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Wish I Could Just Sit on My Ass and Talk

with the little people doing the work for me, for free in some cases.

I have a good job.  Sometimes it is entertaining, like when very young men from other countries come here and think they can get over me like they do their moms.

My department is income producing.  We bring in money from overseas.  It pays my salary through tuition, and it adds to the Texas economy through apartment rentals and furniture rentals and all the food and clothes and stuff they buy with their international money.

Rick Perry just prays and preys on other states to find new ways to make his business slush fund bring low wage jobs here.

I’m better than him.

Michael Berry and Joe PagLIARulo just talk on the radio.  They sit on their asses and talk.  PagLIARulo claims to educate, though his late coming on the red light cameras was a dud.  And Michael Berry now claims that the other stations in Houston are worse than him.

I don’t really wish I could just sit on my ass and talk.

I’d be like them.

I like my job that brings in international money and pays for itself.  It’s a better job than theirs.  And while it pays less, it is more entertaining than either of them are.


No Country for Old Men — The Movie!

I’m behind on this, but earlier I found the trailer for No Country for Old Men via The Cormac McCarthy Society.

In my excitement, I clicked on the link and then thought about who was cast in the different parts.  I had talked about it with R right after we had finished the book.  First off, we were in the grip of Prison Break at the time and thought the guy who played T-bag, Robert Knepper, would be great as Chigurh.  As for the sheriff, R thought about Wiford Brimly, or Billy Bob Thorton (too young perhaps) and settled on Tommy Lee Jones.  We both agreed that Bill Paxton would be good as the main guy who finds the truck.

Perhaps R can think of some more and leave them in the comments.  Anyone else can, too of course, BUT BEFORE watching (or not having watched) the trailer.

Oh, and it is coming out in the fall.