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More Garden

I waited too late to photograph the okra blooms.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Here are some more pics:

Moon flowers remind me of my dad.  He hated his time in the military and would probably be troubled by my mom’s military gungho of late.

Pretty flower, though. Continue reading


Perhaps this is a language problem

Reuters:  Israel Navy commandos:  Gaza flotilla activists tried to lynch us

I read the entire article and have read other articles and blogs and nothing, nothing that happened on that boat approached lynching.

A less charitable view is that the IDF chose the most offensive and pejorative words to describe the actions of the people on the ship.  The Israeli government is known for blaming their victims and never ever admitting fault.

Turkey can use its membership in NATO to try to address this and I hope they do.  I hope President Obama chooses to use this in a positive way to get the two-state talks back on track.  Israel should be punished, just like other states are punished we they act recklessly.  Either that, or we can just go ahead and put them in the same category as Burma and North Korea.

Perhaps we can resolve this once and for all.   Perhaps, now that Israel has deployed nuclear subs in the Persian Gulf, we can force them to allow inspections.  Israel doesn’t deserve special treatment.

Some sanity from Israel is here.

White Guy Radio

Lores is gone.   Now the only female is Lana in the morning.



I actually feel a little sorry for Michael Berry.   He lost part of his job recently.  He should probably look for another one.  Quitting is in his history.   Quitting would work now.

My theory about BP

They don’t care.  They don’t even care about the U.S. government.  They don’t care about any government.  They make enough money to pay anyone anything and still have enough to make their shareholders wealthy.

They don’t care about their workers.

They are just going through the motions trying to cap the well that broke.  It will be until August or later, when BP has drilled to get the oil they want.  That’s when everything will stop spewing.

They don’t care about Bobby Jindal.  They don’t care about Barack Obama.  They don’t care about anyone but themselves and their shareholders.  And they have many friends.  Friends who fail to remember that the friendship only goes one way.  All of the 24/7 criticism of Obama deflects criticism of BP.  Believe me, BP likes that.  How does it feel to be in bed with killers?

I wonder how all of the pundits feel about being in the pocket of BP.  Some of them may like it and feel well lubricated.   Some don’t even know they are there.

This “hole in the ocean” will keep blowing oil and natural gas and everything else, until BP has a way to make money off of it.

BP’s marketing is a wondrous thing.

More people died in Texas City.

Hoping for Rain

The sky was red this evening, as it was on Friday when we got a few welcome drops from the sky.

The moon plants have had a bloom each night since Friday.  More blooms are just about ready, so feeding the beneficial night feeders should kick into gear.

The stink bugs have arrived in force.  I squashed four of them on the resurgent beans today.

I cleaned out a whole lot of vegetative nonflowering filler plant on the west side of the backyard.  It survived the freeze (surprise! since it is ugly) and has been choking out the more pleasing elephant ears.

(Thunder is booming and Dora is underfoot.  Tam and Murph are fine with this, having not caught the “be afraid” bug that Dora did — because she is older and interacted with Buddy, my old dog most afraid of storms — with good reason I might add.)

Harry was very interested in everything elephant ear today and took a nap amongst them.  June worked hard at finding cool spots to sleep most of the day.  Every time I picked her up, she was more than happy to just stay in my arms.

I cleared enough space for another bed.  It’s under the pecan tree, so I might use it to start seedlings, though I do want to give the okra a bed of their own.  The cucumbers have tried their best to strangle the three okra in their bed, but today I saw the first hints of blooms to come.   And since my summer squash is struggling, I want to put maybe two more in.

There’s always something to do.

This and That

I may have killed my jigsaw by cutting up very old boards for heavy trash.  I may try it tomorrow to confirm it.  I may write of the death of a very good friend, or not, depending on the outcome.

Speaking of heavy trash, I got a lot of it out into the ditch last night.  Roberto helped me with the rest this afternoon.  The yard is already cleaner.

Today was mostly a family day.  My niece had her first communion.  We got her a First Communion Bible and as she is just learning to read, she did pretty well at reading the inscription.  She always recognizes R’s name.  He was the giver of the infamous rabbit, after all.  And I have told her that he is a writer, and so she had to read what she had written in her fill in yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that we got her for Christmas.

I won’t go into the details, but just when did First Communion turn into a day to give the kids money?  That’s what it devolved into today.

I know the answer, though I would like to hear how this day goes differently.

For R, this is a long path that has one more destination.  I thank him for dealing and for being such a good sport.  That he is the only ally I have is made clear on days like these.  Thank you.  When the littlest one has her day, we will rejoice.  She is my goddaughter.  I wish I would have been asked for the middle one, but perhaps her mom knew (being a middle child herself) that I would always rally to her defense.

For my goddaughter, I would do anything.  I love her and she knows it.

Back home, we finished the heavy trash and I searched for a way to avoid buying Chinese wrt my pond.  It may be more difficult than I thought, but I will keep looking.

Here’s What Michael Berry Should Do:

Michael Berry has gotten himself into some hot water.  It seems he let a caller get the best of him, and then went off and “expressed” the hope that the mosque to be built in Manhattan would be blown up.  CAIR filed a complaint with the FCC.

Well, I know what Berry and Clear Channel should do.  They have recently juggled the lineups at both KTRH and KPRC all to get Berry on the air more because his time was getting taken up by Astros games and pregame and post-game shows.   They took Dave Ramsey off of KPRC completely, moved Retarded Chris Baker to 1 to 3 and put Berry in the 3-5 slot.  (Earlier in the baseball season, Berry was on KPRC at 5 — preempting the odious Michael Savage, but you know the haters complained — Michael Berry is NOT bigger than Michael Savage — and thus the most recent shake up in the schedule.)

All the stations need to do is go back to the line-up both stations had at the beginning of the baseball season.  Let Berry get preempted by baseball almost all of the time.  The short “hour”  (it’s not that much time, given all of the commercials) Berry would be allowed would restrict the possibility of his losing it again.  And then both Michael Savage AND Dave Ramsey fans will be happy.  And the stations will be out of hot water.

Let’s face it, Chris Baker has been sent into timeout recently because of his hateful remarks about the Pope, and it was only a matter of time before Berry really stepped in it.  (I wonder if Clear Channel has some sort of insurance for this type of situation — it would make sense.)

The schedule changes were a mistake.

UPDATE!!!!!  Michael Berry wrote an essay!

Another Evening in the Garden

I sifted more of the dirt piles and planted the rest of the hot peppers.  The squash are hanging in there — even the one I thought would be dead by now.

I’ve decided I need a bug book with lots of pictures.  I don’t know what this is, but it sure is cool:

At first, I thought it was a dead leaf stuck on my trellis.  But that’s the point, right?

Pretty impressive, yes?  I looked at it for a long while.  I don’t know if it is friend or foe, but it doesn’t matter.  I’m not messing with it.  No way.

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Imagine a child in a pool of poop, flailing his arms

That’s what you would get from today’s Michael Berry installment.

One caller called him out not only about his bravado with guns and his lack of military service (where such bravado might count) as well as his shooting blanks as far as sperm goes.

While Michael might score some points locally with his pants down criticism of Bill White, he forgets that he is a flawed messenger.  His short, though colorful, tour as a politician is one reason not to trust him, as is his flippant disregard of the law.  He can’t even be bothered to keep his law license up.  He drunkenly lost his SUV and called HPD to find it for him — having claimed that it was stolen, along with a fake fight about it, just to find out that he couldn’t navigate his way to it.  He hated fund raising, unless he could get a guy to go into the bathroom with him and LBJ him out of his money.  And if you decide that protesting on overpasses is the way to go, Michael Berry got himself on teevee to get you to stop it — while he was part of the government.

Berry thinks that he has the one thing that will sink Bill White as governor.

He’s wrong.

Throwing your arms up in the air and mocking people is not going to work.  Sabotaging the opponent like he did in the Republican primary is not going to work this time.

Michael, you are making a fool of yourself.  Keep it up!

I have more, Michael.

Garden News

Put in another bed with Roberto’s help.  The hot peppers and a few onions now have a home.

The squash vines are recovering — slowly.  I bought some kelp liquid fertilizer today and gave them and the tomatoes a big drink.

The first cucumber was tasty and there are others lurking under the broad leaves of their mother plants.  The step child cucumber plants are making the best of it.  At least I have remembered to water them.  We’ll see what they do.

I expect to have blooms from the six foot plus tall sunflowers that I planted along the sidewalk.  Perhaps they will be ready to bloom in a week or so.  I really need to take pictures of them.

With the new bed, I am inspired to move on and get the last little bit of the yard tamed.  I stopped by Lowes tonight, but worked until after 8:00 in the yard.  It feels good.

Maybe the moon plants will bloom this week.  It could happen.