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Some Video Links Plus Added Rants

I don’t get this. He doesn’t really say anything and his pronoun references are completely vague.  It looks like someone in the GOP lower levels is trying to push the NJ gov for prez.  What about Rick Perry!!!!1!!1!1!

Sarah Palin gets put on the spot.  I can think of quite a number of people more qualified to yap about the oil spill.  Michael Berry isn’t one of them.

White male Seattle idiot police officer punches a young black woman in the face. Commenters say she deserved it.  It’s hard to watch.  I don’t think I could have stood there and just recorded it. Cops can just be criminals with guns.  One Bellaire cop shot a pro baseball player and got off — nothing happened to him.  Michael Berry blamed the baseball player’s mother for the shooting.  FAIR ENOUGH?

Related:  Pasty white boy gets ruffed up by 68 year old.  The same people showing there “balls” about a cop punching a 19 year old black girl get misty-eyed and cry Assault!!!!  Assault!!!!! when it’s one of their own.  These people are insufferable.

Lastly, I am SICK of pasty white people telling African Americans that this that or the other is their problem.  As I have said again and again, why can’t all of the pasty white concern trolls take a look at their own poor white folks and fix that?   Michael Berry and Bill Bennett need to quit acting like they’re black and get with taking care of all of the poor whites.  Wouldn’t that be novel?

Pasty white guy wants drug testing.  Who is going to pay for that?  Does the Utah Senator have some interest in a drug testing kit company?  Does the Utah Senator have a problem with people who are down on their luck?  I’d like to see him submit to a drug test on the teevee first.  Dick.

Lastly, I’m about ready to build a Mexico City style wall around my damn house.  Someone put the nicely bundled vegetation I had ready to go for next month’s green pick up by the city in my recycle cart, destroying the very expensive new freaking green yard waste bag I had ready in the process.  Whoever it was left my recycle cart in the middle of the driveway, too.  Oh, and whoever it was, cut up my Lantana, too.

Dicks — all of them.


You See, Michael Berry, These People are Your Friends

Michael Berry was trying to be all sensible and fair today — he says “fair enough” enough every day — but he sidestepped his good buddy’s complete nonsense last night — Rick Perry is who I am referring to.

Well, this nonsense has been brewing for a while.  These are the people who are Michael’s friends.   These are the people who think that the Constitution is everything and they are fighting for their FREEDOM — as Chris Baker is always stuck on.  Both of them are free to lie on a 50,000 watt scream machine, so I don’t know why they bellyache so much.

Doing pro bono work is part of being an attorney.  At times, some very good attorneys step up and do their best to protect individuals from the vigilantes in our midst.  Can Berry or Baker explain their brethren to me?  Why is there a problem with very good well-qualified attorneys working for the justice department?  Why the witch hunt?

Could it be that they see the writing on the wall?  With the embarrassment that was the Rick Perry election, do they know it’s actually now over and they are trying to take out as many people as they can?

Can anyone give me any insight into the crazy that is the conservative/republican/libertarian “movement”?

Random Thoughts

I don’t have the mental space to think about much more than work and the sick kittens here at home, but I have tried to keep up with things going on.

First of all, while early voting is going on, I’m thinking I will actually wait until the primaries to vote.   While I agree for the most part with the Harris County Tejano Democrats, I’m having some doubts about Sheila Jackson Lee.  Roberto thinks I am crazy, but I’m leaning toward Jarvis Johnson.  I haven’t quite made up my mind.  For all of the judicial races, I’ve pretty much made up my mind.

Which leads me to Micheal Berry.  His stations are clearly making a killing off of the ad dollars flowing in over the governor’s race, as well as the lesser known (cared about?) ones.  I imagine him pulling his pants down and swimming in the cash he’s hauling in.  Knowing this, I can only classify his approach to his radio show as clownish, in the tradition of Glenn Beck.  Berry screams and modulates his voice, hoping to snag a few more listeners. I find myself turning him off even when I have the time to listen.  Perhaps his mother likes it, but I just can’t take it much anymore.  It’s not WHAT he says, it’s HOW he says what he does.  Even if I agreed with him, I would turn him off.

Which leads me to Chris Baker.  I’m sure there are some that find him entertaining, but he is way too vindictive.  Today he made his show personal and the person he was attacking fought back.  Good for her.  Back when Baker was on 950 AM, he posted one of my emails to him with my full name.  I forced him to take it down.  Today he threatened to post the emails he was getting from the woman he was attacking.   He’s slimy that way.  You disagree with him: he uses all of his tools to embarrass you — even if you are right.  He’s part of the World Nut Daily/Michelle Malkin personalization of destruction.  I’m sure he has the thought in the back of his mind to make that woman’s life difficult.  It’s what you do when you got nothing.  Seriously, how much does Michael Berry pay Chris Baker to sit on his liposuctioned still fat ass up in Minnesota and pick on a private citizen for ten hours a week?  Probably more than I get paid.

Which brings me to the health care debate.  Michael Berry essentially stated today that he’s got his screw you.  No matter what.  For every reason you could give him, he would find a way to say that HIS TAX DOLLARS should not pay for anyone’s health care.  Personally, I have imagined that any tax dollars he pays goes straight to GWB’s adventure in Iraq.  So why is he bitching?  I’d like my tax dollars to go toward a better health care system — as opposed to killing people.  Perhaps Michael will quit screaming if he takes my advice.  Unfortunately I don’t think he will.

While I will be busy with finals and the requisite running around in circles for the next three days, I hope to get back to posting more often.

I’m almost glad for the continued cold weather.  I’m behind on planting seeds, and this cold spell gives me some breathing room.  I’m not so worried about the outside kittens because they have weathered the worst.  I put clean binkies out in the garage — they are there for the taking.

Lastly, Cisco is all better, Caroline is still a little sick, and Sad Grey & White Kitten is still sneezing, but he’s been eating well, so maybe we will all make it to springtime.

It is my hope.

Looting Looters Will Loot; We’re All Chinese Now

I came across this article today and it expresses my frustration with STUPID PEOPLE.  Let’s put it in perspective for the umpteenth time.  There is this very small country.  It got hit by a very big earthquake.  The government and everything anyone counted on as normal got decimated in a few seconds.  Think about what the teabaggers would do if this happened in your small part of the world.

Why the term looters is used so casually.  Someone find me a reference where whites — no I’ll take it further — non BLACKS were ever accused of LOOTING.

I want my News Hour back.  Tonight was disgusting.

And now just about anyone with the bucks can buy themselves an election here in the good ole U S of A and people like Chris Baker — who has a radio show and thinks one day he could be king — is all for it.  Does he not know that foreign corporations are here in the U.S.?  Would he welcome this decision if he knew anything about the decision he praised?  He clearly doesn’t have the foggiest about what the ramifications are, but because it is a REPUBLICAN win, he’s all for it.   And the clown will deny he is a republican, just like he denies living in another city.  LIAR LIES.  Big news.

So much for the small contributors.  Like me.  I’m not really inclined to donate to anyone at this point.  Just let the corporations do it.  I will limit my life to stay out of their way.  Here in Texas, it is almost scary to think about.  Living in an old neighborhood makes it somewhat easier to take, but the Teabaggers are taking over the suburbs and we will have a Haiti or Somalia before you know it.  Every man for himself!!!!  Here’s Michael Berry almost crying over a Joe Horn autograph (!) for good measure.

Just let me do my job and take care of my house and pets.  I so desperately want this to be a better country, but that doesn’t seem possible now.  Too many people are just out for themselves.  I will take care of myself and my neighbor.  I will try to portray this as a good country to my students, but that will conflict with what they experience outside of class.

And on a night like this — mild weather (no screaming about GLOBAL WARMING today, though it is January and the temps are around 70 F) — I can see living out my years here at this house with a garden in back and in front, with the pups and kittens.  That’s all that really matters, no?

Politics has become absurd today.  I will take a bow out.