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Michael Berry’s Friends

One could argue that Michael Berry is a conservative.  Others could argue that he is a teabagger.  He plays both sides is what I would argue, but for this post, Michale Berry is a teabagger and these are his people.

First up, Joe Miller’s military guards at an elementary school ” arrest” a journalist.

Second, the infamous stomper.  I’m sure that Michale Berry got a boner when he saw that.  It’s the only explanation for why he didn’t talk about it.

And here is a fat man smash.  It’s uglier when you realize the man’s son is the one filming it.  They called the fat man in to weigh in.  Clown with a badge.

I’ll just put this up front: Michale Berry has never served his country.  As far as I can tell, he was and still is of enlistment age far as the military goes, but he prefers to sit on his ass and talk.

Pasty white Michale Berry also has a chip on his shoulder as far as minorities are concerned — just listen to him whine about not getting a dinky scholarship for college.  Had he served his country, that UH tuition would have been paid.

While Michale Berry talks tough, I doubt he could even rise to the violence seen in the above videos.

What does that make Michale Berry?

Chip on his shoulder WATB.

During Ike, he ate MREs in his studio.  He whined about Republicans not supporting him in his mayoral bid.  (which he lies about all the time)  He hates pregnant women.  He screams on the radio.  He lies on the radio.  He has never served his country, state, county or city.  Pasty white guy all the way — born of place and has never ever felt the need to give back — not even for the streets he drives on.

Mostly, Michale Berry wishes he was one of those guys in the videos above.