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The End and the Beginning

I’ve come out from the other side of my dental ordeal.  We’ll see tomorrow if it worked out.

As for the garden, there are two things:  the heat and the sweet potatoes.  I have kept the fruit trees watered.  This weekend looks to be milder in temps, so I will buy a wheelbarrow and haul lots of soil amendments in.

I know what I want to grow and I have ordered some seeds.

I also want to work more on cooking.  I want to make a perfect turkey, so I will be the one my family looks to for the turkey.  I want to make some great sweet potato casserole.  I want to make some good borscht with the beets from last winter and next.

And I will bake tons of cookies for pups this winter.  Baking in 105 degree weather just beats us down.  I need new cookie sheets — I have to measure my stove — I found both made in the USA and made in Brazil sheets at the store.  Once I measure, I’ll know which to buy.

And Roberto, just keep bringing your recycle stuff here.  We’ve got room!


He’s a Good Boy

Here’s the First Dog:

I’m not sure how this will work, but hopefully the video will appear?  Here’s the link in case it doesn’t:.

I’ll have to get a good video of another good boy:  Murphy.


He’s a Good Boy

Too Much Time with Ice

I’ve been using ice like there is no tomorrow.  First it was on my surgery location, now it’s on my wrist and finger.  I spilled some hot soup on myself and yeah I have blister burns.

Hopefully the electricity won’t go out.


Easy Decision

Earlier today, I looked at my bills.  I’ve got two little credit card balances out there that I want to pay off ASAP.  One is a Capital One Account, the other is Bank of America.  The interest on the Capital One is higher, so I thought I would pay it off next month.  I have three automatic charges attached to the Bank of America card.

Then I read this.

I’ll pay off the Bank of America balance and then make them work each month to reel me back in, all the while paying off those three little charges — in other words, letting Bank of America finance my charitable givings 🙂

I’ll then pay off CapOne in January.



I’ve been encouraged by the news from Libya.    It looks like the “rebels” are locking things up and there has been another defection.

Soon we may have a new democracy in North Africa.  The people trying to take the country have been working with Europe and NATO.  This could be the change that makes the difference for Africa.

Puppy Cookies

Well, I’m 5 days post-op and feeling well enough to bake some cookies, so here we go!

The recipe is here.

My beloved Magimix:

She was made in France 😉

The ingredients:

The sea salt is from Spain; all the rest is made in the U.S.A.

I picked parsley from the garden.

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Who’s Gonna Be on the Republican’s Senate Committee?

While the Dems have come out with their own, I’m just itching to see who Mitch the waddle picks.  Let’s see:

John McCain

Joe Lieberman

Marco Rubio

That’s my picks.  I mean seriously, Republicans are polling lower than pedophiles at this point.

Update:  All six are white guys.  Damn, I had even given them the benefit of the doubt.  The Republican party is the white guy party, completely.


I’m Freaking Out but Only Just a Little Bit

I have surgery planned for Friday.  I’ll just say that one of my students would be my dream dentist because she has been so kind in encouraging me to think positively and giving me very good advice.  I love my dentist — who is actually more than a dentist.  He knows me and I trust him and if anything goes wrong, there is a hospital right across the street.  I take it as a good sign that I had a really good student, who happened to be a dentist this term.  I wish I could drag her along with me on Friday, but in reality, I am in very good hands.  She just added that extra push, so I’m not writing a “I’m gonna die” post.

I’ll be on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks.  I’m thinking in terms of that and the heat.  I think I’ll pick up some tomato soup in the healthy section of Kroger and then some of those eggs in a carton.  I have to drink a couple of Ensure or Boost for the same time period.  Perhaps I will pick up some of that V8 splash, or just go with frozen apple juice.

I won’t be able to do much but cookies for pups are one thing I will be able to do, after the pain killers run out.  (I figured out I’ve got about 4 to 5 days’ worth.)  Sorting through tubs of papers and cleaning that out will be a good goal, as will be reading the rest of my Dexter novels.  I’ll also get my Netflix together.

I’m freaking out, but only just a little bit.

I don’t think I’m going to die.  This time.

Wish I Could Just Sit on My Ass and Talk

with the little people doing the work for me, for free in some cases.

I have a good job.  Sometimes it is entertaining, like when very young men from other countries come here and think they can get over me like they do their moms.

My department is income producing.  We bring in money from overseas.  It pays my salary through tuition, and it adds to the Texas economy through apartment rentals and furniture rentals and all the food and clothes and stuff they buy with their international money.

Rick Perry just prays and preys on other states to find new ways to make his business slush fund bring low wage jobs here.

I’m better than him.

Michael Berry and Joe PagLIARulo just talk on the radio.  They sit on their asses and talk.  PagLIARulo claims to educate, though his late coming on the red light cameras was a dud.  And Michael Berry now claims that the other stations in Houston are worse than him.

I don’t really wish I could just sit on my ass and talk.

I’d be like them.

I like my job that brings in international money and pays for itself.  It’s a better job than theirs.  And while it pays less, it is more entertaining than either of them are.