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We Stand on Guard for Thee

I’ve got the Canadian National anthem as an earworm again.

In Chile, the death count is going up.  I will give monthly to the Red Cross and Yeli Haiti.

The Olympics are winding down.  The final ceremony is beautiful.  I can see why conservatives hate the whole idea.  I don’t remember, but they probably bellyached about the switch to have the winter and summer games alternate every two years.

Sochi in four years.  London in two.  I really enjoy the games.

We worked hard today and made great progress.  I didn’t document it, but I will try to do so from now on out.  I couldn’t have done it without Roberto.  Many thanks, my bestest of best friends.

Today was a very good day.


I Remember

While today presented many challenges, I managed to listen to a bit of the health care debate online.

I remember when I was just out of high school and trying to both go to college and work.  I had no insurance.

I remember the 1988 presidential race.  My own father, along with the my mom and sister (who all had coverage) couldn’t quite get why I was worried about not having insurance.  (I didn’t until many years later.)

I remember when one of the planks of the Republican platform was no to quotas.  I was thinking about how that hadn’t come up in a whiel when there it was with one of Bill Bennett’s callers this morning.  Bennett ignored it, but yes, it’s still there.

I remember when my family turned Republican.  I remember when they found their home in that party.  We were standing in line to vote in 1980.   They all switched.  I didn’t.  I can’t quite understand why this person can’t understand what happened.  She switched herself.

I remember staying late and making a difference when Jessie Jackson ran in 1988.

I remember all of the shit that has been slung at Obama from day one.

I remember every little petty thing all of those radios hosts have slung at Obama — and all the while they are trying to make every buck they can. (ie Medved and Michael Reagen speaking for a fee — damn they are free on the radio — again in Houston.  At $75 a pop.   RUBES)

I remember the 2000’s.  War and more war.  This one does care.

Twelve were remembered on PBS tonight.  Kathleen has nothing to say.  Only paste.

I still have hope.

Random Thoughts

I don’t have the mental space to think about much more than work and the sick kittens here at home, but I have tried to keep up with things going on.

First of all, while early voting is going on, I’m thinking I will actually wait until the primaries to vote.   While I agree for the most part with the Harris County Tejano Democrats, I’m having some doubts about Sheila Jackson Lee.  Roberto thinks I am crazy, but I’m leaning toward Jarvis Johnson.  I haven’t quite made up my mind.  For all of the judicial races, I’ve pretty much made up my mind.

Which leads me to Micheal Berry.  His stations are clearly making a killing off of the ad dollars flowing in over the governor’s race, as well as the lesser known (cared about?) ones.  I imagine him pulling his pants down and swimming in the cash he’s hauling in.  Knowing this, I can only classify his approach to his radio show as clownish, in the tradition of Glenn Beck.  Berry screams and modulates his voice, hoping to snag a few more listeners. I find myself turning him off even when I have the time to listen.  Perhaps his mother likes it, but I just can’t take it much anymore.  It’s not WHAT he says, it’s HOW he says what he does.  Even if I agreed with him, I would turn him off.

Which leads me to Chris Baker.  I’m sure there are some that find him entertaining, but he is way too vindictive.  Today he made his show personal and the person he was attacking fought back.  Good for her.  Back when Baker was on 950 AM, he posted one of my emails to him with my full name.  I forced him to take it down.  Today he threatened to post the emails he was getting from the woman he was attacking.   He’s slimy that way.  You disagree with him: he uses all of his tools to embarrass you — even if you are right.  He’s part of the World Nut Daily/Michelle Malkin personalization of destruction.  I’m sure he has the thought in the back of his mind to make that woman’s life difficult.  It’s what you do when you got nothing.  Seriously, how much does Michael Berry pay Chris Baker to sit on his liposuctioned still fat ass up in Minnesota and pick on a private citizen for ten hours a week?  Probably more than I get paid.

Which brings me to the health care debate.  Michael Berry essentially stated today that he’s got his screw you.  No matter what.  For every reason you could give him, he would find a way to say that HIS TAX DOLLARS should not pay for anyone’s health care.  Personally, I have imagined that any tax dollars he pays goes straight to GWB’s adventure in Iraq.  So why is he bitching?  I’d like my tax dollars to go toward a better health care system — as opposed to killing people.  Perhaps Michael will quit screaming if he takes my advice.  Unfortunately I don’t think he will.

While I will be busy with finals and the requisite running around in circles for the next three days, I hope to get back to posting more often.

I’m almost glad for the continued cold weather.  I’m behind on planting seeds, and this cold spell gives me some breathing room.  I’m not so worried about the outside kittens because they have weathered the worst.  I put clean binkies out in the garage — they are there for the taking.

Lastly, Cisco is all better, Caroline is still a little sick, and Sad Grey & White Kitten is still sneezing, but he’s been eating well, so maybe we will all make it to springtime.

It is my hope.

In Threes

I don’t really know how to count them.  The three kittens are doing better — at least the two inside — I haven’t seen SG&W kitten today.  I hope he’s not gone.

The DVR/receiver went on the blink, but I got it fixed tonight.  I’ve got a leaky pipe in the attic.  It will hopefully get fixed tomorrow.  I was thinking af what the third thing might be when I remembered that the doorknob got stuck last night.  I was able to fix that, too.

So maybe that was the three.  I sure hope so.

My Babies are Pukie

I’ve got two sick kittens on my hands.  I took one of them, Cisco, into the vet today.  There’s nothing really to be done — their colds just have to run their course.  I’ve got an antibiotic to give the big guy — he’s very difficult to medicate.

Neither one of them seem hungry.  I even tried to microwave some wet food for them tonight, but that didn’t work.

Everything is raining down.  All at one time.

There’s nothing else to do but plug ahead.

I don’t know.  I’ve only felt like escaping — to my bed — with Cisco — and hold him and make sure he knows I want him to be ok.  I worry about my boy.

SG&WK is also affected.  At least he is hungry enough to eat.  I worry about him as well and hope that the other ferals won’t catch his cold. Just watching his body shiver with his convulsions makes me think he might not make it.  He could surprise me.  He has before.  I just want him to make it so I can see him eating a bit of catnip and sleep under the shade of a cucumber plant.

I just wish I could catch him and hold him.  I wish I could show him that I love him.

At least the pups are ok.

Cal Thomas Frightens Small Child, Mother

While Cal Thomas was out shopping on President’s Day (like all good American Patriots), he chatted up a grade schooler and her mother.  You tell me, but if this guy

started talking to my child, I’d do something other than just be polite.

What am I talking about?  Cal Thomas spouts his “thoughts” around 7:22 every morning on KNTH.  This morning he related a story of standing in line at a store and talking to a little girl.  He supposedly asked her who the FIRST president of the United States was and the little girl replied, “OBAMA!”  According to Thomas, he scolded the girl and told her no, it was Washington.  The mother then confused Thomas — still according to him — by stating that, “you learn something every day.”

Thomas wasn’t sure if the mom meant herself or him or the child.   He then bashed “government” schools for good measure.

My first thought was that the little girl probably thought the old geezer asked her who the president was and then was confused by this dottering old man telling her that it was some guy named Washington.


I listen to this network and have always wondered why their readers can’t pronounce the ‘s’ in “news.”

Mostly they are worried about Christians being persecuted, but this weekend they are worrying themselves over the post of ‘Ambassador for Religious Freedom’ not being filled.

I heard the report for that more than once.   Oh, and their talking types are up in arms about Prop 8 in Cali.  It seems that unless you are married, you can’t judge fairly on gay marriage rights.  Or put another way, if you are gay, you can’t be trusted.

I’ve been so busy — so many things have passed me by — next week won’t be much better, but I will try harder.

More posts next week.


Sorry Denzel, Gary

but I just can’t buy the premise.

I was listening to some Janet person on the radio just before going to sleep and remembered a review I read of the movie, “The Book of Eli.”  The whole idea is that there is just one Bible left in this post apocalyptic story.

Janet the radio host was talking to someone who is working on translating the Bible into 1900 languages.  The Book has been published and translated and left in hotel and motel rooms for so long now that it is a bit of a stretch to think that all but one of them could have been destroyed.

Suspension of disbelief is one thing — delusion is quite another.  This movie was heavily advertised on the wingnut station I listen to.  I guess that makes sense in some way.

I love Denzel as an actor.  I don’t care about his personal life.  This is one of his movies I will skip.  Same goes for Gary.  Perhaps because I am in the middle of teaching “I Am Legend” and have recently seen “The Road,”  this little film strikes me as just that . . . little.

Hope you guys made some money for your effort.

Garden: Bed 2

Home Depot had a lot of starter plants on display today.  I haven’t even started mine.  Maybe next weekend.  Here’s the progress made today:

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Recharging for Saturday

It’s been a long and busy week.  We’ve had an outbreak of indoor incontinence, which I can’t figure out — it’s Tammy.  Perhaps it is something I should be alarmed about since she is positive for cancer.  I don’t know.

Tomorrow the plan is to finish the first bed and build the second bed.  After this, I’m out of ideas or plans.  I bought a pomegranate, but learned later that it was the worst breed of that fruit to choose.  I will just go with it.  But where to put it or the lemon tree I managed to save?

I’ll have the camera ready to go and will document each step.

Big Easy was on the news tonight.  I guess his success is a slap in the face to Chris Baker. (Baker was suspended recently for offending the Catholic church.  He’s a good Protestant.)

After struggling with the cameras provided at work to record speeches last Monday, I have decided to just take my own damn camera to work.  It’s what I advocated for.  No pity party, just sayin’.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.