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This Looks Promising: Harvard Divests from Israel

Here’s the report.  Though no reason is given, it’s a good start.  As with the former Apartheid nation, South Africa (which Israel offered nuclear weapons to and Israel propped up the diamond trade of during apartheid) widespread divestment in the 198o ‘s and against Reagan’s free market nonsense, finally brought down that regime and can bring this apartheid system down as well.


“the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian axis”

The hell?  Per Liz Crazy, oh, I mean Cheney.

I know that Turkey is struggling with their secular/religious issues, but last I checked they were on our side and are NATO members.  And that goes back further than the existence of Israel.

Turkey has been restrained in its criticism.  Israel has been bellicose in its own defense.

Perhaps we can get the peace processes going.

I won’t buy anything from Israel and I applaud the efforts that Palestinians are making to enforce a ban.  It was the most effective way for the South Africans.

And that the Israelis propped up the apartheid regime in South Africa to the end because of diamonds just plays to type at this point.

Israel is our friend

Turkey is as well, but Turkey is a reasonable friend, unlike Israel.

We have to stay friends with Israel just so they won’t start nuking the neighborhood.  I understand that.

It’s another sort of Nixon-to-China thing: the only country that has dropped nukes on a country is the only one who can stop another from doing it.

And think about that.

Perhaps this is a language problem

Reuters:  Israel Navy commandos:  Gaza flotilla activists tried to lynch us

I read the entire article and have read other articles and blogs and nothing, nothing that happened on that boat approached lynching.

A less charitable view is that the IDF chose the most offensive and pejorative words to describe the actions of the people on the ship.  The Israeli government is known for blaming their victims and never ever admitting fault.

Turkey can use its membership in NATO to try to address this and I hope they do.  I hope President Obama chooses to use this in a positive way to get the two-state talks back on track.  Israel should be punished, just like other states are punished we they act recklessly.  Either that, or we can just go ahead and put them in the same category as Burma and North Korea.

Perhaps we can resolve this once and for all.   Perhaps, now that Israel has deployed nuclear subs in the Persian Gulf, we can force them to allow inspections.  Israel doesn’t deserve special treatment.

Some sanity from Israel is here.