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It’s almost 10:00

UPDATE:  It’s half past ten and I guess all of the grandchildren in the neighborhood have gone to bed, having spent their poppers.  It’s only downhill from this but it’s better not to let them know, I guess.

I know the title should be “It’s almost 12:00” but it’s not.

There are random fireworks going off, per usual.  The pups are a little nervous, but from what I can tell, most of the kittens are ok with it.  Fanny and baby were playing and all the rest of the OKs are off sleeping wherever.

The next two plus hours will be a little tough for the pups and me, but thankfully I have thumbs and money and can take a couple of pre-emptive aspirin.

As I type it starts in earnest.  I’ve never understood the need to set off fireworks in the city limits.  When I was a kid, we had fireworks, but it was always out in West Texas on the farm and we never set them off near other people’s houses.

At least we got a good rain this week and everything is still damp.  I will stay up to make sure that both the pups are ok and that the house doesn’t burn down.


A First for the Fourth

It has been quiet around here, but for the largest land-based fireworks display in America, which I can see (and hear) from my backyard.

There were a few firecrackers in the distance and maybe a bottle rocket, too, but otherwise, the only thing that got the pups upset was the City’s display, and maybe a racoon/possum/squirrel on the roof about thirty minutes ago.

It’s quite a change from my first few 4th of July experiences, and a welcomed one.  I am relieved.

Another Safe New Year’s

Compared to years past, this New Year’s Eve was relatively quiet on my block.  No one set off fireworks.  There were plenty going off, and gun shots, too, but it was all several blocks away.  The pups got a little spooked, and the kittens (with the exception of Cisco) were nervous, but by 1:00 a.m., things had quieted down, and they were fine.

I’ve never understood why people feel compelled  to shoot off fireworks in their own neighborhood.   When I first moved into my house it was much worse.  Every New Year’s and 4th of July, I would call hoping that just one patrol car would drive down the street.  It never happened.  Two years ago, my next door neighbor’s garage caught on fire in the middle of the night.  Luckily, my pup Dora woke me up.  Two garages and two trees burned.  It was terrifying.   Especially since then, I have always hoped for rain on those two holidays.