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Shelley Sekula Gibbs is Back on the Campaign Trail

Since before Christmas, I’ve heard Shelley Sekula-Gibbs on the local 1070 AM radio station.  (The station routinely runs little commentary-blurbs by people who write at Townhall — Hugh Hewitt, Cal Thomas etc.)  The difference with Shelley’s is that they are paid political advertisements that seem to be the same type of commentary as the others.  She calls them “The Shelley Sekula Gibbs Report.”  The transcript of the first one is here.  The first part:

As a physician, I’ve heard plenty about the supposed conflict between science and religion. But I’ve found that if you wait long enough, science eventually catches up to what Christians have been saying all along.

When I heard this, my first thought was, ‘The earth is really only 6000 years old?’  But, no.  That’s wasn’t where she was going with this.

Look at the issue of life. Thanks largely to sonogram technology, more young women than ever describe themselves as pro-life.

Well, not exactly largely.  Like all others, it’s a little more complicated than that. And this next part is just not accurate:

 And now, scientists have announced that ordinary skin cells can be modified to become pluripotent adult stem cells – cells they said a few short months ago could only come from aborted human embryos.

Here new ad, that I heard for the first time yesterday is at the bottom of her home page.  It’s basically a rant about some bill related to undocumented workers (so she claims) that Nick Lampson, the guy whose seat she’s running for, supposedly voted for.  I looked for the bill, but couldn’t find it, so I’m guessing that she’s spinning it pretty hard.

Word is that the primary will be nasty.  They’ve already started bickering over who has lived in the district the longest.  (There’s nineof them.)  Even Tom DeLay came out, as I recall, and could settle all the TX 22 republicans down.  It should be fun to watch.


Today’s Vote

There’s an election today.  Here in Houston, we’re choosing who will replace Shelley Sekula Gibbs.  She’s the city council person who got elected to the U.S. House in Tom DeLay’s old seat for 6 weeks by Republicans last fall.   This election cost the city 2 million.  (Remember when Chris Baker belly-ached about the city spending 100K to help immigrants with their papers?  Crickets on this election caused by his party.)  Speaking of Chris Baker, it seems that Clear Channel/KTRH has been playing favorites.  Nixon, a former cop turned lawyer (he states that he is Chris Baker’s law enforcement analyst — I vote that Jason should hold that position — oh wait he WORKS for a living), is the only person ever mentioned on KTRH as running for the spot.  I listen to  1070 AM as well.  Nothing about this election from Chuck Tiller, who supposedly is in Houston.  Who knows with that station.  Mike Gallagher, who had joined the bandwagon of Farmers Branch seems to have ADD, since he has said nothing about the Farmers Branch issue in months.  A reasonable person might think that if Gallagher cared so much last fall, he might care now, too.  But no, he’s off to attach himself to the latest rightwing talking point.  (Let’s see — Greenburg, Kansas will rebuild itself, contrasting NOLA.  Wingers equate the two cities FOREVER.)

I voted for Melissa Noriega.  I checked her out, as well as the others running, which includes this ding-dong Goldberg, trying to make Houston look like a hick city.  When I went to vote at 2:30, 28 people had voted by 1:30 in my precinct.  It reminded me of when I lived in Midtown — before there were so many condos and patio homes — when so few people lived in that area and I was the 12th or 14th voter.

I’m so lazy that I will add links later.  Also, Dora is worrying me.


Someone gave me a paper copy of the Houston Chronicle today.  The headline?  “His new bully pulpits.”  New?  Tom does the same thing every other person who writes a book does and it’s new?  He’s got a blog.  Wow.  Join the several millions of us who had one before you — especially those who started the whole thing.  He was on teevee.  Wow.  He proved his irrelevance in one appearance on Meet the Press.  He’s got a new book.  Oh, I already said that.  But his book is cool.  Cool title.  Cool writer (not Tom).  Why is this man’s pic on the front of the only paper in the fourth largest city in the USA?  You tell me.

 The title of the book is No Retreat, No Surrender:  One American’s Fight.  (my emphasis 🙂

While I know I’m not pointing out something new, but what? 

First, DeLay, appropriately named, is a card carrying member of the deferment club.  He never served at all.   Second, he is out of office.  Twice neutered.

First, DeLay, appropriately named, used his power as majority leader to postpone ethics charges against him until he ran out of arms to twist.  Second, he stayed in the 2006 primary and then quit.  That’s surrender — twice.

First, DeLay, apprpriately named, announced his blog, then his book.  When pressed, he admitted that he didn’t write his blog posts.  With the by line on the book, he admits he didn’t write his book.  That’s retreat — at least once, which forced him to give credit the second time.

The icing?  Tom DeLay is not a “family values” guy.

I drank too much. Islept with women I wasn’t married to.  I neglected my family.

 I am a conservative.  Wait that last bit was me.  I wonder if any of the women he cheated on his wife with will come forward?

I also wonder about the all important ranking system

In that same vein, it looks like Sparkly is trying to get a toe-hold at another blog.

DeLay is now on Mark Levin’s show telling his story of being a little boy patriot.  That’s nice.  Maybe that’s what made him sceered to volunteer, much less put his name in the lottery for Vietnam.

The professional Levin talks DeLay through his time in congress.  DeLay found Jesus.  He has been walking with Jesus ever since.  What a compelling story.  The eveil Ronny Earl, did it!!!!

Mark Levin is suppline.  We are conservatives — we need to stand up for our friends Israel —

Crap — Levin is a radical —

I wish I could record this.

More on Michael Berry

After Berry’s ‘blame the victim’ week on the radio this past week, I’ve decided to focus on him — as a city councilman.  I’ll listen to his radio show in the mornings and write him emails.

Today, I looked at his web site.  I didn’t click on his real estate links.  His campaign link leads here.  The other leads to the City of Houston site.

My point in this is that because Berry will be out of office as of January ’08, first he can, as a councilman, screw things up for our city, and second, I’m fairly certain he will run for mayor later this year.  For both of those reasons, I think it is important to nail down his stance.

I wrote this email tonight:

Mr. Berry,

I sometimes listen to your radio show, but I was wondering where I could find your position on issues relating to Houston, like mass transit, immigration and city budget issues.

I looked at your website and the links there do not lead to a place online that clearly outlines your positions.

I know you are a conservative and are probably distancing yourself from the Republican party that you have associated with for so many years, but could you please articulate — in writing and in an easily accessible location — your views on topics that are currently important to our city?  I tried listening to your podcasts from KPRC, but most of what you say on the air is simply tossing out topics like red meat for wolves to fight over — like any other radio talk show host.  Your comments regarding the kidnapped boy in Missouri (“maybe he didn’t like his home/parents”) and the woman who died in California in a radio station contest (“her family is greedy”) don’t really tell me much about your position as a governmentofficial.  (They do tell very much about your values and your humanity.)

For example, where do you stand on the METRO rail expansion down Richmond and/or North Main?  Where do you come down on your colleague Chris Baker’s efforts to make sure that even $100K should not be spent on helping people gain legal status?  What is your input as to the police department?  Do you think that the city should foot the bill for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs’ and the Republican party’s folly to the tune of $2 million?

I’m not expecting a personal response.  However, given your position in Houston government, your position on important issues should be clearly accessible somewhere.  One shouldn’t have to guess.

I sent that before I realized that Berry’s wife has been considering running for Shelley’s seat on city council.

Scorecard — Shelley Sekula-Gibbs

Officially, Sekaula-Gibbs is out of “power.”  She worked really hard and made a mark in her 2 weeks — ahem — two months on the job.  She is now 26K richer . . . courtesy our tax dollars.  I don’t put that all on Sekula-Gibbs’ head.  DeLay is by far more responsible.  On top of that, it was DeLay’s staff that stiffed Sekula-Gibbs.  She should be the pitiable one in this sad story.

Here’s a question.  Does your job matter in the whole scheme of things?  Do you produce anything?  Do you make a difference every day you work?  If you answer yes to any of those questions, you have been robbed by Sekula-Gibbs, DeLay and the Republican party.

 I could give you an email address to complain, but the Harris County Republicans are only into sending email, not answering it. 

The Shelley Circus — Award Edition

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs has been named Turkey of the Year by the Houston Press.

The Shelley Circus — Cost Edition

I read this article last week (before I got the idea to track this story) and remembered it after reading that Sekula-Gibbs has actually gotten congress to investigate her former staff. 

According to Mayor White quoted in the article, the special election to replace Sekula-Gibbs on City Council will cost Houstonians about $2 mil.  I wonder if Mayor White can get the Republican parties of the four counties of CD22 to chip in on the bill.  I doubt it (especially since the Harris County Republicans didn’t follow through with the $1K worth of day-after-election-day flu shots).

Also, Sekula-Gibbs is making about $13K a month while in DC.  I don’t know if she’s earning it or not.  I haven’t found a source yet, but I bet her requested investigation will cost a pretty penny.

One last thought — in all of her ambitious legislative goals — there isn’t one word about the war in Iraq, Veterans Affairs or ethics.  At least her priorities are clear.

Shelley Has Success (already!)

She voted on the floor.

She pushed for money. (Ellington and NASA)

She’s called for an investigation.

She’s a meanie to her staff.  They cut and run.  Babies.

The Dematologist isn’t as scary as the Dentist, right?

(I don’t know if you will get the same vid — I got an — EGAD –Jan Glenn plus.  Looks like the Shelley vid isn’t there anymore.)

The Shelley Circus

Per Channel 11 News at 10 — Shelley has called on Congress to investigate the staff who walked out this week (because she’s a meanie) for destroying documents.  They also included an incident I hadn’t heard about — it seems Shelley had some trouble with the rules in giving her first speech.  I’m sure her staff were happy about that.

You gotta give her this though — she’s making the most of her 49 days and counting.

The Shelley Sekula-Gibbs Circus

I’ve decided to make this a little series about Shelley’s most excellent adventure as an approximately two month Congressperson.

About an hour ago I heard that half of Shelley’s staff in DC and two in Sugarland walked out today.  The report — I heard it on KPRC — stated that they were Tom DeLay’s former staff and their reason for quitting was that Shelly is impossible to work with.

A while back, a dear friend of mine said that Shelley simply seemed out of her league in politics.  He was right.  And while this Shelley circus is fun for me (she’s not my rep.), I truly feel for the people of TX CD 22.  At least they have competent representation in Lampson to look forward to.

I’ll see if I can find an article about this to link to.