Monthly Archives: July 2011

Allen Wrench

I know how to use one.  My sister struggled with the TV stand until I got there.  After I did, she was slow and almost useless.

I have learned a few things living out here in the wild that she hasn’t, having lived with the parents all these years.

Of course, I set myself back by losing my phone and having to meet them half way.

Tammy got out again and Murphy didn’t.  I think Tammy’s cancer may have made her wild again.  There is no other reason.   I can’t figure out how she gets out.


With the Anthony verdict we heard a lot.

With the debt crisis: crickets.

It’s Just Hot

There is nothing I can do right now but protect the plants I have in the ground.  This drought is hard.  I can imagine what it must be like in the horror that is east Africa at this point.

I admire PBS for not just focusing on the debt ceiling debate.

One of my old students from Mali stopped by today.  I encouraged her to come back to our program.  I hope she does.

I heard today about people who are willing to go into nuclear disasters like what is happening in Japan.

I think that there are bigger problems in the world than just voting to raise the debt ceiling.

What a nothing burger to get all knotted about.  What a waste of time that the Teabaggers have caused.  They are a loud minority and they don’t even have a clear point, but to destroy this nation simply because there is a half black man in office.

If You are Standing Still, You Get Outrun by Events

If her “blood libel” were not enough, then this vainglorious movie should take the cake.

What happened in Norway is not going to go away.

Michael Berry and Kevin Whited are just as guilty of racial fascism.  This guy is their guy.

What Happened in Norway

In all honesty, I thought it was the Kurds, given the PKK.

However, I agree with others on the intertubes that the jumping to conclusions was expected, even known immediately.  I followed a few of them and check my regulars for any posts.

Basically this is what happens:  a)horrible event  b) wingnuts post graphic pictures accusing Muslims c) wingnuts turn out to be wrong.

They don’t care about the dead.  They just want their bloody pictures and an opportunity to condemn an entire faith.

All of them have a dog in this hunt.  It’s a battle of religions.

We would all be better off without any religion.  The competition is killing all of us.

I’ve Been Making Dog Biscuits

Tonight’s is my third or forth batch.  I haven’t yet figured out if it is cost effective, but I will.  One unquantifiable factor is Dora’s enthusiasm while I am putting everything together.  I gave her a little brown sugar, and she scarfed up anything that fell on the floor.

I talked her through the whole thing, too, which I think helps with  her language issues.  (Dora is not a native English speaker.)

The cookies are in the oven now, and Dora is trying to stay awake, sprawled in the middle of the living room floor.   Little does she know that they will have to cool overnight, but I will give her a couple in the morning.  I didn’t have an egg to wash them tonight, but I think they will be ok.

The recipe is here.


She’s sleeping now.