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Today and Tomorrow

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.  There are some who want to stir up shit on this day, but truth be told, it’s nonsense.  I’ve only ever run into one person from Mexico who was pissy about demographics.  And I work with more people from Mexico than the average person.  So that means I KNOW.  Take that.

I was off today.  While listening to lies all day, I cleaned the backyard and “dressed” my hanging tomato plants.  I also found spots for my remaining cucumber and sunflower plants.

I thought about what it means to be a Texan.  I was born here and have lived here all but a year and a half of my life.  When I was a little girl, my family went to the San Jacinto Monument for picnics and to remember.  While the rest of my family is totally wing nutty, I’m not.  I love my city and my state.  While I was overseas, I always said I was from Texas.  It just where you are from.  It’s what pissed (and still does) off so many people from here to have George W. Bush claim to be a native son.  He wasn’t.  It still pisses me off that Barbara Bush lives here and can say nasty things that reflect poorly on us.  It pisses me off the Perry is still the governor.

(Let’s just see if Michael Berry really reads this:  Michael, how does it feel to say the N word on the air?)

Tomorrow is Earth Day.  As I said earlier, I will plant some seedlings.  I hope to also get the peppers and carrots into new planters — not sure if that will happen.  I need to plant the oregano and parsley. . .in other words, every day is Earth Day around here.

And while I’m at it, no one has ever died working on a solar panel — nor have any birds or other animals.  What was that CRAZY Carter guy onto when he put solar panels on the White House.  Have you ever wondered why you can’t afford to get solar panels on your house?  Especially ones that send energy back to the company you pay a ridiculous amount of money to for energy?  Could Chris Baker or Michael Berry address that for once?

The answer is no.  It wouldn’t make for good radio.  Good radio is sound effects, fart noises, silly parody songs and banging on BLACK PEOPLE especially the President.  That’s what makes good radio.

Oh, and how many times a white guy can say nigger on the radio.  That’s the most important part of good radio.


Doing Michael Berry’s Job for Him

Last week, Michael Berry of local radio’s Clear Channel stations, stated that he doesn’t work on the weekends.  While it’s always been obvious, it was more so this weekend.

Berry’s sniffling host when the Astos aren’t playing/after the game for 2 or fewer hours on Sundays, Lores Rizcalla, isn’t familiar with her local co-workers, specifically Chris Tritico, who does what she does, but on Saturdays, and who has also been with the station for a lot longer than she has.  I see this as a failure of management.  Seriously, Berry should spend less time trying to get me to go out to lunch with him and more time on introducing his talent to each other.

Today Lores actually agreed with a caller complaining about Tritico being a Democrat and advising that listeners should just turn their radios off when he comes on.  Michael?  Hello?  I don’t blame Lores.  She can’t be expected to familiarize herself with the programming of the station she works for.  Seriously, it’s too much to ask her to follow baseball on Sundays so she might know if a game gets rained out and she might need to come in.  I lay the blame for that at Michael Berry’s feet.  As we all know, an employee’s failure is a reflection on management.

But never fear!  I have alerted Michael to the problem, and I assure you, he will remedy it.

Now, what he will do about the person choosing the bumper music for Lores is quite another matter.  Today that person chose the American Idol elimination song to end Lores’ show.


Random Thoughts

I don’t have the mental space to think about much more than work and the sick kittens here at home, but I have tried to keep up with things going on.

First of all, while early voting is going on, I’m thinking I will actually wait until the primaries to vote.   While I agree for the most part with the Harris County Tejano Democrats, I’m having some doubts about Sheila Jackson Lee.  Roberto thinks I am crazy, but I’m leaning toward Jarvis Johnson.  I haven’t quite made up my mind.  For all of the judicial races, I’ve pretty much made up my mind.

Which leads me to Micheal Berry.  His stations are clearly making a killing off of the ad dollars flowing in over the governor’s race, as well as the lesser known (cared about?) ones.  I imagine him pulling his pants down and swimming in the cash he’s hauling in.  Knowing this, I can only classify his approach to his radio show as clownish, in the tradition of Glenn Beck.  Berry screams and modulates his voice, hoping to snag a few more listeners. I find myself turning him off even when I have the time to listen.  Perhaps his mother likes it, but I just can’t take it much anymore.  It’s not WHAT he says, it’s HOW he says what he does.  Even if I agreed with him, I would turn him off.

Which leads me to Chris Baker.  I’m sure there are some that find him entertaining, but he is way too vindictive.  Today he made his show personal and the person he was attacking fought back.  Good for her.  Back when Baker was on 950 AM, he posted one of my emails to him with my full name.  I forced him to take it down.  Today he threatened to post the emails he was getting from the woman he was attacking.   He’s slimy that way.  You disagree with him: he uses all of his tools to embarrass you — even if you are right.  He’s part of the World Nut Daily/Michelle Malkin personalization of destruction.  I’m sure he has the thought in the back of his mind to make that woman’s life difficult.  It’s what you do when you got nothing.  Seriously, how much does Michael Berry pay Chris Baker to sit on his liposuctioned still fat ass up in Minnesota and pick on a private citizen for ten hours a week?  Probably more than I get paid.

Which brings me to the health care debate.  Michael Berry essentially stated today that he’s got his screw you.  No matter what.  For every reason you could give him, he would find a way to say that HIS TAX DOLLARS should not pay for anyone’s health care.  Personally, I have imagined that any tax dollars he pays goes straight to GWB’s adventure in Iraq.  So why is he bitching?  I’d like my tax dollars to go toward a better health care system — as opposed to killing people.  Perhaps Michael will quit screaming if he takes my advice.  Unfortunately I don’t think he will.

While I will be busy with finals and the requisite running around in circles for the next three days, I hope to get back to posting more often.

I’m almost glad for the continued cold weather.  I’m behind on planting seeds, and this cold spell gives me some breathing room.  I’m not so worried about the outside kittens because they have weathered the worst.  I put clean binkies out in the garage — they are there for the taking.

Lastly, Cisco is all better, Caroline is still a little sick, and Sad Grey & White Kitten is still sneezing, but he’s been eating well, so maybe we will all make it to springtime.

It is my hope.

We Should Thank Mexico

Earlier tonight on the News Hour, there was a report on just how much this H1N1 flu has cost Mexico, both in lives lost and its economy.  Unlike Dan Patrick and his crew at AM700, I am grateful, here in Texas, that the Mexican government took the actions that it did.  Mexico made a great sacrifice — for the world.  As a prominent Mexican said on the News Hour, China didn’t do the same with SARS.  China hid what they knew.  Mexico notified the WHO right away.  It makes what China did to Mexican nationals in China a disgrace.

We got word today that the student who went to the health clinic at our school didn’t have the H1N1 flu. 

I’m afraid Mexico has an uphill climb, whatt with the undo punishment it took here in the U.S. over Spring Break.

Perhaps the Mexico detractors will realize Mexico’s sacrifice and give them the credit they are due.

P.S.  The person on PBS tonight says the same — better and more comprehensively than I have.