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John Faulk Duct Tape Fetishist and other Republican Oddities

Where to start?  Let’s start with John Faulk.  He’s a good guy, right?  He’s white.  He’s a guy.  That means his campaign will do something like this:

In little type you can read, “paid for by Faulk for Congress Campaign.”

That’s just dandy.  I had another Republican suggest the same about me back in the day.  It must be some sort of movie charged fantasy they all have, like how they all thought 24 was real.  Those white kids are living the dream of duct taping other people.  It’s fun, don’t ya know 😉  Sick is what I call it.

Michael Berry figures out how to find old speeches (poor simpleton learns himself something) and now not only is MLK a Republican, but Barbara Jordan is as well.  Sigh.  Yes he went there.  My guess is that he has never heard of Miles Davis, never heard of the justified anger African Americans have had about their past.  Why would he?  He’s a white man running a white man radio station complaining about non-whites for 4 to 6 hours a day, while making others do his work for him.  He got a vacation out of it didn’t he?  Ride that gravy train Michael!1!!1!1!  In the fall Michael will get lots of money from duct tape John Faulk.  Lots of money.

Republicans, Tea party people, you are making Michael Berry rich.  Do you realize that Michael Berry and Pat Grey and Glenn Beck smashed your tea party point last march?  All of the money you give to John Faulk will go to Michael Berry and Dan Patrick.  The advertising dollars (all of the dollars almost) will go to them.  In a sense, you are voting for them, not your candidate.  And they are all white guy all of the time.

Remember duct tape.


Wishing Your Life Away

Sometimes it really hits me how my work schedule makes time go by very quickly.  Usually it’s when I run into a former student and ask him or her how she or he is doing.  So far, the whole garden thing has slowed down life at home for me — watching the plants grow and the lemon tree slowly bloom — and balances the fast pace of work.

For a while now, Lydon Johnson of KTNH has signed off his screeds in the morning with, “hurry up November.”  I understand that he is a sore loser from 2008, but wishing his life away doesn’t really seem to make much sense.

I feel the same way about the whole “winning the news cycle.”  Yesterday (and Michael Berry still had it up today) talk radio was all about what a congressman said at a hearing.  Only people who spend time chasing their own tails will remember it.  I doubt that Michael Gallagher will, since his touchstone for race issues is still O.J. Simpson.  It’s gone from memeorandum.

I’ve listened to talk radio for years.  However, things have changed.  There’s really no reason to check in on Limbaugh anymore.  He’s wishing his life away by buying into the last time someone talked about him.  He didn’t use to do that.  Hannity is still speaking in the same speech patterns he has for years and yearning for the next election.  Mike Gallagher is still an ass and tries to “win the morning” with his indiscriminate baiting.  Bill Bennett doesn’t even work a full week and the local station is using his air time to yammer on about something on some blog or World Net Daily or Human Events.  Local hosts are not much better.  Michael Berry has rewritten history wrt his political life in this city, and Chris Baker continues to lie about where he lives, while yearning to kill people at the border.  Lores “constant sniffles” Rizcalla is slowly meeting her co-workers, but she just keeps telling everyone that she’s Egyptian.  And don’t even get me started on Dan Patrick.  Today he called Karl Rove a “good man” and described W as having “grace.”

And the Woodlands Tea Party people will have Chris Baker mc their tax protest week after next.  Their taxes haven’t gone up.  If they paid attention during the last year, their taxes are probably down.

But don’t tell them.

For the first time in my life, I may be just about done with national talk radio.  Local radio, I’ll still keep tabs on them.  It’s pretty fun.

There is more to life than the news cycle.  The next national election is months away.

I’ve got a new book to read and more important things to focus on in the short term.  And the short and long term last longer than 24 hours — unless you are talking about pea spouts.

Confirmed: Texas Republicans Want a King — or something

It looks like the smear job on Medina not only kept her down but pushed Perry to the nomination AGAIN.  All four of the talk radio stations were on Perry’s side, except for one little voice on for an hour and a half on Saturday afternoons.  The tea party people have to be disappointed, and a little more sober at this point.  They tried to go up against the Republican machine here, and this is what happens.

There’s more than just a little suspicion about what happened to Medina.  Pat Gray, Glenn Beck’s side kick, worked for all but one of the conservative talk radio stations before moving to Beck’s show.  Dan Patrick was at the Perry Rally when Sarah Palin  rallied for Perry.  And remember, Perry jumped on the tea party bandwagon from the beginning.  His acceptance speech was weird in that respect.  It had more national rhetoric and ambitions than local — or that’s the way it seemed to me.  He tried to tie his win in a Republican primary to the state general elections that Republican have won recently in other states.  That’s arrogant and that’s Perry.

To the 18th:  Jackson Lee looks to win.  I guess that means Michael Berry doesn’t have all that many democrats who listen to him.  I voted for Jarvis Johnson.  I find it typical that Berry focused on unseating Jackson Lee from the Democratic side instead of from the Republican side.  The Republicans couldn’t find a single minority in the 18th to run.

The Chronical is basically useless since it doesnt’ give raw numbers — only percentages.  I’ll take a look around to see what happened with the other races.

More Missionaries

Cal Thomas was on my radio this morning begging for money.  He says that he knows times are tough, but please give him some money anyway.  Just think of him as the missionary to the media.

Many years ago, I went to Latvia to teach English.  I got a job with a nonprofit.  I bought all of my own supplies and even took a good number of supplies to leave with the teachers there.  While I was there, I took my meager resources and bought class sets of books for the little school where I taught.  Computer access was limited and the school I worked at had no copier.  I was fortunate enough to be able to use other nonprofits’ computers and paid for copies I made for students myself.  I worked two other jobs in addition to my nonprofit job in order to pay for all of this.  I went into debt.  I never asked another person for money — ever.

After I came back, one of my brother’s friends from junior high and high school decided he wanted to be a missionary.  He sent everyone he knew letters begging for them to give him money for a missionary trip to — get this — Prague.  He needed a computer.   He needed a car.  He needed a nice place to stay.  He needed clothes.  All so he could go to Prague.

I guess he got enough money to get by.  After he returned from Prague, he went to work for Tom Craddick.  And that’s one way the missionary wheel turns.  I’m sure there are others.

One example could be the Saturday revelation that the Christians have decided that someone can’t be mayor of our city because she is a lesbian.  They worry about “the gays” taking over city hall.”  I am so very tired of these people.  Never mind that Annice Parker has a track record with our city of service — very good service.  And never mind that these same people failed to support their candidate during the regular election (they trashed their candidate instead the day after).

I’m no missionary, but I think you guys are doing it wrong.

Wingnutty-good, along with some fem on fem rants

Well it looks like both Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney will be in the Lone Star state next week.  Palin will be selling her book to people at Fort Hood (and perhaps appear with Rick Perry?), and Cheney will be stumping raising money for Kay Baily Hutchison.  (I’ll have to think of something to do to counter-act all that bad karma in one week.)

And speaking of Hutchison, why does everyone (Natalie Arceneaoux) relentlessly call her by her first name?  Is it because of Hillary?  And does anyone know whether or not it has been a bad idea for Bill White to show up in ads on every website I visit because NOW Hutchison says she will stay in her seat (that she promised not to run for and we should have Barb Radnovsky in at this point)?

I know it’s already old news, but I have always said that women are women’s worst enemies.  If you think men have been keeping a sister down, you have no idea.  Sure, men do their part, but there is nothing compared to the weight given to a woman’s complaint about another woman.  And there is no one who can cut down a woman more effectively than another woman — what I would call playing to the other side — but hey, if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.  (And that sentiment goes for everything in life — financial stuff, business, work, everything.  Prove me wrong if you disagree.  Humans have no shame.)

Back to my point.  Palin says she gave Couric the crazy interview ahe did because she wanted to boost Couric’s self-esteem.  Hutchison is playing to stereotype.

This all exasperates me.

Then there is Annice Parker.  She has a family.  She has been elected 6 times in Houston elections.  She doesn’t hide who she is.  She looked like she wouldn’t get very much support in the mayoral election.  She didn’t have as much money as other candidates.  She’s not part of the Lanier people.

Today — well it’s been there since the wingnuts have been trashing (Edd Hendee called him a jackass — on the CHRISTIAN AIRWAVES REPEATEDLY)  their nominal candidate, Roy Morales, the day after the election.  Dan Patrick and Paul Bettencourt (aka quitter) are teaming up with the religious wingnuts to whip up the AMERICAN TALIBAN to defeat Parker — not because of her views or policies or past record — she is a LESBIAN. It’s also not because they want any black people in their party.  It’s just all they are left with and when choosing between bad choices, well a black man — who supports giving same sex benefits to city employees — is better than the gays taking over.  It’s just another variation of what has always gone on here in Houston.  Divide and conquer!  Except this time the AMERICAN TALIBAN are playing catch-up.

It might be time for me to do something about this.  I’m not a joiner type of person, but this might be the line for me.  I’ll think about it and decide tomorrow.

Added later — Oprah does the same thing.  The teasers about her interview with Palin include “everybody wants to know about Levi.”  Bitch.  Didn’t she launch that doctor show that pushed Jeopardy to late night?  Bitch.

How Convenient

I caught this on memorandum this morning:

Planned 300x66

It’s about a woman who was the director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan/College Station, Texas for two years.  Prior to being the director, she had worked and volunteered there for a few years.

On the way home, I heard an interview Dan Patrick had with her.  It’s unclear how long she actually worked there — she told Patrick 5 years;  the news article says 8.  Patrick has tried twice to pass a bill in the Texas Legislature to force any woman seeking an abortion to first pay for ($500) and view an ultrasound.  Not unsurprisingly, this woman claims to have had her change of heart after viewing and abortion through an ultrasound.  She was the one operating the ultrasound wand.  Also not surprising is that the sermon at her church the very next day was about some scripture she couldn’t remember, but it goes something like if your hand does something evil, cut it off.  The last non surprise is that Patrick plans to call the woman in for hearings when he goes for his third try at passing his abortion tax and punish legislation.

I’m skeptical.  The Coalition for Life is just down the street from Planned Parenthood in Bryan/College Station.  The woman admitted meeting with them.  She also claims that the for-profit organization that runs the PP (along with a non-profit) wanted to make more money (because the non-profit part had been in the red) and the way they decided to do it was to perform more abortions (in the news article) or more ‘chemical’ abortions (what she told Patrick).

The most ridiculous thing about the interview was Patrick’s characterization of what the woman claimed to have seen.  Of course, he referred to the embryo or fetus as a baby, but he also claimed that the ‘baby’ tried to run away from the cannula during the procedure.

All this reminds me of what the poor woman who was the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade went through.  These groups like Operation Rescue and Coalition for Life are what make the American Taliban label stick so well.  They are determined to terrorize women for as long as it takes to get their way.

“You can hardly walk up the sidewalk from I10 on Louisiana”

This according to a caller on KSEV AM 700 (Dan Patrick’s station) around 5:15 this evening.

Funny thing though, I was on Louisiana, between I10 and the “Tea” Whiner Party at that moment and this is what I saw:




Hey guys, you’re going the wrong way!  Maybe they couldn’t get into the plaza . . .


Maybe everyone is across the street . . .


Nope.   Maybe they’re one block down . . .



At  the same time Paul Benttencourt was claiming (on KSEV) that the crowd was 4500 to 5000.

Jones Plaza is less than 400 ft. square.  It’s not just an empty block, but has structures and bleachers.  Even if each person only took up 1 square foot each, the place could only hold 2000 people max and that’s without any structures.

Google is not cooperating, so just go to maps and type in 601 Louisiana, Houston, TX and you can see for yourself.

On the way to dinner, my friend and I drove by again — around 6:20.  The protest hadn’t moved to the post office yet, the streets were still open, and it didn’t look like it had spread to other blocks.

On the way home a little after 9:00, there were about 10 lonely teabaggers and city workers were out cleaning up their mess.

I wonder how much this temper tantrum cost Houston?


I don’t know what Kathleen is trying to pull here, but the top picture is of Jones Plaza, and at least some of the people in the ones she claims are of those who can’t get in seem to be sitting down.   She’s not the most honest person I have run into on the internets, so I’m guessing she’s just trying to fool the easily fooled.

The Texas Senate has Nothing Better to Do

This pisses me off.  Hopefully it will die in the committee.  Oh and, surprise surprise, Dan Patrick, the local wingnut who moved just so he could get elected and politic for himself all the time on his radio station, is a sponsor of the bill.

There is no reason for anyone to have a gun on campus, except for the campus police.  There is no reason for me or anyone else to trust someone who has taken a “course” on gun safety to not go off and shoot someone.  Seriously, look at this dilettante.  Do you want a person like that anywhere near a university campus with a gun?  (Especially someone who has photoshopped her pic?)

Clearly I will be following this, and if it goes any further, I’ll be making some noise.

The Big Lie

Having never proven impersonation, much less voter fraud, the Republicans in the Texas Senate have once again passed on to the House another bill targeted at reducing Democratic voting.

Earlier this year, a local tv station reported that Texas isn’t so red — it’s turning purple.  Elections in 2006 turned the Dallas area blue and here in Houston we have elected and re-elected a Democratic Mayor (even though the election is nonparitsan).

The big lie?  That there is an economic crisis here in Texas.  If there is, then what is the Senate thinking about by pushing this through?  All of the callers to wingnut radio are liars.

The other side of the big lie?  There really are people in Texas who are experiencing this economic crisis and the Texas Senate decides that the most important thing for them to do is address an issue that is not a problem.  When are our next elections?  Tomorrow?  Next month?  Next year?  But the Republicans seem to think this — voting  — is the most important thing on the agenda.

Dan Patrick Logic

Here we go!

The free world can’t be strong without the U.S. being strong.

The U.S. can’t be strong, without Texas being strong.

Texas can’t be strong without Harris County being strong.

Harris County can’t be strong without conservative Republicans in charge.

Conservative Republicans can’t be strong without Texas Senate District 7 being a strong conservative district (in Harris County).

Dan Patrick is the Texas state Senator for District 7.  Dan Patrick is a strong conservative Republican.  Voters had better keep Dan Patrick in office or else.

And there you are!

I’ll try this.

The free world can’t be happy unless the U.S. is happy.

The U.S. can’t be happy unless Texas is happy.

Texas can’t be happy unless Harris County is happy.

Harris County can’t be happy unless Houston is happy.

Houston can’t be happy unless there are strong happy people in Houston.

I live in Houston, so somebody had better make me happy or else!

ZOMG — Patrick thinks if it were Palin/McCain vs. Obama/Biden, Palin would win.