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The New Amazing Race Season

I really like this show and the two hour premier Sunday before last was the best ever.  I particularly liked how the audience could get a better idea of the contestants before they all went racing off to an airport.  By the time the first hour ended, I knew which teams I liked, and by the end of the second hour, I was focusing in on favorites.

The Japanese game show was the best challenge in a long time — because none of the teams knew what was going on at the beginning, and that Phil got to play along a bit.  I always like when Phil is in on the joke.

When they got to Vietnam, one team won me over.  It’s always the ones who take the time to look at and appreciate where they are and how very lucky they are to be there.

This season will go through at least the Thanksgiving holiday, which is good for me.  It will give my family (who are also fans) something other than politics to talk about.

Thanks Amazing Race!


Amazing Race, Episode 2

I really enjoyed the first eposide, so my expectations are pretty high.  We’ll see what happens.

I completely forgot about the Houston Amazing Race, hosted by Uchenta and Joyce and missed it last night.  My mom said it was pretty good.  Hopefully, I will be able to find it online . . .  At any rate, the next episode of that show will be on next Saturday.

Here we go!

The Amazing Race 14

I thought I had recorded it, but for some reason, all I recorded was fuzz.

I’m seriously bummed.

This first leg was much faster paced, and it was easier to follow and get a feel for each team than in past seasons.

I don’t have a favorite yet — but the teams look promising.


I just saw a new Obama commercial on Channel 11 (very good 60 minutes btw — acckk except for that turd drop at the end) and it was awsome!  It was on tax cuts.  I can’t find it online yet.  Plus, Obama brought out the crowds in Colorado today.

Here comes The Amazing Race.  YaY!

The Amazing Race Delayed (again)

Meanwhile — there is a very interesting segment on bull fighting on 60 minutes . . .

Last week’s episode was frustrating.  The luck of the couple from NY is uncanny.  They make major mistakes, end up at the back of the pack, and somehow manage to come in third.  Will that luck last?

I like most of the teams, but I have no favorite yet.

The Amazing Race Delayed

It’s on about 30 minutes late because of the Cowboy’s game.  It’s still too early to get a feel for favorites, but I’m already getting a little turned off by the couple from New York.  I can’t even remember most of the names yet.

The Amazing Race Begins Tonight!

I love this freaking show.  My BS was in physical anthropology with a minor in sociology.  Of course, I had to study a lot of cultural anthropology to get my degree, too.  And even though I didn’t get to go to Barro Colorado or Central Africa to study predation in monkeys, I do use my education every day interacting with my international students.  Which is the long way of saying how this show really appeals to me because of its cultural content.

Of course, I also love the personalities.  The show’s producers always seem to get great people to participate.  (Except that I didn’t really like the ‘family’ version. )  I looked up the teams for this season a while back, and I have my early favorites.

Just a few more minutes!  YaY!

Amazing Race Finale

I haven’t kept up with blogging about this like I had wanted to and now it’s almost over.  (Perhaps it’s because I’ve been so terribly wrong about every episode.)

I want TK and Rachel to win, but I doubt that will happen.  Christina (mostly) and her dad have been on a roll and can seemingly do nothing wrong.  And the previews make it look like Nick makes a big mistake.

But what do I know?

The big girls are ready.


Amazing Race Episode Next

After two weeks off and being so very wrong so far (I blame it on commercials), here goes for this week’s episode:

Something weird happens and grandfather-grandson come in first and it is finally a non-elimination leg — for the HOLIDAYS!  Oh, and current favs Tk and Rachel get tagged.

just sayin’

Amazing Race Week 5

I double checked and the Race is back on at its normal time, so it’s less than an hour away.

To continue with my terrible track record of predictions:  father-daughter — out; brother-sister — first (reluctantly).

I’m guessing that they will go somewhere in Asia but would love to see the next leg be somewhere in South America.

We’ll see!