s a toss up whether FLA or TX will be the first place that a politician gets threaten with a gun (and hopefully survives it).

I get it.  Lots of people are sour about the election results — more this time than last.  Just CALM DOWN please.

Long Weekend’s Eve Eve

Tomorrow is like Friday because we have a field trip to NASA on Friday and then there’s that sweet Monday holiday.  Yes, I’m looking forward to it.  I can leave the mundane of looking for my insurance card and the number for the roofer (I thought that was a done deal, but no!).  I can also have a break from students, which I need after this week.

One of my students lost control this week and thankfully when I kicked said student out of my class, there was a positive resolution.  I don’t know the student very well, so when that student started yelling in class, I was a little worried.  It made me think of an article I had read at the Houston Chronicle about the bill that is working it’s way through the Texas Legislature to allow people to carry guns on campus.  When people whohave no classroom experience want to add guns to campuses, I always wonder why.  If someone has never had a student go off inexplicably, then it’s impossible to know what it’s like.  Do they really think that advertising that people can have guns on campus will reduce the possibility of violence?  Giving examples of small mostly rural schools doesn’t cut it.  At least if it happens now, I can be fairly sure that the student won’t have a gun.  From what  I can tell, the bill doesn’t have much of a chance in the House.  I can only hope.

Frank Luntz (?) is on Letterman talking about the Volt.  Dave is trying to buttonhole him on the electric car, but Luntz is no fool.  This is why we have no choices and the auto industry is in trouble.

I’ve got to take more pictures of the kittens and get geared up to send them off to new homes.  They are growing up in so many ways, though they still have that “group think” thing going on.

Lastly, Criminal Minds was creepier than usual tonight.

More Needless Gun Stupidity

I missed this one on the local news, but please, can everyone stop shooting people and asking questions later?

The Texas Senate has Nothing Better to Do

This pisses me off.  Hopefully it will die in the committee.  Oh and, surprise surprise, Dan Patrick, the local wingnut who moved just so he could get elected and politic for himself all the time on his radio station, is a sponsor of the bill.

There is no reason for anyone to have a gun on campus, except for the campus police.  There is no reason for me or anyone else to trust someone who has taken a “course” on gun safety to not go off and shoot someone.  Seriously, look at this dilettante.  Do you want a person like that anywhere near a university campus with a gun?  (Especially someone who has photoshopped her pic?)

Clearly I will be following this, and if it goes any further, I’ll be making some noise.