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And Now We are Three

The two cow kittens made their first leg on the way to their forever home earlier.  I hope they didn’t howl all the way to their first stop.  I hope they are doing ok there.

Earlier today, they slept in a four kitten pile for hours.  The remaining three seem ok.

I really hope the potential mom connected to work comes through this week.


Waterboarding Away!

I almost forgot.  There is this local radio host who has a one hour show on a loser station who supposedly got waterboarded by friends earlier this afternoon.

I’ll listen tomorrow, but I won’t buy anything from her sponsors.

Has MANCOW ruined it all?

Counting on People Not Remembering

Too bad Michael Berry hasn’t been on the air the past few days or I probably would have a nice little blurb from him about the SCOTUS nominee.  As it stands, all of the hopelessly unelectable Republicans have been playing ‘can you top that’ in their own special ways.

It’s always interesting when people who have a history of saying questionable things attack another for saying one single thing. 

Since I posted yesterday, I see that Tancredo has decided that La Raza is just like the KKK.  Given that I lived in a city with a KKK  ‘office’ in a city that long ignored their Hispanic community when I was growing up, he’s hoping I don’t remember.

He’s hoping that I don’t remember the concerts and music festivals I attended and enjoyed that included La Raza.  He’s hoping that I don’t remember the hateful people I went to high school with who had ni**er shooting permits from the KKK and thought it was funny.  He’s hoping I don’t remember when I was dating a guy whose parents were from Mexico and my mom decided that if we married, none of my future kids would know English.  He’s hoping I for get when my parents claimed that my brother’s girl friend wasn’t really “Spanish” because her mom was white, and so she got mor scholarships than my poor white brother to UT.

Yeah, Tancredo.  La Raza is just like the KKK.

Liddy decided to go the female route and bring in menstration.  This argument is so tired, so wrong and so feeble, it could only come from a dinosaur like him.  That his voice is stronger in the conservative community than others only speaks to their continuing disdain of women.  Seriously look at the unelectable voices out there — dominated by men.  Sure, they have their tokens, but seriously, where is the strong female voice?  Palin?  She’s just trying to pay the bills.  The white men in power probably ruined her career.  What happened to Liddy Dole?  Perry has been trashing Kay B. Hutchisen for a while in his dream to be President of Texas.

Wingnuts made a big deal starting on 9/12/01 that pwoplw would forget 9/11/01.  No one did.  That’s how Bush got reelected in 2004, though looking at what happened after 11/04 would work against the reasoning.

I haven’t forgotten my childhood.  I haven’t forgotten all the times wingnuts were racists.   I haven’t forgotten 9/11.  I haven’t forgotten that Newt ahut down the government over a temper tantrum and I haven’t forgotten that all of the scremers will never put themselves in a position to be elected.

As an end note — it must have massaged Bill Bennett’s ego to have been suggested as a VP last year.

Newt Wins the Day

or so it seems.  Having failed to get Pelosi to resign, he has gotten Politico to do his bidding on the SCOTUS pick.

Peeling off blue dogs is what they are after.

Let’s look at what makes a racist since that seems to be the problem.  I’d say a racist is a person who over and over again claims that blacks and hispanics are inferior.  I’d say that anyone claiming that a Jewish Justice was the first hispanic Justice is probably a racist.  I’d say that anyone calling her a racist haxs already been called a racist before this moment in history.

It’s funny how the racists call others the same s0 often.

It’s funny how a disgraced man has the cojones to point a finger at anyone.

It’s funny how they won’t win this.

I like the idea that Sotomayor will browbeat  Scalia and Thomas.  That’s what I want.  That’s why I voted for the guy.

It’s Their Birthday

The kittens are 8 weeks old today.  I let them stay out in the bedroom, though I was so worried about them that I came home after classes to check on them.

Everything was and is ok. 

The cow kitties will go to their forever home on Monday.  I hope I will be able to see what color theirs eyes turn out to be.  I know they are going to a loving home.  I feel relieved that their future is secure and am grateful, very grateful for my dear friend’s help.  Those two little kittens will live long I am sure. 

The other two kittens may have a home, too.  I’m being careful about it, not pushing it.  I will wait for the potential forever home to make the next move.

That leaves Jessie.  She’s so tired.  And frail.  Last weekend she jumped up and hung on the bathroom window frame — screaming get me out of here!

I put the kittens in the bathroom and tried to hold Jessie in my arms while lying on the bed — just to remind her that I love her, but the kittens called — scratching on the bathroom door, and she had to go.

Jessie is much like Junebug, though Junebug lost her kitten.  Junebug comes in sometimes but only when it’s really cold.  I’m thinking I could get Jessie spayed and then either let her out with Junie and Braveheart, or introduce her to the pups.  I don’t know.  I’m still hoping I will find her a home.

The White House chose a judge distinguished from the other members of that list only by her race.

That from John Yoo, who probably thought he was on the short list to be the first Asian American on the SCOTUS only to be disappointed by W chosing two white men.

I guess he is holding on for the Palin opportunity to get on the court.  Otherwise, who cares about anything he has to say.

The Trouble With Ears

Baby Murphy has the cutest ears, but they are his biggest trouble.


He’s got to go one more time.



Viva Mexico!


Road trip.  We took a little detour today.  Teaching moments were everywhere.  I explained ‘toll’ and lots of other concepts.

I prepped my students for star fries while on the tram, only to find they are no longer served at Space Center Houston.


Now all my students think I am a liar.

Thanks Space Center Houston, especially since I SAVED YOU  from the crazy Khazak.

You’re welcome already.

Here We Go Again

The “gotcha” brigade was out again in force.  This time it was Robert Gibbs.  They wanted to say that he admitted that the decision to close Gitmo was HASTY, which seems silly on its face, but hey, they ran with it .

Reality is here.  Establishing Gitmo was hasty.  Closing it will be very messy . . . because opening it was hasty (or stupid, or really bad ideas from the same camp I linked to above.