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Yes, She Went There

Rely on our SPARKLE to advocate torture.

I wanted to be funny, but it is quite sad that there is a fringe in our country that thinks it is ok to do things that we — meaning our country — have found so wrong that we executed people for it.

“Yeah, we waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,”

so says GWB

This is one area that most of Obama’s critics don’t get.  It’s not that the U.S. doesn’t or has never tortured anyone — it’s that torture is bad all the way around.  It doesn’t produce actionable intel.  It makes the survivors revengeful.  It is beneath this country at this point.

I bet holidays at the Bush house are torture for the old man.  Can you just see W slapping the old man on the back and saying, “I got two terms!  I got Saddam’s gun!”  Poor Poppy and Bar.

It Takes Time, I Guess

Ashcroft can be held liable for violating the civil rights of those picked up in the sweeps after 9/11 of people as “witnesses” who then were considered terrorists without a shred of evidence.

Even though it’s taken a long time, as with almost all legal cases, this is a very good step forward.

While Flawed, This Gets at What I See to be Right

Our country’s sad decent into oblivion.

Anyone who condones any of this is just wrong.

My only question is why ABC just found this out now.  Where were they in 2006? or 2003, or 2001 for that matter.

A Happy, Hopeful, Ending and Beginning

Four of the Uighurs held at Gitmo for years arrived in Bermuda this past Thursday.  Articles and photos here and here.

I’m still very disappointed in Jim Webb over this.  There is a Uighurs community in Virginia very willing to take the men in.  Perhpas its all for the best.  They probably wouldn’t have had the same warm welcome there that they received in Bermuda.

Here We Go Again

The “gotcha” brigade was out again in force.  This time it was Robert Gibbs.  They wanted to say that he admitted that the decision to close Gitmo was HASTY, which seems silly on its face, but hey, they ran with it .

Reality is here.  Establishing Gitmo was hasty.  Closing it will be very messy . . . because opening it was hasty (or stupid, or really bad ideas from the same camp I linked to above.

John Walker Lindh

I wasn’t a part, nor do I remember the initial trouble surrounding John Walker Lindh.  In late 2001, we had our own problems to deal with at work, and I hadn’t yet discovered blogs.

A few years ago — I don’t remember when — I followed a link and looked up many of the reports about him.  Today I came across this article at GQ.  It’s written by an Iraq vet, so maybe it will get ignored.

The article pointed out how quickly the conversion went from the Taliban as creatures of our own creation to their being enemies.  I think that there were a lot of people who had gotten distracted by Bosnia who then didn’t get what had happened in Afghanistan.

What struck me was that in the same year that John was prosecuted, the Bush administration had given millions to the Taliban.  At least all of the photographs of his capture have been removed, as far as I can tell.

Having read the entire article, having endured the nonstop slurs, I empathize with the family.

To think that our defenders think it’s ok to judge first and get the details later dovetails quite nicely with this.

Party of life.  Party of death.

I’m quite happy with the leader of my party.