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Focusing on the Negative

I find that I focus on the negative.   My strongest memories are all negative.  I want to change that.  Perhaps it is here on wordpress that I do.

Tonight, I felt again the sorrow of Murphy growing up, but what I cherish is his joy in living.  I took him and Tammy out in the front yard and watered the sunflowers and then played with him with the water, like we used to.  He was game.  When I die, I want to think about, see, Murphy playing, biting, and running after the water spraying from the hose.

I have no children for a reason.  I can’t nor couldn’t ever bring someone into this world where it is so hard to find something that is not negative.

I assume everyone gets a mailer that states how much you earned over your working life.  Mine is pretty sad.  Had I had a child, I’m sure I would have spent my early life like someone I worked with.  She was white, had three kids, different dads, and she slept in the office where she worked, with her kids.

As I have documented before, white Americans take advantage of the welfare system in far greater numbers than any other race does.

It doesn’t matter what the numbers tell us.  The prevailing opinion is that non-whites take advantage of our safety net more than “whites do.  It’s just false.  There is no other way to say it.  IT IS JUST FALSE.

In my life, there have been ups and downs.  I hate that I always come back to the downs.  I will try to focus on the ups — like tonight with Murphy.  Perhaps I can find a way to post positives at least once a day here.


Sad and very proud at the same time

It’s a sad time in our country.  Some clever marketing people have made enough noise to make our President ask for a special dispensation in order to release a document that  has been rendered useless due to the PATRIOT Act, just to prove he is an American.

When I heard what our president had to say about it, I felt that he had made the best of a very bad situation.  It was bad because we all know that, just as Obama said, there will be doubters.  And Joe PagLIARulo and Michael Berry kept up their doubt and that of their audience.

Today was an interesting day.  My boss is a liberal racist.  I know they aren’t supposed to exist, but they do.  Today she got a good belly laugh out of my joke involving the color of the keypads that are available on a Smartboard — suffice to say that I made a joke about the black and white colors of the keypads available from the Smartboard and Microsoft Word.  Little did she know that I told the person she she assumed was the butt of my joke that I learned from a visually impaired student that black background with white letter was easier for her to read.  Later, I had to suggest that students calling us masters might be a bit much.

Currently, in my mind, our best teachers are our non-white males.  They aren’t interested in the points the get to increase their salary.  They just want to teach.

It’s funny, not in a HA HA way, that the people who are best at teaching our students are the ones that get pointed out and criticized by white people who can’t understand why calling your teacher “Master” might be problematic.

All I can do is sigh.

I’m not African-American.  I’m not black.  I’m not even brown.   I’m just a pure whitebread girl who grew up with people who made it a point to point out how different people were based on the color of their skin and resented anything that took away from their white privilege — especially their boy children.

What Michael Berry doesn’t understand is that his son is not starting from the same place as the African-Americans that he mocks.   Michael Berry mocks certain people for a reason, and it is political.  His adoption was political as well. Nandy is in on this.  There is no doubt.

Remember that Michael blamed her for delinquent tax checks that he claimed she signed but he did.   If he lied about his wife, either she thinks it is ok or he jammed her up.  Given that Michael Berry and Nandy thought about her running for his City Counsel spot.. .

Liar, just like PagLIARulo.

Day in and day out.


It’s what I wished for when I blew out the candle.  My sister and nieces did an end run around me and celebrated my birthday early on this Easter Sunday.

We had the second shift this year — meaning that the girls and their parents had lunch with the in-laws.  I missed the making of the deviled eggs, but came along soon enough to suggest a little bit of dill pickle juice.

I cleaned out the carrot bed and picked some lettuce.    I also picked the lonely radishes.  My brother claims to have a squash, I have none.  I did make beets and a salad solely from the garden.  Talk doesn’t walk this Easter.

There is always too much food and too many eggs.

It was a very good Easter.

How Many Times Will Kelly Siegler get on TV?

She infamously claimed that the DA’s responsibility was to convict criminals.  We now know that the wingnuts like Joe PagLIARulo and Michael Berry agree with her.  But that is not how it works.

I don’t know how much money Kelly will be able to milk out of CBS for all of the bad convictions she got while in the DA here in Harris County.  It seems wrong.  I know that she and her husband need to make money since they both got kicked out of their jobs for being racists and over-zealous in their prosecutions of non white male unsubs.

My guess is that she will be on tv for a very long time as the Innocence Project moves along.

Gov. Perry Co-opts Easter

Yet another turd to add to the embarrassment that the GOP has brought to my fine state.   Perry issues a proclamation: “Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas.”

So, I’ll watch for pagan rain dances and armadillo sacrifices until the Gulf Stream or the Atlantic Ocean decides to move some water-laden clouds to our state.

I am not going to “pray for rain.”  It’s pointless.

Is there something more substantive that Perry could do?  Probably.  It’s not like this hasn’t happened before.

I’m thinking that this is just more punishment for electing Perry over and over again.

The Sad News Continues for Michael Berry

I listened to Glenn Beck.  (Why?  Because I CAN!!!!!!!)  He sent a shout out to Michael Berry’s ridiculous boycott and Berry Brigade gnat annoyance of NYC and Chuck Schumer.  The only thing is that Beck mentioned Joe PagLIARulo, as if PagLIARulo was part of it.  He’s NOT.  PagLIARulo has said that the boycott is STUPID.

And while we are on the subject . . . what an idiotic whine fest the Right is having here about the Shuttle.  The reason we didn’t get a Shuttle is BECAUSE NO ONE HERE GOES TO SPACE CENTER HOUSTON EXCEPT SCHOOL CHILDREN.  Idiots here can’t even be bothered to do what is necessary for the bid and Space Center Houston’s attendance is low because people here don’t go there.   Visitors for the most part can’t be bothered with navigating all the way down there to visit either.

I’ve been to Space Center Houston many times.  I don’t want to go on a little trolley ride that tells me how great GW Bush is, which it does.  I don’t want to go to a place where when you get off the trolley to LOOK AT AN EXHIBIT (the whole point), you can’t get back to the main center because other yahoos WON’T get off the trolley to LOOK AT THE EXHIBIT and so you get stranded for hours.

This was about who could exhibit the Shuttles to as many people in the most attractive way as possible.  The people responsible for this in Houston SAT ON THEIR HANDS FOR TWO WHOLE YEARS.   But Michael Berry and other idiots are yelling at NYC, shaking their fists in this dry air here in Houston while things are literally burning up around the state.

Way to go Michael Berry.  No wonder you didn’t even make the top 250.

Sad News for Michael Berry (I’m Laughing Inside)

Poor Michael Berry.  He’s got more Facebook friends than Joe PagLIARulo, he’s been on the air here in Houston longer, and he’s expanded to Portland, Baton Rouge and San Antonio, but Joe PagLIARulo has bested him in the worst possible way:  PagLIARulo made Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” this year and Michael Berry didn’t.  Hell, even Chris Baker made Talkers top 250.  Michael Berry is nowhere to be found.  (Joe PagLIARulo also made a suspiciously similar list at another outfit — both have the exact same disclaimer.  Smells like wingnut wellfare to me.)

I remember when Michael Berry was crying about how many people were worrying over Joel Osteen’s wife throwing a fit on an airplane while talking about the same for three hours.

That was before Joe PagLIARulo was even in Houston.

Michael Berry tries so hard, but Joe PagLIARulo just coasts by him.  I wonder if it has anything to do with where each of them adopted their kids from.  There is really no other explanation for this, except that Joe PagLIARulo paid someone a bit more and got rewarded.  They are both equally loathsome.

In other news:  I’M ON VACATION!!11!!!!!11!!!!1!


Keeping track of McCain and Obama voters just got a little more complicated.

As you know, Michael Berry likes to call black Americans who commit crimes “Obama voters.”   I’m sure he found an Obama voter in the crime that happened earlier this week in Houston.  But now HPD has found that some McCain voters were involved as well.  I’m sure the Berry Brigade types are now looking for these guys’ Facebook pages and calling all of their McCain voting friends.

This is messy and just not going to work out in Michael Berry World, unless of course, he ignores it.

He doesn’t allow comments on his “blog.”

I’m Really Looking Forward to This Break

I’m just so tired — mentally and physically.  Unlike screamer  Michael Berry, my job does not involve sitting on my ass and looking for every possibility to say the word “nigger” again and again, nor does it involve lying.  I have to earn my keep.  In earning that, I and my employer bring in hundreds of thousands of international monies to the Houston area.

So, who do you think does more for Houston:  Me?  Michael Berry, who just sits on his ass, or Kevin Whited, who also just sits on his ass?

In my unscientific for entertainment purposes only poll, I vote for myself, again and again and again.  If you want to vote for the best white man politician in the Houston area go here.  You can also vote for most popular white man radio screamer.

Seriously, Michael Berry is just out to make money.   As is Joe PagLIARulo (like a child did this website — embarrassing).  It’s just about the Bennies, much like a mugger.

Hooked on Dexter

SO it looks like I have Roberto hooked on Dexter.  I really like the series and even though I don’t have cable, I can wait until it comes out on Netflix.

We started at the beginning.  I originally saw the show on CBS, but it was heavily edited.  I didn’t catch the entire first season, so watching it now makes it all new again.  I hope to dig into the books that inspired the series soon.

In other news, John McCain voter and child killer Sheila Muhs, was convicted. (To understand this, you must know that Michael Berry routinely refers to black suspects and convicted criminals as “Obama voters”, so turnabout is fair play.  I can go back and make this point again and again, and I can go forward and make it as well.  What might stop me from doing it is the day Michael Berry champions a black man who was wrongly accused of a crime.  Or he could champion a white man who died for something he didn’t do.  Or he could just be a dick.)