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Newt Wins the Day

or so it seems.  Having failed to get Pelosi to resign, he has gotten Politico to do his bidding on the SCOTUS pick.

Peeling off blue dogs is what they are after.

Let’s look at what makes a racist since that seems to be the problem.  I’d say a racist is a person who over and over again claims that blacks and hispanics are inferior.  I’d say that anyone claiming that a Jewish Justice was the first hispanic Justice is probably a racist.  I’d say that anyone calling her a racist haxs already been called a racist before this moment in history.

It’s funny how the racists call others the same s0 often.

It’s funny how a disgraced man has the cojones to point a finger at anyone.

It’s funny how they won’t win this.

I like the idea that Sotomayor will browbeat  Scalia and Thomas.  That’s what I want.  That’s why I voted for the guy.