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My Afternoon with Norton/Symantec

I downloaded the tool to check if it is running ok — actually took two hours.  It told me no, no problems, I checked further.  There is a fix for the problem I have.  Didn’t work.  I went to the next step.  Downloaded IE7.  The IT types at UHD said don’t do it, but I don’t trust them, so I did it.  Funny, my old ISP is still providing this window through which I connect with the world, even though I deleted them completely.  Ticks me off.  My current ISP makes claims about speed that it never delivers.  I wonder if they — all of them invovled in this mess called the internet and those who get you to it aren’t just marketers of a sort.  My web broser will always say that it is powered by my old service provider — because it can and because my security software won’t let me change it.

Before leaving work today, I had known what I would write about.  Because of internet assholes, I spent the afternoon diddling with my machine.  It’s crap all the way around.