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Christians Acting Like Christians — International Edition

Yes, those who proclaim their Christianity behave similarly, no matter where you find them.  In Egypt, Christians pelt Hilliary with tomatoes and shout the name “Monica.”  It doesn’t even make sense.  Our government is supporting all Egyptians, not just one group.  And how is Monica Hillary’s fault?

Of course, this behavior comes as no surprise.  Our local Christians aren’t much better.

But this behavior comes despite the outreach to the Egyptian Christians.

In the end, it is always the same:  religion is a club — in both ways — one to belong to and one with which to pound others who are not in your club.


Republicans: Still the White People’s Party

If the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor (while lying) Rally was a surprise (!) for it’s lack of melanin (or required sun-screen, or racially taxed Americans), well then here is a poll taken by one of the more respected agencies:

Republicans Remain Disproportionately White and Religious

You don’t say.  I don’t think I needed a poll to tell me that.

About 9 out of 10 Republicans are non-Hispanic whites, and more than half of these are highly religious. That compares with 62% of the Democratic rank-and-file that is white and largely less religious, with blacks and Hispanics making up a much more substantial part of that party’s base.

These results are based on aggregated data from more than 220,000 Americans surveyed from early January through Aug. 15 of this year as part of Gallup Daily tracking.

I saw Donald Trump on Letterman tonight.  He’s really an idiot with money and a teevee show.  Our country is definitely not a meritocracy.  He thinks China produces more than the U.S.  It’s not true and never has been, but the people in the Gallup poll above are steadily helping China move up the producing country ranks by buying all their worthless shit from China.

I found Trump disconcerting.  He would look at one particular camera almost exclusively, giving Letterman the occasional glance, even when they switched to a different camera.  Perhaps he learned to do that at a motivational seminar or thought he was on his own teevee show.  I don’t know.  It was weird.

Later he got into the non-trovercy about the YMMA to be built in NYC.  He walks by the proposed site all the time and sees mothers and fathers and sons and daughters crying.  I tend not to believe that (the walking part).  According to The Donald, we here in the U.S.A. have freedom of religion BUT.

Why the BUT?

Oh, and one other point — I like how Gallup slipped in that “disproportionately.”  I also like that I’m in the proportionate party 🙂

Here We Go! Reparations, Anyone?

I can’t believe Micale Berry didn’t latch onto this for his 950 Man Talk show today (especially after Chris Baker spent 2 hours talking about a Brit chick bagging 1K men).

Here’s the next meme — I thought it would be about the struggle of poor farmers.  NO NO NO NO NO.  It can’t be about that.  It’s about BLACK farmers and Reparations and La Raza and SNCC and every other nonwhite boogy man you can conjure all in one.  From Kathleen McKinley’s Houston Chronicle blog:

We are getting played on the Shirley Sherrod coverage. I did a little research last night and then sat back to watch what was being said about the latest on this case. Fox devoted the opening segment of their 6 o’clock news hour and while I noted Shepard Smith went out of his way to denounce Andrew Breitbart and show Shirley Sherrod as the exact opposite of what the shorter video seemed to imply.

Nightline devoted a segment with fawning coverage of her career as someone who assisted the poor and they didn’t hold back on cracking Fox and Breitbart. This morning they continued with an opening that I tolerated until almost 7:20 with George repeating what had been said last night and then some.

No one mentioned that Shirley Sherrod was a plaintiff in the Pigford vs Glickman case that had sued the USDA and that 1999 settlement has paid out right at $1 billion so far.(1) Nobody has mentioned that Obama allowed the justice department to reopen the 1999 settlement and allow another 73,200 plaintiffs to have a crack at that money that so far has been paid to 16,000 rural southern black farmers (original plaintiff estimate was 3,000.(1) No one mentioned that Obama has already authorized another $1.25 billion be allocated to compensate these new plaintiffs that total four times the number of black rural farmers (est. 27,500) that were identified when the case was filed 1997.(1)

Not a peep was said of the $13 million settlement Mr. and Mrs. Sherrod and their New Communities group received a few days before her July 25, 2009 appointment to her current position by Vilsak.(2) Note that New Communities is solely an enterprise of the Sherrods now as it has not been active for years.

And oh by the way, Mr. Sherrod is Charles Sherrod, a founding member of the Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee which in 1966 had the reliable John Lewis as it’s chairman.(3) Remember John Lewis and his claims about being spit on a called the n-word a few short months ago? After John Lewis was replaced by Stokley Carmichael they renamed themselves the Student National Coordinating Committee and merged with what became the Black Panthers.(4)

Now here’s a kicker. One of the last active chapters of the SNCC/Black Panther group was in San Antonia and had an officer named Mario Salas who went on to assist in building La Raza.(5)

Now all of that may look like a bunch of tangential information until you realize that the original stated goals of the Rural Development Land Network, whose Vice Chair is Shirley Sherrod, was to “resolve to work toward reform of the land ownership patterns in this country”.(6), (7) Kind of sounds like reparations to me.

For the administration and especially Tom Vilsak to say they shot from the hip and over reacted when Obama, Holder and Vilsak have been shoveling money into the burgeoning settlements of a suit brought by Shirley Sherrod defies integrity, honesty and hopefully the law.

Oh my.

Someone please email this information to Michale Berry.  He’s behind the curve.  I can’t do it because he is afraid of me.

Please someone reading this blog send this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT REPARATIONS to Michale Berry.  He was all hot and bothered about this topic when he was on the city council.  He would love to have his conspiracy theories confirmed.

What is this really about?  The USDA treated people differently in the past based on their skin color.  The people were finally able to file suit and win their case in court.  THEY WON.  IN COURT.  And there are some people out there — connected with Fox News and Andrew Brietbart, who think this constitutes reparations.

Fucking idiots.

John Faulk Duct Tape Fetishist and other Republican Oddities

Where to start?  Let’s start with John Faulk.  He’s a good guy, right?  He’s white.  He’s a guy.  That means his campaign will do something like this:

In little type you can read, “paid for by Faulk for Congress Campaign.”

That’s just dandy.  I had another Republican suggest the same about me back in the day.  It must be some sort of movie charged fantasy they all have, like how they all thought 24 was real.  Those white kids are living the dream of duct taping other people.  It’s fun, don’t ya know 😉  Sick is what I call it.

Michael Berry figures out how to find old speeches (poor simpleton learns himself something) and now not only is MLK a Republican, but Barbara Jordan is as well.  Sigh.  Yes he went there.  My guess is that he has never heard of Miles Davis, never heard of the justified anger African Americans have had about their past.  Why would he?  He’s a white man running a white man radio station complaining about non-whites for 4 to 6 hours a day, while making others do his work for him.  He got a vacation out of it didn’t he?  Ride that gravy train Michael!1!!1!1!  In the fall Michael will get lots of money from duct tape John Faulk.  Lots of money.

Republicans, Tea party people, you are making Michael Berry rich.  Do you realize that Michael Berry and Pat Grey and Glenn Beck smashed your tea party point last march?  All of the money you give to John Faulk will go to Michael Berry and Dan Patrick.  The advertising dollars (all of the dollars almost) will go to them.  In a sense, you are voting for them, not your candidate.  And they are all white guy all of the time.

Remember duct tape.

Today and Tomorrow

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.  There are some who want to stir up shit on this day, but truth be told, it’s nonsense.  I’ve only ever run into one person from Mexico who was pissy about demographics.  And I work with more people from Mexico than the average person.  So that means I KNOW.  Take that.

I was off today.  While listening to lies all day, I cleaned the backyard and “dressed” my hanging tomato plants.  I also found spots for my remaining cucumber and sunflower plants.

I thought about what it means to be a Texan.  I was born here and have lived here all but a year and a half of my life.  When I was a little girl, my family went to the San Jacinto Monument for picnics and to remember.  While the rest of my family is totally wing nutty, I’m not.  I love my city and my state.  While I was overseas, I always said I was from Texas.  It just where you are from.  It’s what pissed (and still does) off so many people from here to have George W. Bush claim to be a native son.  He wasn’t.  It still pisses me off that Barbara Bush lives here and can say nasty things that reflect poorly on us.  It pisses me off the Perry is still the governor.

(Let’s just see if Michael Berry really reads this:  Michael, how does it feel to say the N word on the air?)

Tomorrow is Earth Day.  As I said earlier, I will plant some seedlings.  I hope to also get the peppers and carrots into new planters — not sure if that will happen.  I need to plant the oregano and parsley. . .in other words, every day is Earth Day around here.

And while I’m at it, no one has ever died working on a solar panel — nor have any birds or other animals.  What was that CRAZY Carter guy onto when he put solar panels on the White House.  Have you ever wondered why you can’t afford to get solar panels on your house?  Especially ones that send energy back to the company you pay a ridiculous amount of money to for energy?  Could Chris Baker or Michael Berry address that for once?

The answer is no.  It wouldn’t make for good radio.  Good radio is sound effects, fart noises, silly parody songs and banging on BLACK PEOPLE especially the President.  That’s what makes good radio.

Oh, and how many times a white guy can say nigger on the radio.  That’s the most important part of good radio.


I listen to this network and have always wondered why their readers can’t pronounce the ‘s’ in “news.”

Mostly they are worried about Christians being persecuted, but this weekend they are worrying themselves over the post of ‘Ambassador for Religious Freedom’ not being filled.

I heard the report for that more than once.   Oh, and their talking types are up in arms about Prop 8 in Cali.  It seems that unless you are married, you can’t judge fairly on gay marriage rights.  Or put another way, if you are gay, you can’t be trusted.

I’ve been so busy — so many things have passed me by — next week won’t be much better, but I will try harder.

More posts next week.


Another Haiti Post

I remember what Hurricane Ike was like.  It was scary because you knew it was coming.  It was scary because of the wind.  But everyone knew after hours and hours of wind and rain, it would eventually stop.  It was eerie around here when there was no electricity.  At least I knew that my house was still standing afterwards, in the dark.  For two weeks, I had my house and knew it wouldn’t fall down on me — even if the ceiling was crumbling in a couple of places.  I felt safe in my house.

The people in Haiti have no such security.  Either their houses were destroyed or they were unstable — the houses could fall at any moment.  They are by necessity out in the street.  The city was built to accommodate 50K, but 2 mil were living there.  They don’t have electricity.  They don’t have any way to communicate.

I turned off every media that focused on any violence in Haiti earlier today.  The PBS News Hour disappointed me in trying to push that point.  It’s wrong and sensationalizing.  Something Fox News Channel would do — like they did with the president’s stopping deportations.

My hope is that things will get better over the weekend.  There has to be a way for the U.S. military, the Red Cross and the U.N., despite their losses on the ground, to get their operations up and running.

Now for the shame.  Though no one I try to shame will ever admit it, I’ll do it anyway.

First to Kevin WhitedCoward. Nothing on the Houston Haitian community or the earthquake.  As if it never happened.  Less than a month into the new city administration, Kevin is grousing.    Who could have predicted?

And then there is Kathleen.  Remember, she’s all for getting blacks (not Hispanics so much) into the Republican party.  Here are her contributions.  On her Houston Chronicle blog, it seems self promotion and the pasty work is more important than what happened in Haiti.  She finally posted something today — a false equivalence — seriously, Danny Glover vs. Pat Robertson?  But she adds this diddy that she claims she can’t get out of her head:

The devil went down to Hait, he was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind ‘cos he was way behind: he was willin’ to make a deal.
When he came across this young man talkin’ to a frenchi who was all hot.
And the devil jumped upon a palm stump and said: “Boy let me tell you what:
“I bet you didn’t know it, but I own the frenchies too.
“And if you’d care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you.
“Now you have pretty good island, boy, but give the devil his due:
“I bet freeing you from the french against your soul, ‘cos I think I can make it better for you.”
The boy said: “My name’s Jean-Bertrand and it might be a sin,
“But I’ll take your bet, your gonna regret, ‘cos we’re the best island that’s ever been.”

Where the hell did she get that from?  I can’t find it anywhere.  Is there some email making the rounds?  Sorry, but that’s the most racist thing I’ve read in a while.

(shakes head)

She finishes with this:

Danny, Pat? I’ve got a newsflash for you guys. Satan didn’t do this and gobal (sic) warming didn’t do this. This is called nature. So get over your stupid theories.

I don’t get it.

It seems fairly straight forward to me.  There is a Haitian community in Greater Houston.  The earthquake is a big deal.  Perhaps these Republicans got burned during Katrina and can’t seem to bring themselves to even look at what happened in Haiti.

It will take a lot of work by people with more expertise than me to get Haiti together and healthy and safe.  Is there so much going on that Kevin and Kathleen can’t even suggest a place to give on their very influential blogs?

True Colors

I wrote to Michael Berry tonight.  Sometimes he gets a little antsy about whether or not I will copy and paste something from his emails to me on this blog.  I never have and never will.  Not even his drunk emails.

(OMG the Republican debate on the teevee is already really bad.  Perry’s already whipped out a “you betcha” and MILITARY MILITARY MILITARY!  YOU GOT THAT?)


Michael Berry is setting himself and his radio stations apart.  I never thought I would hear what I have the past two days on the air at any time, but yes, I did.

(WHAT?  Kay pulls out ACORN.  “Scaring people to death.”  Good grief.)

(Medina is on the MILITARY bandwagon.  She’s not really ready for prime time.)

Well, I didn’t mean for this to be a live blog of the debate, so I’ll stop.

Back to KTRH and KPRC and Michael Berry.  This is what I sent to Berry earlier tonight:

Who’s the worst?


It’s difficult to judge who has been the worst:  you, Limbaugh or Baker.

And that’s with Baker having been off the air in Houston (though not in Minneapolis as I understand it) for the last two days.

It’s not for me to tell you when you and your talent are on the wrong side of something, but I will anyway.  The way you treated that caller yesterday was despicable and replaying it today was simply blind vanity on your part.  Trust me, that clip is not flattering.

Limbaugh has bigger names than me judging him, but he is on your station and reflects on you.

Baker’s been melting down on a regular basis lately.  He can’t even rationally talk about the weather, much less immigration or our president.

I remember the little stunt you pulled when Ike hit.  Do you think I am the only one who does?  I remember your bragging about having MREs just after Ike.  And  you needed them why?  Or were you being fast and loose with the truth?

But hey, don’t let me stop you from giving your limited listening audience the opportunity to show their true colors.  I would say it’s refreshing, but I’ve lived with your listeners my whole life.  The only difference now is that they feel free, as do you, Limbaugh and Baker, to express their base opinions over the airwaves.


And speaking of Chris Baker — my goodness — he got into a pickle with the Catholics in his audience.

(Sorry — the debate is hilarious!)

Baker has been off the air for the last two days.  I finally heard why.  Listen to the podcast from 1/12/10 at the 9 minute mark.  I haven’t listened to what he said on Monday (1/11), but there’s enough info to speculate.  I’ll listen to it tomorrow.

(HOLY SHIT.  This debate is hilarious and SCARY at the same time.  Holy crap.)

While Baker’s producer has been covering for him the past two days, Baker has been on the air in Minneapolis the past two mornings.  Lying is sort of difficult to do in the age of the internets.  Perhaps Baker was taken off the air because he couldn’t toe the line Michael Berry had charted wrt Haiti.  Just look at his Minneapolis “blog.”

Berry also gets money from having Limbaugh on his radio station.  Here’s what Limbaugh has had to say since the earthquake in Haiti.

Oh, hell.  This debate is distracting.

My point is that Clear Channel here in Houston has gotten on the wrong side of the Haiti disaster.  While they want people not to donate to Haiti, it won’t work.  And when Haiti is doing better — as I have faith it will — they will hope that people forget how they behaved — I will remember.

I remember Michael Berry getting drunk and not being able to find his car.  I remember the shenanigans he pulled around Hurricane Ike.  I remember how Chris Baker asked a Homeland Security official whether he and his friends could go down and shoot people at the border.  I remember how I punked Michael Berry.  Even if Berry deletes all of it, I will remember — and remind you guys.

Final word, Limbaugh, Berry and Baker have all shown their true colors this week.

More Missionaries

Cal Thomas was on my radio this morning begging for money.  He says that he knows times are tough, but please give him some money anyway.  Just think of him as the missionary to the media.

Many years ago, I went to Latvia to teach English.  I got a job with a nonprofit.  I bought all of my own supplies and even took a good number of supplies to leave with the teachers there.  While I was there, I took my meager resources and bought class sets of books for the little school where I taught.  Computer access was limited and the school I worked at had no copier.  I was fortunate enough to be able to use other nonprofits’ computers and paid for copies I made for students myself.  I worked two other jobs in addition to my nonprofit job in order to pay for all of this.  I went into debt.  I never asked another person for money — ever.

After I came back, one of my brother’s friends from junior high and high school decided he wanted to be a missionary.  He sent everyone he knew letters begging for them to give him money for a missionary trip to — get this — Prague.  He needed a computer.   He needed a car.  He needed a nice place to stay.  He needed clothes.  All so he could go to Prague.

I guess he got enough money to get by.  After he returned from Prague, he went to work for Tom Craddick.  And that’s one way the missionary wheel turns.  I’m sure there are others.

One example could be the Saturday revelation that the Christians have decided that someone can’t be mayor of our city because she is a lesbian.  They worry about “the gays” taking over city hall.”  I am so very tired of these people.  Never mind that Annice Parker has a track record with our city of service — very good service.  And never mind that these same people failed to support their candidate during the regular election (they trashed their candidate instead the day after).

I’m no missionary, but I think you guys are doing it wrong.