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Ungrateful Iraqis

Dan Patrick  has a problem with Iraqis.  They seem to him to be ungrateful.  So much so that he raised his verbal level from mumble to almost shouting.

But never fear — he was back to talking about himself by the time I left the grocery store — so it’s all ok.  A radio talk show mogel never lets an opportunity to crap on an entire population get in the way of self promotion.

Oh yeah, he put in the proper disclaimers, but boy-howdy, he was mad at those one or two Iraqis who said what we all know is true.

Dan Patrick.  American Taliban.



I’m Lucky and other topics

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have had the SPCA option with Jess and Peaches.  I hadn’t realized that they had changed their policies to become a no kill shelter.  I will throw some money their way whenever I have it.

It looks like the Iranian warbloggers have given up.  I still think the reason they latched on so hard was because of their dislike for the guy who is not running the country but gets a lot of air time.  They also clearly either don’t or refuse to remember that a more concerned Iranian Republic offered to work with us after 9/11, but the Bush admin. turned them down in an ugly way.  What could have come of that, we will never know.   I guess that’s a weird post 9/11 opinion that I have.  If it’s about women’s rights, I would suggest that the warbloggers look to their own fight in this country first, since it is, you know, their country and all that.

The next crisis is Honduras.  I expect our warbloggersto chase this next shiny thing.  And blame Obama for weeks.  I can’t wait to hear the craptacular analysis from Bill Bennett in the morning.  And Mike Gallagher will be all over this to be sure, since neither want to continue the MJ orgy or stop their nonstop attacks on our President.

We got the pup path to the end of the fence on one side.  Finally, we figured the space correctly.  The grass in the protect from dog poop area is growing, as is the poor tree that was split last September by Ike.

My next step is to get the Crepe Myrtles on the other side cut down.  They piss my neighbors off and interfere with the power lines to my house. 

I need to wash and paint my white picked fence in the front yard, fix the ceiling in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, and then replace the toilet in one of the bathrooms.  I need to get control of the backyard with the idea of planting an autumn garden — pumpkins and squash.  All of which means I need to change my schedule.  I can’t be awake when it’s hottest and sleeping when it’s coolest.

I’ll figure it out.

Kathleen goes one step too far.

Next Step to Their Forever Homes

Jessie and Peaches went on their first car ride today.


They look so little in that big carrier.

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He’s REALLY Change

I watched the Obama thing tonight, and I must say, this is change I can believe in.  He may not be perfect, but I’ve got a feeling that he will get something close to what he wants, which works for me.

Tired (first week of classes), distracted (I Am Legend on Master of Defense) and a little sad (Jess and Peaches leaving soon).

Well, since it was preplanned and all that . . .

It looks like our local freedom fighter is going to take some time off from protest blogging and righteously reading twitter in order to relax at the beach.

And President Obama ate some ice cream with his kids.

Planning is everything!

Doesn’t she have a laptop?

No Integration Probable

I put Jessie and her kitten in a crate and brought Dora in to the room.  I chose Dora, since she hasn’t gone all “ma there’s kittens in the bathroom” crazy like Murph and Tam have lately.

It was a massive fail.

I don’t see integrating Jessie and Peaches into our indoor home life. 

I will put Advantage on them this week and take them both in to get fixed probably next weekend — and go ahead and get their ears clipped.

I don’t want to put them out, but if they can live in the backyard, it would be much better than being cooped up all the time.

I would probably then trap both sad grey and white tom and the orange tom and get them fixed before I let Jessie and Peaches out.

Guns, Crazies, Fat Cats and a Pet Peeve

Here’s the link for the guns part.  It’s from last night’s News Hour.  There are 54,000 registered gun dealers, and Texas has the most.   I’m glad that the administration is doing something about it though it worries me that all of the gun shows that go on here may be the very source of the violence in Mexico.  Perhaps I should get on twitter and encourage the Mexicans I know to do the same as the wingnut Iranian supporters have done to protest all of the border deaths.  Ya think it would get the same response?

Blood Meridian is not so far off.

Here are Kathleen’s friends.  As she prefaces this post:

I’ve said before that Republicans aren’t too good at protests because we are just too polite, but maybe it’s time we stepped up to the plate EACH time anyway.

<iframe src=”” width=”416″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowtransparency=”true”></iframe>

Lovely, aren’t they?

I can’t tell if the video loaded, but just in case, here is the link to the video.

Caroline and Cisco held down the table for more than two hours after I got home tonight.  Caroline only got up to eat when I had the camera pointed at her.


Lastly, I’ve decided that at work I will write all directions in Latvian just to see if anyone notices.

I Got Nothing

I have tried to get my friends to comment on the most egregious rightwing blogs for years now, but to no result.

With the latest Iranian thing, it would have been helpful, but no go.

Oh well.

It’s so freaking hot

People with more expertize than me say we have 10 more days of this . . . and it’s not even August.  It’s already 80 degrees by the time I leave for work around 8:00 a.m.

Everyone is lathargic except for Murphy and Peaches.  They don’t know any better.  Murphy went nuts over my watering the yard and plants last night.  Peaches waits at the door ready to pounce on any pup that makes it into her room (none ever do, though Tammy and Murph are curious about that kitten behind the door).

We’ve finally reached the end of the term.  I am glad.  If I had been assigned one of the classes I have now when I first started teaching, I would have changed professions.  It’s that bad.

A Happy, Hopeful, Ending and Beginning

Four of the Uighurs held at Gitmo for years arrived in Bermuda this past Thursday.  Articles and photos here and here.

I’m still very disappointed in Jim Webb over this.  There is a Uighurs community in Virginia very willing to take the men in.  Perhpas its all for the best.  They probably wouldn’t have had the same warm welcome there that they received in Bermuda.