Monthly Archives: June 2012


Each year there is one thing that makes me happy.   This year it is butterflies.

This is the second swallowtail that I have seen emerge from its cocoon.  There have been several swallowtail caterpillars, but I have only found two cocoons.



He’s ready!

I love Joe Biden.

Random Pictures

I have a now crappy old camera, and it’s not changing any time soon, but I can still get some pretty good pictures.  Well, i can get some decent ones.

Here they are:

First Sandwiches with the Red October tomatoes.  I have struggled with tomatoes this year.  Now I am employing a “vacuum and bag” strategy.  We will see if it works.

I have grilled only with pecan wood for a while now.  Here’s how I start it, with a little paper and small branches and leaves.

Same fire later with bigger branches.  I eventually added a couple of larger chunks and cooked potatoes wrapped in foil down under and some burgers and chicken.  This was last weekend.

I now know this odd cucumber is either funky seed or lack of water.  I’ve  resolved the water issue since.

This a a Swallow Tail caterpillar, as is the one at the end.  I’ve had more butterflies this year than dragonflies, which is ok.  I’m glad that I had a nice patch of parsley for them, though this one landed on the lemon tree.

We are going to have a mess of okra this year.  I need to stock up on pickling spices.  Okra is the new cucumber.

A different Swallow Tail caterpillar.  This morning there were about five munching on the parsley.

I feel really good about my garden and somewhat hopeful about the front yard.  The sunflowers are thriving.  I’ve got lots of plants humming along and have the time and energy to keep it going.