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“I’m Michael Berry from KTRH”

So some company — awnings which are notorious for leaking — decided to get MB to do a teevee commercial for them.  I’m sure Tom Tynan is laughing his ass off.   I sure am.

Garden Photos for the End of March

I’m way ahead of where I was last year . . .

Three tomato plants sprang up in two beds.  I decided to try the singlet in the topsy-turvey thing.  One more try. . .

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Michael Berry Finds a New Way To Get Your Personal Information

For the boy club that reads me, this is not really for you.

How to get more people clicking on your site?  Create a poll.   Want to get even more?  Make everyone sign up for it.

While KPRC is up by 900 this month, KTRH is down.

Why do you think they are trying to capture information?  They are no better than identity theft types.

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So I Watched 60 Minutes Tonight

and I was disappointed that Leslie Stall didn’t ask all of the Galtian Overlords she interviewed why they don’t want to pay for all that they benefit from.

On a practical level, we have roads and wires and cell towers and police and firefighters and a semblance of order because we have local and state governments.

On another level, we have a military and a foreign policy that involves more than just staying neutral through world wars.

Why didn’t it occur to Leslie Stall to ask those people she interviewed how it is that they can do what they do?  Is it not because the vast majority of ordinary citizens in this country pay for it every time they shop, or buy property, or earn a dollar?

Oh that’s it.  A dollar.  They value that sum more than they value the courts that allow them to fight their battles.  They value that dollar more than they value the police force that keeps the public in line so they can make that dollar.  They value that dollar more than the dollar that pays for the firefighters that put out the fire at their company.  They value that dollar more than the one that was spent to clear up their mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

No.  They don’t need to pay for all of that like the rest of us do.

Even thought they clog our courts, they don’t need to pay for that.  Even though they live safely, they don’t need to pay for that.  Even though they are Americans, they don’t need to support this country.

I will pay a substantial amount of money in income taxes this year.  I’m ok with it.  I’m not one of those crazy people who sees all of my tax payer dollars going to things I disagree with.  I understand that my money may go to things I disagree with, but it’s also likely that it goes to things I do agree with and that it is my responsibility to make sure that happens.

I’m just one person.  These corporations represent many people.  The stock holders could come to their senses.  They could see that starving the US is a bad idea.  They could see that their profit comes because of the system we have.  And that they should pay for that.


Yard Work Pictures Tomorrow

My rutabaga was attacked by aphids.  Almost my entire garden was attacked by all kinds of ants.   My “garage” now has a fan with lights.

I took the protective screens off the rutabaga and beet bed and cleaned out all of the aphid infected leaves.  I think the kittens will leave the bed alone.

Along those lines, I planted the squash seedlings and build barriers around them with some plastic edging I had bought years ago.  Reusing!!!!

I planted the last of the pepper plants from the Burpee planters and turned around and planted more peppers and some catnip in the same planter, using the dregs from the last of the Burpee sprogs and some regular soil.  We’ll see how that works.

I watered every bed this morning and the front yard this evening.  We are in something of a drought.  While my usage and my bill may tick up a bit, I’m okay with that.

This is my second year, and so I hope that the beneficials will come to my aid.  I have learned many things in the off season.

This post is weak — and I haven’t heard from Roberto or Keigo today.



After getting the garage roof repaired weekend before last, today I finally got the ceiling fan installed.  It’s really pretty and will not only keep  the area cool, but will also be a solution when I come home late int the wintertime to feed the kittens, since it has lights.

The guy that came out today was not the one I usually deal with.  That guy has moved on and no one seems to know where he went.  I like and trusted the first guy, so when the second guy said my main box was dangerous, I just said ok.  I know that I will eventually need to have more electrical work done, I don’t think that the massive repairs the first guy did last spring were for naught.

In other news, I gave crazy wound-up Dora some of the Calms Forte that Roberto bought for her, or rather me.  She’s been zoinked on the bed for hours now.  Even Tammy and Murph barking didn’t rile her up.  I’ve checked on her several times.  At first she seemed confused, but later she just  had her open-eyed sleepy girl thing going on.  She also seems to be slowly making a little circle on the bed.   Given that I had some stranger here today, all the pups are very quiet now.  This worries me a little, but I think Dora will be ok.  And just as I type this, sleepy Dora trundles into the living room.  She probably needs to pee.

And with that I will sign out.

These People

The people who brought us the uncomfortable white folks at predominately minority polling stations during the last election are having a “national” convention here in Houston.  They claim to be “sold out” which means they pulled a Palin and suckered a good number of people out of their hard earned money.

They were insufferable at the rally last week and seem to think they are somehow in the majority, having won in an off year election.

Their “movement” is dying and it couldn’t happen soon enough.

I’m about fed up all the way around

I never heard a more genuine plea.

Today the Libyan former ambassador pled for help and tried to tell a stubborn media what the French and John Kerry have known for a while.  WE KNOW THE PEOPLE WE ARE SUPPORTING.  They are not radicals in any sense that the FUCKING FOUNDING FATHERS OF OUR COUNTRY ARE RADICALS.

Why shouldn’t they join the band wagon of democratic reform in the Middle East.  I know that, unlike the Chinese, the Middle East is ripe with knowledgeable young people who have hopes and dreams.  They don’t praise their leaders and system by rote like the Chinese.  They want to join us — you know, the crazy space that is democracy.

Oh, what am I fed up about?  Assholes who were giddy about invading a country to appease a son’s revenge and now want to know all of the unknowables up front.


Toes is Home

The penultimate of the ferals, Toes, is safely home from getting spayed, ear clipped and rabies vaccinated.  I let her sleep for about 3 hours and then fed her.  She was a little cranky, which is understandable.

Baby is the only one left, but since she is still a little snotty, so her turn at SNAP can wait a bit.

Trapping Toes was a real relief.  Now we will be six in the back yard for sure, and hopefully the gray tabby that has been irritating Harry will go away.

While it was bothersome while I was trying to catch Toes, the way the kittens feel free to play and lay around the backyard is very satisfying.  Mostly they sleep, but at times Dotty will have a play session with Tilly and Harry is very affectionate towards Baby.  They are a happy little tribe and will be happier once Toes rejoins them Wednesday evening.

I may try to snap some pics tomorrow evening.


Animal/Pet Post

I have feral cats.  I have trapped several and had only two to go — one of those two got pregnant — I think.  I had to trap her.  I tried by not feeding any of them and using turkey as the bait on Thursday, but that didn’t work.  I didn’t feed them this morning and set out the trap with some salmon.

I waited with the string nearby to pull the trap for 3 hours this morning.  Nothing.  I then worked in the yard and did several things that I will write about tomorrow.  Around 6:00, the kittens were getting hungry, but none of them would take the bait, much less Toes — who is the target.

After one false catch (Tilly), I finally caught Toes at about 10:00 tonight.

She goes in to SNAP in the morning.  I know I can catch the last of them (Baby) because I have been handling her every day for a while now.  She will be easy to catch.

This is such a relief.

And now for a video that has been around the web, but it reminded me of friends and just how good pups can be.