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This — Mali — worries me so much

On the PBS Newshour tonight, there was a report about Mali.  Some group calling itself Al-Qaida and the Tuareg, have taken over the northern part of the country.

If Al Quieda was not enough, the Tuareg are in on it; they are modern day slave holders.

This is not good.

Perhaps our CIA is busy — maybe the African Union will take notice.  No wonder one of my student’s mother told her not to come home — that was more than a year ago.

I can only hope someone in the State Department is doing something.

Despite all of the racism in our country, we need all of Africa on our side.

I’m doing my part.  What are you doing?


Christians Acting Like Christians — International Edition

Yes, those who proclaim their Christianity behave similarly, no matter where you find them.  In Egypt, Christians pelt Hilliary with tomatoes and shout the name “Monica.”  It doesn’t even make sense.  Our government is supporting all Egyptians, not just one group.  And how is Monica Hillary’s fault?

Of course, this behavior comes as no surprise.  Our local Christians aren’t much better.

But this behavior comes despite the outreach to the Egyptian Christians.

In the end, it is always the same:  religion is a club — in both ways — one to belong to and one with which to pound others who are not in your club.

Mitt Doesn’t Know What Hit Him

From another source:

Here’s the ad that proves it:

And Romney’s copycat response video?  Pulled because of violations.

Well done Republicans!

I’m enjoying this, Kevin.

Dick Cheney Coward Who Knew?

I’m sure all of the chicken-hawks crowing about Marines and their guns are fully behind Dick Cheney finding Canada too dangerous to visit.


Khan Acadamy

Take that Neal Bush.

Nonprofit technology that actually helps studenst around the world and is supportive of teachers is more beneficial and popular than Barbara Bush’s son’s software.


We actually had a Bush family mole in our program while we ill-advisedly were trying to get a government language project back in 2006.  The mole left claiming he had cancer.   He didn’t as we found out later.

The Reason the GOP is So Insistent on Voter Suppression

They can’t even run their own party elections right.

Remember, they screwed Santorum.  Remember they screwed up in Maine.  That’s just off the top of my head.  Why on earth do we elect them to take care of voting here in Texas when they can’t even secure the property?

Are They Really Catholics?

I’m only asking because that guy who inherited his Christianity through his father, Franklin Graham, isn’t so sure that President Obama isn’t a secret Muslim.

I thought Newt and Rick were Catholics.  All the Catholics I work with (and there are more than a few) had ashes on their foreheads today.  Aren’t Catholics supposed to leave the ashes on until they wear off or do both of those guys secretly have one of these?

I’m thinking neither of them did it.

I’m thinking they care about Ash Wednesday about as much as they cared about MLK Jr. Day.


I want this to go on for the next few months.


Since My Mom is Old

She won’t ever see this judge and presumed pillar of the community do pretty much what she did to me.

Here’s a link to the video.

I remember the day that I knew I was strong enough to challenge her.  I was younger than the girl in the video, though she was disabled.  That explains a lot and I mean that in a negative way.   Folks in Texas don’t take to people with disabilities even if they are in your own family.  That’s what praying to Jesus and knowing it all gets you.

I can only hope that I live in a world without my mother.  Sure, we have to play nice now, but I hope hope hope I will out live her.

I hope to one day tell my niece that granny beat her — bit her even — and at the same time didn’t beat or bite her sisters.  For the same offenses.  Just like she beat me and didn’t beat my sister or brother.

It’s hard being a middle child in my family.

Sure, my mom is a pretty good Granny, but when my middle niece was little, my mom and sister beat her.

I know this happened and it’s one of the reasons I encourage my middle neice to write.

Just for clarification, when my mom hit me in the mouth, while I had a mouth full of braces, I turned on her.

She is still alive.  That’s all I’ve got to say.

HA HA HA Hate to Say I told You so . . .

Is Chris Christy getting into the mix since Republican teabaggers are not so happy about Rick Perry?  If Chris Christy gets in will Mike Huckabee get in?

It’s a race of chicken for them and Sarah Palin.  The one who hangs out to the very last will be the “Savior” of the country.  Who will drive that car to the end?  I don’t care because it’s gonna be Mittens the dog torturer anyway, but hey, the ride is fun, especially watching the media slobber over each in turn.  I’m looking at you Judy.