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Not So Interesting

Why does anyone care about the Madoffs?

60 Minuntes seems to think the 99% of us who 1) can’t ever dream of tranfering 10 million from one account or another and/or 2) can’t ever imagine making money off of a book about your dad’s nefarious deeds care.

I don’t.  I’m just waiting for The Amazing Race to come on.

I’d tell 60 minutes this very thing, but I don’t want to register for yet another website.  I’ll let the youngsters do that.



Hackers vs. drug dealers.

This looks to be a time when we will see if the power of exposure is greater than the gun.

I’m 100% behind this.  I don’t care if it is fake or not.  Just the idea of a group of internationals getting together and saying no, you will not do this is very powerful.


Good Luck in Your New Life, Little Bit. I Love You.

I let her guide our walk this morning.  It was our last together.  She ignored all of the little friends she has made in her walks — or maybe they were all still sleeping since it was around 7:00 a.m.  We took her normal morning circuit, and then she led me off into the park.  It was full speed ahead until I turned us back toward the house.  Then we slowed way down.  That’s normal for her.

I will always remember that walk.

I will always remember her eating pecans in the backyard while I worked, and the bath I gave her last weekend.  I will always remember finding her on the table eating cat food one night when we were supposed to be watching tv together.

I will always remember how excited and sweet she was when we encountered little kids on our walks.  She wiggled like crazy, but she was always very gentle and gave them kisses.

I will always remember the little wild girl that turned into a perfect (or near perfect) flower of a girl.  Yeah, she liked flowers, too.

She had worn Murphy’s harnie all these weeks.  Luckily, I could make it small enough to fit her.  My last moment with her, I clicked one of Murphy’s old collars around her neck.  It was all I could give to her.  The only thing she might be able to keep.  Something that smelled like us.  It’s the one she’s wearing in this picture.  I hope the guys at the SPCA let her keep it.

Good Luck in Your Life, Little Bit.  I Love You.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!!!!!!1111!1111!

She’s already up on the SPCA website.


Today has been all about that.

Work this past week was brutal.  Next week won’t be much better.

I needed today.  I watered the garden and washed dishes.  Not much else.  The pups and kitten got a lot of attention.

I enjoy taking Little Bit for walks.  It has made me realize that I count on the pups just being happy with the front yard.   Little Bit goes to the SPCA next Saturday.  I have decided to encourage her good behavior and hope that any health problems she might have will be diminished given her glowing personality.  I will let her go, just as I have let the sadness of losing Junebug and Harry and Dot and Fanny go.  Mommy has been here for breakfast the last two days as has the tabby Tom — who isn’t really afraid of me any more.  I will trap that mofo and release him much like I did the other big bad-ass male.

This is a busy time of year.  There’s the garden and fixing the house and the four-footed ones and I need to practice cooking a turkey.  And then there is oil change and gas and cleaning the house.

I need another day.  Or a clone.  Or something

I let her in

knowing that I was just testing her.  She was just perfect.  I plan to take her to the SPCA weekend after next, but letting her come sleep on the couch next to me while I watch teevee worked out very well tonight.


Today in Pups

Little Bit has a cute curly tail.  Tonight I asked Murphy if he could do that with his tail and he told me that was for girls.

After looking into the foster requirements for the place I went to in Saturday and finding them to be as anal as all the other rescue sites, I decided I would go with the SPCA.

It’s rained all day

and it was great.  The pups . . . all of them . . . have been very good.  I am currently filling Tammy and Murphy with their cookie quotient.

Little Bit was laundry girl today.  She definitely didn’t like the dry when it squealed its complete cycle.  The washer only bothered her a bit.  We went out for three walks — always when the rain had let up.  She’s even improved on her crate housekeeping.   By this evening, she wasn’t wet with her own pee (nor was anything else — she managed to pee in a laundry basket earlier).

Murphy danced in the rain yesterday evening and every time I let him out today.  He’s the ultimate all-weather pup, even though he was a bit jealous when he saw me walking her.  He’ll get over it.

I planted beets, onions, carrots, and rutabagas yesterday.  The lettuce I planted last Sat. has already come up.  Perhaps this fall/winter will be better to the garden than this past summer.  It wouldn’t take much.

No More Party Girl

I tried.  Little Bit is now back in the crate with a padlock.

She’s got food, water, a binky, a new chewy (we will have to find her other one that I gave her this afternoon, as well as another bone she hid), and some paper to poop or pee on.

I will become a foster mom for this one place this one time.  I think it will be ok because I have an in, though I hate calling it that.  There are a couple of guys who I have known since they were children who walk dogs for this adoption place on Saturdays.   I will give my Saturdays to this place if they will take me as a foster and give Little Bit a chance.

That’s where I’m at tonight.  That’s where Little Bit is tonight.  I cannot let her in.  I don’t know what might happen.  I cannot let her in the backyard because she barks at the kittens and wants their food.  I cannot leave her to her own devices anymore.  No one else will take her in.  I just can’t bring myself to call the city on her.  I just can’t unless I have tried everything.

All of the poopy babies will think I am paying more attention to her than them.  They will get over it.  Including Caroline at this moment.

Making pup cookies tomorrow will probably help as well.

I Don’t Know What to Do

We have reached a weird equilibrium here at the house.  Tammy and Murphy are out front, Dora is on the sofa and Little Bit is in the Laundry Room.

Everything is quiet.

Dora hasn’t gone out yet, though. She seems to have a huge bladder.  Not a peep from her.  I even checked to make sure she wasn’t dead.

Tammy and Murphy are sleeping outside.  I can see them from the window.

Little Bit hasn’t made the littlest noise since I broke down the crate and just put down a binkie.

What the hell is going on here?

Update:  Dora woke up and went out.  I took Little Bit out for a walk and talked to the neighbors.  The tension is less since little Mike left.  Much less.  That was the best thing to happen to our little neck of the woods.

Murphy and Tammy are more worried about eating their kibbles and getting cookies than the little girl in the laundry room.

Back to something like normal?  Almost.

Escape Bandit

This girl

escaped out of the Laundry room window sometime during the night.  I couldn’t get her back in this morning, but she’s safely inside again tonight — the window closed and the crate latch tied.

I have one sliver of a lead on placing her.  Let’s hope it pans out.  She’s a sweetheart, but she will need some work.