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The Price of Getting Involved

I’ve been following the bears in Minnesota since I heard about them on Prairie Home Companion.

Today, the update was that a 3 year old female with an identification collar was shot and killed:

Gentle Jo was killed in Soudan, MN, last evening.  She made it into the forest before collapsing on the run from a shot through a lung.

Shoot first.  That’s it.

I don’t think that type of mentality will change in this country before I die.  I just hope that I can follow this little family for a year or so without any of them getting shot.

Weak Sauce

I don’t know if this sort of thing will continue to November.  If it does, it makes wingnuts look weak.

First it was Mitt Romney, as a FATHER, an adult, strapping his dog to the top of the family car.

Wingnuts fight back with ‘Obama ate dog’ .  It makes a difference that he was a kid and someone fed it to him.

Next, we find that Mitt Romney led a posse to forcibly pin down a classmate and cut the guy’s hair — because the guy wasn’t conforming.  At the time, Romney was old enough to go fight in Vietnam.  Romney claims not to remember anything about it and offers a weasel apology — the If anyone was offended type of apology.  Weak. Sauce.

Rush Limbaugh “fights” back with a story from Obama’s own book, where he, Obama, admits pushing a girl in middle school.  The book has been out for a long time.  The only people who are surprised by any of these revelations are wingnuts.

The  take away:  wingnuts are remedial readers, at best.

Michael Berry Still Lying about Sal Guinta and his Medal of Honor Ceremony, still no Price to Pay for It

I missed this when it was posted, but Michael Berry is still trying to squeeze every bit of a hero out for his own benefit:

Friday, April 13, 2012
Michael’s Interview With SSgt Sal Giunta

It’s not an interview.  It’s just the same old nonsense.
I’ve gotten steady hits for my proof that Michael Berry has been lying.  It’s only a matter of time before this lie is put to rest.
But why hasn’t Berry paid any price for lying?

“Each case is different and the circumstances are considered separately”


Last December at about 8:00 p.m. (temperature around 40 degrees), a couple of toddlers were spotted alone in a car.  Shortly after, the children’s grandmother returned from shopping at Walmart and was arrested.

Yesterday at about 12:30 p.m. (temperature around 84 degrees), a couple of infants were spotted alone in a car.  The owner of the gun shop where the car was parked asked all his customers again and again if they were their children.  Almost an hour passed and a man who had been in the shop the entire time walked out to the car.  The infants were allowed to go home with the man.

Indeed, each case is “different.”



The Reason the GOP is So Insistent on Voter Suppression

They can’t even run their own party elections right.

Remember, they screwed Santorum.  Remember they screwed up in Maine.  That’s just off the top of my head.  Why on earth do we elect them to take care of voting here in Texas when they can’t even secure the property?

OMG Radio’s Stupidest Picture

Radio, mostly talk radio, is well known for its idiotic portraits, but this one takes the cake:

Does this have doofus written all over it or what?  There is nothing worse than a hanger-on know nothing about music person wearing a shirt that shows he knows nothing about music.   This is embarrassing.

And to think this idiot has people who hang on his every word every day, from early in the morning to late in the evening.  If his boy Rick Perry had done better, he would probably be doing better.  As it is, his book will never be published, he will remain a clown and my god, he will be an idiot.

I challenge even Kevin Whited to explain this photo to me.  Kevin?  Cory?

What Better Way to Celebrate the New Year

Here’s what I’ve been working with, in pictures.

I wanted to post a lot of pictures, but I guess everything is slowing down because of the new year.

I’ll post them tomorrow.

There have been some fireworks, but I’m not afraid.  Everything is still wet.  It’s a funny thing to say, given the drought this summer.

I figure it will all be over in about 4 hours.  4 more hours of this.

Time to switch around the pups.