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Oh Great

Local news just reported that a student at my school might have the flu.

Surprised? I’m not.

Psychologists apparently got paid a good deal of money in the torture racket of the Buah administration.  Even just the little that I have read about torture, mental health professionals have always been involved, to their discredit.  I particulalry remember what happened in South Africa, but it’s no different than what we have here. (Bonus shooting the messenger from a torture apologist who worked for McCain.) Oh and, don’t miss the crazy in the comments at the links.

On a related point, regular church goers also have less of a problem with torture than people like me.

It’s not really irony anymore.  I shake my head in shame.


Among Other Things, This is Your Problem, Republicans (or conservatives or little “l” libertarians or whatever you want to brand yourselves today)

So this poll comes out and it shows that President Obama is getting good scores from the American people.  The first thing you do is analyze it based on race— if you are a good conservative, one who is described as “brilliant” on talk radio and always up for an interview.

If you want to put out a manefesto for your dying party, you compare apples to oranges.  And by the way, I agree with Kathleen that all of her kind should get behind the Libertarians.  Just looking at their responses to the League of Women Voters  guide each election cycle shows that they are in the same place. I’m guessing she doesn’t know anything about this.  Were she a PUMA, she would likely lean toward Larouche.

If you are a program manager of a radio station that only really has the local baseball team to support your revenues, and your whiney ass is off the air, as is your weekend tag teamer, then I guess you fire people. 

Both Kathleen and Michael Berry say they aren’t racists, but my goodness they approach that line almost every day, either through ignorance or design.

I’ve found it quite easy to avoid being called a racist all my life.  I’ve also never had to defend myself on the legality of torture.

Funny how that works.

Suggestions for the GOP

Since they have little to work for these days, I thought I might make a few useful suggestions.  Here’s my first.

Do something about our own people, the ones already born.

My Weakness

I love arcade games.  I still play a few old ones that I have already figured out.  I got a new one a couple of weeks ago.  It’s called Masters of Defense.  I got it in a bundle with an old favorite that I hadn’t yet replaced on my newish laptop.  It’s really engrosing.  After the first level, there are multiple combinations that are possible.  I haven’t gotten to the final level yet (my people just can’t hang on!) but yesterday was a breakthrough.

If you like arcade games, it’s worth the $10 bucks.

Dog Day

Murphy has a sad (or maybe a mad).




Murphy’s ear infection is back.   I think it might be connected to his being a water baby.  At any rate, I cleaned it out with ear wash and then sqirted in some medicine.  You would have thought I was killing him.  After that, he wouldn’t come beck in the bedroom with Tam and me.

Such a temper!

A Solution to the Torture Issue

I admit it might be a bit hard, but could we just resolve to not do anything to others — no matter their status — that we have convicted others of doing — no excuses.

Could we please convict people of crimes that we have convicted others of before?

Could someone — sorry it can’t be me, but I promise to sustain it when I retire — irritate the hell out of Cheney for the rest of his life?

Yeah, I’d like that transparency to include all the spook stuff.  There is no reason for all of the self perpetuating secrecy crap.  Let’s just deal honestly with our fellow planeteers already, all right?

What I Got Done Today

I broke the off switch on one of the fans in the living room a few months ago.  Today, after many stiffs, I got two fans installed today.  I know I paid too much, but the guy showed up, and that’s worth something.

The generic view of one of the new fans:


But in reality it looks something like this — a cool reflection on the ceiling:


Why Fight Back?

For every tit there is a tat.  For all we know, torture worked and so we have become the enemy. With all of the “apologizing,” I guess some have lost their way.  We are not special.  I would argue we never have been.

But there is a spark of hope:  Obama is at 65% in the Gallup poll; he’s doing ok in the Pew poll; of course Rass has him at +6, just to make it look bad.

But give anyone a chance to jump on Biden, and they will take it.  I’d say let’s look again in July.

Talk radio is pro-torture, pro-excuse, pro-banana republic.  Yeah, I listened to it all today.

And More Kitten Videos

These are from last weekend.  (Turn down the volume — it’s got lots of  “kitty talk” on it from me.)