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Sad News for Michael Berry (I’m Laughing Inside)

Poor Michael Berry.  He’s got more Facebook friends than Joe PagLIARulo, he’s been on the air here in Houston longer, and he’s expanded to Portland, Baton Rouge and San Antonio, but Joe PagLIARulo has bested him in the worst possible way:  PagLIARulo made Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” this year and Michael Berry didn’t.  Hell, even Chris Baker made Talkers top 250.  Michael Berry is nowhere to be found.  (Joe PagLIARulo also made a suspiciously similar list at another outfit — both have the exact same disclaimer.  Smells like wingnut wellfare to me.)

I remember when Michael Berry was crying about how many people were worrying over Joel Osteen’s wife throwing a fit on an airplane while talking about the same for three hours.

That was before Joe PagLIARulo was even in Houston.

Michael Berry tries so hard, but Joe PagLIARulo just coasts by him.  I wonder if it has anything to do with where each of them adopted their kids from.  There is really no other explanation for this, except that Joe PagLIARulo paid someone a bit more and got rewarded.  They are both equally loathsome.

In other news:  I’M ON VACATION!!11!!!!!11!!!!1!


For All of the Lurkers Looking for Chris Baker

Here is the latest.  Chris Baker‘s gone from KPRC.  It’s their loss, their numbers are down by the thousands.

Chris Baker‘s also gone from the Yankee station he was on.  As one website put it, “Chris Baker resigns from mornings at Talk KTLK-FM (News Talk 100.3 FM)/Minneapolis”.

Chris Baker is listed as a talent for an agency, so you can hire him if you want.  For weddings or stag parties.  I guess.

Proof of Trouble Brewing at KPRC Radio

I know that this mostly just interests me, but c’mon, it’s fun to watch a wingnut radio station going down the tubes, no?

AM radio KPRC (trying to rebrand as “the 9-5-0” after the Matthews ordeal) is now dealing with another controversy.  Chris Baker has disappeared again!

Back in the day, radio personalities could be shuffled from one market to another and no one would really ever put two and two together.  Today?  No more.  I was the first to track down Retarded Chris Baker when Michael Berry fired him and now (after many hits on my post about it) lots of the radio station listeners have found Baker in Minneapolis.

I am laughing my ASS OFF.

Just look at the uprising at KPRC’s Facebook page (in newest first order):

And these are the people who think they can change the country by voting once AND have the people they voted for listen to them.  When even you local AM radio station won’t listen to you, how powerful are you?     Since Chris Baker is not on the air in Houston, not so powerful.

To me it seems that AM radio listeners are just loud but not powerful, and AM radio is just loud but not powerful — except in as far as they have Republican politicians convinced of their nonexistent power and they can lie about the numbers behind their supposed support.

And just as a side note — core listeners don’t seem to care much for PagLIARulo — he gives them a headache.  Good thing I have a strong inner core — otherwise I wouldn’t be able to bring you the crazy!

“Livin’ the dream!”

If one listens to Joe Pagliarulo in KPRC any morning, you will hear the title quote, along with, “Love you like a brother” and “Get off my phone!!!!” more times than you can imagine.  Less frequently, but enough, you will hear, “Prove me wrong!” and “I don’t lie.”

This morning, Pagliarulo was having an aneurysm over Rahm Emanuel making a video in D.C. to be played in the Chicago market and using the word “here” to mean Chicago.  (I guess Pagliarulo thinks Mission to Mars was, you know, filmed on Mars.)

Here’s the email exchange I had with him:

Me:  Where is “here” to you, Joe?  You lie every day about where you are.  You pretend to be here in Houston, but you’re not.  You’re in San Antonio.  Why don’t you stop lying and come clean with your audience?

Pagliarulo:  I”m not in san antonio.. thanks for not having a clue.. and I NEVER say I’m in Houston .. unless I actually am.. which I frequently am.  Thanks for getting it wrong!

Me:  You live in San Antonio.  You pretend to be here in Houston every morning on the radio. Stop lying and come clean.  You and Chris Baker both lie about where you are every day.

Pagliarulo:  I don’t live in San Antonio.. and, by the way you confused person, my voice is broadcast live to the Houston market every morning.. no  matter where I am.  LIVE to Houston.  I’m not taping it elsewhere and rebroadcast like-live in Houston.  It’s a Houston show … done live daily for Houston.  So glad you listen every morning!!

Me:  You don’t live in Houston.  Baker doesn’t live in Houston.  You both pretend you do to your audiences.  Stop lying.

Pagliarulo:  hehe.. you’re so wrong.. and have lost this argument.. it’s okay.. someone has to lose.. just happens to be you today.

Me:  I see you are also lying on your online resumes.

Pagliarulo:  I have no online resumes!!!  hahahahahah.. you’re reaching.. I’m yet to hear my lie Michelle.  get a life.. you’re beaten here

Me:  Liar:

Pagliarulo:  didn’t realize Linkedin did an online resume!!  Thanks!!  Need to add my Houston show.  I appreciate it!

Me:  What?  Did you think they only do paper resumes?

Pagliarulo:  hey dork.. everything on there is true..what’s your question?

Me:  It says San Antonio, not Houston.  Stop lying.  Tell your audience that you don’t live here in Houston.  It’s just that simple, Joe.

Pagliarulo:  you’re a dork.. it says San Antonio because I do a show for San Antonio every afternoon.  hehe.. you don’t get it do you?  I do two shows a day.  one for Houston.. one for San Antonio.  When Glenn’s off I do his show.. and I frequently fill in elsewhere too.  hehe

Always self-promoting . . . .

Pagliarulo:  updated!!  thanks so much.

Me:  Are you some kind of Sybil?

And to think this man was allowed to breed.

Pagliarulo even claimed that there was WMD in Iraq later this morning and went through the whole litany of GWB 27%er’s excuses.  My goodness these white men on KPRC sure do know how to whine.

Station Boss Michale Berry was on later in the afternoon whining about how politics is all about race.  It’s his standard shtick.  And here’s a pro tip for Berry, refrain from whining about doing your job on the air.  Everyone knows you are just the trained monkey.  Whining about having to tell other people to do things for you while you rake in the big bucks is just unattractive.

One more thing.  I guess it’s better late than never, but Berry has found a way to make money off of the Teabaggers.  KPRC is having a Teabagger rally on October 16th and if you have the money, you can pay to have some face time with Berry, Pagliarulo and the other white guys on the station — except for Chris Baker — because he is in Minnesota.

Sometimes it worries me that there are a handful of people driving around my city who listen to and agree with, nay, egg on these yappers.

Here We Go! Reparations, Anyone?

I can’t believe Micale Berry didn’t latch onto this for his 950 Man Talk show today (especially after Chris Baker spent 2 hours talking about a Brit chick bagging 1K men).

Here’s the next meme — I thought it would be about the struggle of poor farmers.  NO NO NO NO NO.  It can’t be about that.  It’s about BLACK farmers and Reparations and La Raza and SNCC and every other nonwhite boogy man you can conjure all in one.  From Kathleen McKinley’s Houston Chronicle blog:

We are getting played on the Shirley Sherrod coverage. I did a little research last night and then sat back to watch what was being said about the latest on this case. Fox devoted the opening segment of their 6 o’clock news hour and while I noted Shepard Smith went out of his way to denounce Andrew Breitbart and show Shirley Sherrod as the exact opposite of what the shorter video seemed to imply.

Nightline devoted a segment with fawning coverage of her career as someone who assisted the poor and they didn’t hold back on cracking Fox and Breitbart. This morning they continued with an opening that I tolerated until almost 7:20 with George repeating what had been said last night and then some.

No one mentioned that Shirley Sherrod was a plaintiff in the Pigford vs Glickman case that had sued the USDA and that 1999 settlement has paid out right at $1 billion so far.(1) Nobody has mentioned that Obama allowed the justice department to reopen the 1999 settlement and allow another 73,200 plaintiffs to have a crack at that money that so far has been paid to 16,000 rural southern black farmers (original plaintiff estimate was 3,000.(1) No one mentioned that Obama has already authorized another $1.25 billion be allocated to compensate these new plaintiffs that total four times the number of black rural farmers (est. 27,500) that were identified when the case was filed 1997.(1)

Not a peep was said of the $13 million settlement Mr. and Mrs. Sherrod and their New Communities group received a few days before her July 25, 2009 appointment to her current position by Vilsak.(2) Note that New Communities is solely an enterprise of the Sherrods now as it has not been active for years.

And oh by the way, Mr. Sherrod is Charles Sherrod, a founding member of the Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee which in 1966 had the reliable John Lewis as it’s chairman.(3) Remember John Lewis and his claims about being spit on a called the n-word a few short months ago? After John Lewis was replaced by Stokley Carmichael they renamed themselves the Student National Coordinating Committee and merged with what became the Black Panthers.(4)

Now here’s a kicker. One of the last active chapters of the SNCC/Black Panther group was in San Antonia and had an officer named Mario Salas who went on to assist in building La Raza.(5)

Now all of that may look like a bunch of tangential information until you realize that the original stated goals of the Rural Development Land Network, whose Vice Chair is Shirley Sherrod, was to “resolve to work toward reform of the land ownership patterns in this country”.(6), (7) Kind of sounds like reparations to me.

For the administration and especially Tom Vilsak to say they shot from the hip and over reacted when Obama, Holder and Vilsak have been shoveling money into the burgeoning settlements of a suit brought by Shirley Sherrod defies integrity, honesty and hopefully the law.

Oh my.

Someone please email this information to Michale Berry.  He’s behind the curve.  I can’t do it because he is afraid of me.

Please someone reading this blog send this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT REPARATIONS to Michale Berry.  He was all hot and bothered about this topic when he was on the city council.  He would love to have his conspiracy theories confirmed.

What is this really about?  The USDA treated people differently in the past based on their skin color.  The people were finally able to file suit and win their case in court.  THEY WON.  IN COURT.  And there are some people out there — connected with Fox News and Andrew Brietbart, who think this constitutes reparations.

Fucking idiots.

White Man Whine — this time about the NAACP

Let’s take a look at the Texas Republican delegation to the House of Representatives shall we? The White Man Whiners on talk radio today had their panties in a wad over how they don’t have power anymore.

Louis Gohmert — White Guy

Ted Poe — White Guy

Samuel Johnson — White Guy

Ralph Hall — White Guy

Jeb Hensarling — White Guy

Joe Barton — White Guy

John Culberson — White Guy

Kevin Brady — White Guy

Michael McCaul — White Guy

Michael Conaway — White Guy

Kay Granger — wait — White Woman (*)

William Thornberry — White Guy

Ron Paul — White Guy

Randy Neugebauer — White Guy

Lamar Smith — White Guy

Pete Olsen — White Guy

Kenny Marchant — White Guy

Michael Burgess — White Guy

John Carter — White Guy

Pete Sessions — White Guy


Why can’t Texas Republicans elect a NON White Guy to the House of Representatives?  Have they even tried?  At least Oklahoma has.  What is wrong with Texas Republicans?  And with John Faulk they hope to increase that number by one.  Whoop-tee-doo.  Not gonna happen.

And the only other African-American woman in the Texas delegation is being opposed by a Glen Beck type.

But let’s all join together and cry about the fact that a black man is in charge of this country and he has a black Attorney General and all of the people in power are black.  Let’s cry all the way to the bank on that — because you know, if Chris Baker makes good money, Michael Berry makes more 😉

Here’s What Michael Berry Should Do:

Michael Berry has gotten himself into some hot water.  It seems he let a caller get the best of him, and then went off and “expressed” the hope that the mosque to be built in Manhattan would be blown up.  CAIR filed a complaint with the FCC.

Well, I know what Berry and Clear Channel should do.  They have recently juggled the lineups at both KTRH and KPRC all to get Berry on the air more because his time was getting taken up by Astros games and pregame and post-game shows.   They took Dave Ramsey off of KPRC completely, moved Retarded Chris Baker to 1 to 3 and put Berry in the 3-5 slot.  (Earlier in the baseball season, Berry was on KPRC at 5 — preempting the odious Michael Savage, but you know the haters complained — Michael Berry is NOT bigger than Michael Savage — and thus the most recent shake up in the schedule.)

All the stations need to do is go back to the line-up both stations had at the beginning of the baseball season.  Let Berry get preempted by baseball almost all of the time.  The short “hour”  (it’s not that much time, given all of the commercials) Berry would be allowed would restrict the possibility of his losing it again.  And then both Michael Savage AND Dave Ramsey fans will be happy.  And the stations will be out of hot water.

Let’s face it, Chris Baker has been sent into timeout recently because of his hateful remarks about the Pope, and it was only a matter of time before Berry really stepped in it.  (I wonder if Clear Channel has some sort of insurance for this type of situation — it would make sense.)

The schedule changes were a mistake.

UPDATE!!!!!  Michael Berry wrote an essay!

I’ve told myself all day to make a plan for the weekend, why not do it here?

I need to slow water the beds in the backyard and start the laundry.

I need to spray Roundup on the crepe mytle that is growing out of the supposedly dead stumps in the front yard.

I need to mow the front yard and start weeding out the bad grass.  I also want to seed more ground cover — which will require daily watering (must commit to that if I do it).

I need to clean up the dog poop.   I won’t dig out a post from the old front deck yet since I bought another 50 degradable poop bags.  Procrastination?  maybe.

I bought some flower carpet to put along the ditch, but I have to weed the space first.  I may get to that.  (It also needs to be watered twice a day for who knows how long.)

I need to clear space for new beds and get back to seedlings: peppers, more beans, and more beans.  and squash.

I think I will put all of the herbs in pots.

Oh, and more leafy greens.

And then there is putting in the rest of the gutters and fixing what is already there and painting the fence.

I finally found out why my squash has been dying — lack of pollination.  I’m just going to let them fight it out in a Darwinian way.  Prettier flowers PLEASE!

Other things I am thinking about:

  • why wingnuts were so worried about Nashville until Arizona happened
  • why bad behavior is inconsistent i.e. why that guy who yelled “You lie” at Obama couldn’t find his voice when the Mexican prez supposedly pissed off so many of his friends
  • why Michael Berry thinks it’s ok not to read legislation while he was a city councilperson but demands the reverse when he is a talk radio STAR.
  • why Chris Baker thinks he will win in the Presidential contest in 2012 against Sean Hannity.
  • republicans not only peaked too soon, they misread the entire electorate.
  • shouldn’t the old school effort to rewrite history in textbooks be a non-issue? Can’t publishers tailor their textbooks with little profit loss or are they in on it as well?
  • Yes, we can.
  • Oh wait, I forgot to mention that some (?) want the government to take over the oil spill.  The free market would just have the oil flow, I guess.  Critics of the administration have no response of what should have been or what should be done.  No surprise.

Lastly, one of my students made some chicken jerky for my pups.  They love it.  How did I get so lucky?  Pictures soon.

Who will worry about white on white crime?

With white people so worried about black on black crime, I wonder who will finally address the bigger problem: white on white crime.

While Michael Berry thinks it’s just fine to bring up black on black crime and lament it by giving examples like Jason’s Lyric and Boyz n the Hood, I worry that whites are not concerned enough about white on white crime.  It seems to be pandemic.

As a case in point, look at the series of books and movies about The God Father.  And then there is the brutal portrayal of white on white crime in the movie Boondock Saints (and its sequel), and even Iron Man 2.  Does anyone remember Monster?  That was white woman on white man crime.  And what about The Untouchables or Bull Durham?

I’m with Michael Berry, let’s worry over black on black crime.  It makes for better radio and it ignores the problems in the white community.  Like the guy who has been molesting children for years in La Port.  Or the priests who have molested kids.  Or the cults that have murdered their own members. Or the cops who shot David West.

There’s every reason to point fingers at the black or Hispanic community.  They prey on their own.   And good white people need to remind them of that fact every once in a while.  Otherwise, they might think they mean something, they might be important.

However, while those perhaps well intentioned white folks point and preach, they don’t see what is coming.  Like good white people supporting the new crap laws in Arizona, and a majority of blacks don’t.  Why might that be?  Driving while black has been a problem for a long time.  When the tables turn, and they will, the bellyaching will  begin, as it ever was.

In the end, I ask that you consider white on white crime.  Please don’t let it slip from your priorities, otherwise we will all kill ourselves.  Or something.

I’m sure there’s overlap

Michael Berry deleted all of Chris Baker’s audio when he fired him, but I have the transcript and no one would deny that Baker wants to take his peeps down to the border to shoot people.  You can listen to him here, but I recommend against it:  it’s mostly fart noises.  That makes for good radio, docha know 😉

Chris Baker’s peers are here.

What happened to the Minutemen at the border?  I’m sure there is an overlap with the teabaggers.

On a funny note, Michael Berry was so mad he had his spot recorders record a spot stating that, “if you dont like it dont lissen!”  He also poured out a lot of the STFU.

Yeah, that works.