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More Olympics

I watched the men’s marathon.  I’m not a big fan, but it was interesting.

Just now the American women’s 4×400 relay came from behind and won.  Great race.

The men’s race is up next.  Of course, there is much more build up for the men’s race.  What about the dynamics?  What about the rivalries?????  Nothing like that for the women.  No need.

ZOMG none of the women put their hands on their hearts.  This will be remembered for all of humanity.

Oh, yeah the men won too.  Let’s see what they do.


More Volleyball

I’m watching the men’s beach volleyball match, the team that lost to Latvia (the broadcast I missed).  They ar playing the team that beat Latvia.  The color announcers are so funny, so partisan, so excusing.  For example, they just called a double contact move great, until well it was called a double contact.

The announcers have been calling the Argentines’ strategy wimpy because THE AMERICANS ARE HUGE.

The Argentines are so smart they are stupid now . . . .according to the ‘coach’ announcer.

It’s over now, but that color play by play was one of the worst.  Excuses for why they lost to Latvia, but praise for why they beat the Argentinians.   Very lame.  It reminds me of people who SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!!! even when the troops kill civilians.

Latvia can still screw them, so there.  But according to the announcers, the Americans are big and the competition is little.  Gees.  Haven’t either of them figured out that George’s approval rating is nearing zero?

About Volleyball

The men’s team is on now live, playing Venezuela.  Today, an American was killed, and his wife was seriously injured by a Chinese man who then killed himself.  Random violence at its worst.  Their coach is not there, but they play on. 

It’s a good game so far, 7/6 USA.

The reporters seem to be trying to make something more of this.  Why question the reason for the players staying at the practice site, why worry about finding some difference between what players say and what offical reps say?  That’s just not justified in any way.

Is this the way NBC covers the Olypmpics this time?  Can’t they just leave it alone and let us enjoy the sports?  Isn’t that what everyone sees as a way to pay tribute?  I doubt it.  They’ve got to hype everything.  Seriously, why should volleyball players be fact-checked?  Wouldn’t their fact-checking time be better served elsewhere?

Now it’s 22/16.  They are playing well.  In tribute.

Seriously, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of any of these serves.   I admire anyone who can put them into play.  That last ace by the American was amazing.

USA won the first game.  Did I mention that they are playing with a different kind of ball?   The fakes are great.

USA on top in the second game.

HAHA McCain’s factually inaccurate attack ad on Obama is followed by a Rogaine ad and then a Hilton Family ad.  FAIL=McCain.

Horning in on the Olympics

Will there be a Bush at every event that an American is projected to win a medal?  It’s already happened twice.  Earlier today, Americans swept in Fencing and guess who was there on my teevee?  Poppy Bush.  Tonight, Michael Phelps got his first gold so far and who was there?  George W., Laura and not-Jenna.  NBC showed them no less than three times.   And for a bonus, George W. showed up for beach volleyball.  Surprise, surprise.

Earlier, I watched Team USA indoor volleyball against Japan.  It was a great match, much closer than expected.  I also watched women’s beach volleyball two different times (both USA teams).  I played volleyball in school, so I really enjoyed it.  There’s more men’s gymnastics on now.  I watched some of it earlier.  Two WOW moments — one was a Russian-American on the pommel horse and the other was a Japanese guy on the high bar.   And a Chinese guy just did some gravity-defying moves the rings.  Amazing.  And another!  WOW jsut WOW.  I’m going to have to get better at catching these athletes’ names if I am going to blog about this!

As a last note, I’ve seen both Obama’s and McCain’s commercials.  Obama’s commercials are on issues and his policies on them.  McCain’s are mostly factually inaccurate attacks on Obama.  But I didn’t expect anything different.