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This Looks Promising

I drive a 1995 Chevy S10.  Before that, I had a 1986 Toyota Tercel — tiny little car — no A/C — don’t ask me how I did that here in Houston, but I did for almost 10 years.  We called it Little Red and my favorite memory of that car was “back seat,” which was what we said to Gretchen (see my gravatar) every time she got in.  I used to take her with me everywhere.  But I digress.  The Tercel died when someone jumped the curb and hit it while it was parked in the driveway one night.  Whoever it was managed to miss two 5″ iron posts and hit Little Red dead center and managed to drive away.   We got it fixed and then sold it to a preacher (funny story more digression).  Before that, I had a 1976 Toyota Corolla SR5.  I ran that poor little car dry of oil not once but twice, which led to the purchase of the Tercel.

These past few years I have had to decide, with each new problem with the truck, whether to get it repaired or to take the leap and buy a new vehicle.  For a while, I was quite enamored with Saturn.  However, the past year I have become more interested in minis.  I’ve also thought that waiting for something much like the Brazilian flex-fule vehicles would be cool.  I haven’t been very serious in my research . . . until now.

According to the Chronicle, if you own a vehicle that is pre-1996 (check), have an income under $61K (check — I’m a teacher for crying out loud), live in certain counties, which includes Harris (check) and decide to buy a hybrid (definite posibility), you can get a $3,500 voucher to buy a new vehicle.  YaY!  I’m definitely car shopping now.

Funny thing is that I heard about this through Chris Baker.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  And the bill was proposed and shepherded through the legislative process by a REPUBLICAN.  Call the WAHHHBULANCE!!!!!!  I’m looking forward to cashing in on the wingnut welfare system — finally!!!!!!!

In all honesty and seriousness, I would like to say, good on you, Sen. Kip Averitt.  This little bit of legislation will help the environment and people who make much less money than I do.  This is very good news indeed.

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