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For All of the Crappiness of NBC, They Got This One Right

It was a perfect set up to a beautiful race.  NBC profiled Mohamed Farah and his mate Galen Rupp.  After 25 minutes, the greatest thing in the wold happened:  the training mates went one two.  I was screaming.

I was afraid it wouldn’t happen but it did.

Michael Phelps is a Shark Fan!

I knew that guy had a good soul.  Phelps wants to swim with sharks along with South African Olympian Chad le Clos.  Sharks are one of his favorite animals.

I love sharks.  Swimming with them is on my bucket list.  I use shark awareness as a tool when I teach advanced writing.

I’m so proud of Michael Phelps for his swimming, and now for his views about sharks.

Take that Chinese!


Tonight’s Olympics


Gabby held the lead all the way.  It was great.  Like others before her, she will always be remembered for breaking yet another barrier.  The media still can’t deal with it — I noticed how she was out of so many shots, starting with the initial interview of the girls with Phelps.  Gabby was cut out of the pic.

No matter we’ll see what comes for this remarkable girl and her family.

Next, thankfully after tonight we won’t have to hear anymore about how Ryan Lochte is tired and flubs his swims.  He should enjoy his place of having won 5 medals now, because others will surpass him again, as always.  And did anyone catch his dad on tv?  No wonder he is a prick.  Apple tree all that.

Phelps could put the all time medal race away for as long as his predecessor this year.  I hope he does.

Here comes track and field!

Again, Gabby is the greatest!!!!!!

And sit down and shut up Lochte.