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Dora Ducks

This morning, Dora and I went to the Buffalo Bayou Walk.  At first, she didn’t get it and was a little scared.  That ended when she took a poop just outside the UHD sustainability garden.

Here’s the pics and vids:

More tomorrow!


Matt Patrick (not his real name) of The 950 Lies and Plagiarizes

At first, Matt Patrick claims that it is a poem that he adapted.   I guess he doesn’t know that “adapting” something without crediting the source is plagiarism.   Later he says, “And then a very special, the night before Thanksgiving poem by yours truly.”

It’s not his poem.  He didn’t write it.

It’s a poem that has been around since 2000.  Yes, it has been passed around, but to claim that one wrote it is stealing.  People lose their jobs over that sort of thing.  Student get kicked out of school for it.  Hell, now the burden of proof is on the student.  Students have to prove through checker sites that they haven’t plagiarized.

But Matt Patrick?   He can claim someone’s writing without any consequence.   Yeah, he “adapted” it.  It’s a lie and thieving nonetheless.

And as an added insult, he revived the “Real American Hero” spot.  I guess he was drunk when everyone realized that it was in bad taste (i.e. during the Iraq war years) to use that jingle.

He was talking about being grateful and about how many people wanted to hear the poem.

He stole that poem and was not grateful enough to give attribution.

Happy Thanksgiving, Matt Patrick.


Competing Priorities

Yes, the election is very important to me,even living here in Texas.  Yesterday the academic students had a”Walk the Vote” event at school.  Let me say that the student body president this year is making himself known.  I don’t know him personally, but he is the first in my 10+ years that I recognize in the halls.

My other focus is a discussion panel that one of my classes will give Monday next.  It will be to all comers on campus.  Earlier this week I was freaking out, but today’s rehearsal was very good.  We have a few more functional hoops to jump through, but overall, we are ready.

My work life is rich (see above, and I haven’t touched on my other classes, which are also good), my home life with the garden, yard and most of all the pets are also quite fulfilling.  I don’t really miss my family.  It’s been really nice these past few months just donating to Heifer International instead of dealing with the competing for attention at my niece’s birthdays.  It’s also been nice not having to listen to the racism that was always a feature of family gatherings.  I’m a happier person by avoiding all of that negativity.

The election is important. I have made it a point to direct nervous nellies to the appropriate sanity sites.  I have also made sure that I don’t have to listen to the one Rmoney guy at work.  He burned several of us a week ago with our boss and has been apologizing since.

But now, work, four-footed ones, and the garden are making me very happy.

I don’t really need those people who claim to be family.