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Screwing up in Haiti

Christians from Idaho, Texas and Kansas, and the State of Florida.  What better way to show the face of this country?  (Of course, Fox News tried to spin it so that it was the administration that was refusing the Haitians, when, in fact it was the State of Florida bellyaching over MONEY).

Reading this article — it’s as if Florida is trying to lay a Katrina on the Obama Administration.  Figures.  If hospitals in Florida are so worried over $100K, then I think they could look to the Red Cross or UNICEF, right?  As opposed to the feds.

This looks really stinky to me.

And it sickens me.  First off, the Christians should leave this alone.  They have been in Haiti for a long time.  Clearly, they hadn’t done much good.  I’ve seen actual people doing actual good on the News Hour.   Christians are more into blaming and, in this case, stealing children.  Given the reputation of the most prominent Christians in this country, I wouldn’t trust them with my dog, much less a child.

It also sickens me that someone — probably a Republican operative — told  Gov. Crist in Florida that it would be good politics to get out in front of this with the money argument.  It reeks of politics.  Just look at the comments here.

But why should anything be any different.  Republicans are always looking for a payback, always looking for a setup to point back for political gain.

Sick fucks the lot of them.  Seriously, why would it even get on FOX News if it wasn’t intended to be a bludgeon to bang the administration with?

And this is so wrong on so many levels.  Mormons.   Political Mormons.  The biggest proselytizers ever.