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O.K. I’m Soled

Shoes.  I’m not a shoe person.  Usually when I buy a pair of shoes, I wish I had bought 3 or 4 pair for when I wear them out and can’t find them anymore.

I think I found my shoe company.  It is soleRebels.  I really like this purple pair and will probably choose a pair before the year is out.

The shoes are made in Ethiopia by NON sweatshop workers.  It’s a good deal and kind of — or explicitly another anti-crazy fashion footwear, which after seeing my 70+ year old mom’s feet recently, makes me feel like I an on the right path.

Why women torture the things that help them move around to the point that they are almost crippled in old age for the sole reason of keeping up with fashion puzzles me.

Point being, I’ve worn some Sketchers that look not so unlike these shoes for the past year and these look better made.  I don’t really care if I look like I’m wearing my house shoes to work.  I’m not and I know it.  And these shoes look really comfortable.



Buying American

I did my part this past weekend in buying a couple of cabinets and I will buy a couple of more things from Catskill.

I got my pastry mat, roaster and rack this week.  All made in the good ol’ U.S.A.

I also ordered some gifts for my family, only one of which was made in China — just because that’s the only place this particular item is made.  I will write to that company and complain.

With my renewed purchasing, I want to revive my other blog.  I’ll get it going this weekend and link to it.