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Last Minute Decision to Vote


I hadn’t planned on voting today, but I am glad I did (instead of waiting until next Tuesday as I had planned).  Jessica Farrar was at the voting site and I got to say hello, shake her hand and thank her.  (That’s my yard sign showing my support for her.)  The line was really long, but it was even long by the time they closed the doors at 7.  I waited in line for an hour and a half.  I have never waited that long ever, not even close to that.  There were all sorts of people there and everyone in line around me was very friendly, and 100% Democrats.  I felt really sorry for the poll workers.  They all seemed terribly tired.

Today started off very early.  The boys had their appointment at S.N.A.P. to get fixed. 


Last pic before their trip. (Or the two headed puppy!)

They were very scared.  I waited in line while R stayed with them in the car.  At one point a woman came out the door and very nearly lost the cat she was holding in her arms.  Another woman had a jacket and she and I got the cat in it (she was scratching and clawing, poor thing).  I loaned her one of our carriers to keep the cat in until her husband got there with their carrier.  At the last minute, we got the boys out.  R had Emiliano, and his little heart was racing.  Murphy curled up into a ball in my arms and tucked his head on my shoulder, hiding in my hair.  Murphy weighed in at 22 lbs. and Emiliano is a whopping 27 lbs. 

They’re back home now, heavily medicated, and with those terrible huge plastic collars around their heads.  I feel so sorry for them.  But by this time next week, they’ll be all better.


Bill Buckley

He died.  You’d think it was Reagan.  Mark Levine just said that Rush said that Buckley loved talk radio and Fox News.

I’ve listened to all the talk radio and even PBS commentary on it — ZOMG — Buckley’s Firing Line was on ZOMG: PBS.  So today a kagillion conservatives just admitted that they watched PBS.  MORANS.

Sean Hannity is on Levine’s  show and they just both agreed that all liberals should be exiled, even LIBERAL republicans.  Levine picked up a physical tick from Buckley.  Sean envies Buckley’s vocab.  It was fun this morning listening to Bennett’s callers try to soup-up their vocab.  Bennett just says hmmm.  And Bennett played the same recording of Buckley three times.  Excuse me, but in all of the available recordings of Buckley, Bennett just got one?  Loser.

Twenty years ago and more I yelled at the teevee when Buckley was on.  But not always.  He was another war critic who never saw combat.  By choice.  He was a another cold warrior who thought it was better to force oppressive regimes to hurt their populations than risk instability.  He didn’t understand the cold war on a personal basis.  I did.  I lived for more than a year in a former Soviet republic 5 years after independence.  More than what Buckley ever did. 

He called George W. Bush’s war in Iraq foolish.  (I haven’t heard that these past few days.)

I can do a mean Buckley and I did this morning.  The only reason I can is because I watched and listened to him for so many years  on PBS. (dumbasses)

Oh, and now Mark Levine has started calling Obama Milhouse. This is how it goes.  For some gullible people, a man who is running for president has a name, given to him by his father, which has meaning.  Another man whose parents gave him the same name, is characterized as evil (remember Rumsfeld and our representative government thought differently about him some years earlier).  Mark Levine and others lure in the gullible.  The man who is running for president’s name is associated with the now evil man.  Email chains grow.  Mark Levine decides that it doesn’t matter what someone’s middle name is and calls the presidential candidate Milhouse.

The result?  For Mark Levine’s listeners (all 3 of them)  Milhouse is successfully substituted Hussein.  Mission accomplished.  For those 3 listeners.  Because they’ve never seen the Simpsons.

Michael Berry Making Sense?

I decided to listen to Berry again tonight after he got his ass handed to him yesterday evening.  (He screwed up and said something that no fewer than three callers called him on — by the time the third one came on, telling him to go listen to himself, Berry stomped his little feet and said, ‘not gonna do it!’  Then he let his last caller before the basketball game blather on and on about all the crazy things the chain emailers circulate among themselves about Obama.  Typical.)  But this evening has been a bit different — just a bit.

First, he actually made a point that Republicans who cross-over and vote in the Democratic primaries are giving up their opportunity to vote in important races like those for county judge and district attorney here in Harris County.  (I would add TX-22.)  The D.A. and TX-22 will no doubt go to a run-off.  Those who didn’t vote in the March 4th primary will not be able to vote in the run-off.

(Some years back, there was a run-off for a Democratic place on the ballot for a local congressional district.  One candidate was seen as more ‘conservative’ than the other, the Republicans hadn’t fielded a candidate, and in the Democratic run-off, Republicans tried to come in and vote.  Boy were they mad — screaming about their ‘voting rights’ and whatnot.  They simply didn’t understand the system.)

Also, he just had Judge Lykos on.  She’s said much what I’ve heard her say before.  Berry actually asked some good questions, particulary about discovery rules.  Lykos was able to explain that, unlike Berry has suggested in his question, turning over redacted copies of offense reports to the defense will lead to more plea bargains, not few convictions.

Now he’s got Kelly Siegler on.  Good thing I put the question mark up there.  Berry just let her ramble on and only asked a couple of questions.  One thing, though, Siegler has done this twice now: one on the radio just now and before on the KHOU debate — that being claim that another candidate has stolen her ideas.  I’m going to have to send an email to check this out.  We’ll see if I get a response before next Tuesday.

He’s going to have three of the TX-22 people on.  It’s on now — he’s asking lots of questions in the first one.


Definition from

3. irrational from fear

6. causing unrestrained laughter; very funny

Kathleen and her crew have a serious case of #3, which has in turn caused me and my friends a serious case of #6.  In her post titled “OMG” she’s thrown up a spliced video of Obama talking about nuclear weapons and military spending.  Kathleen thinks Obama wants to disarm our country.  One of her commenters that I’ve linked to before is beside herself.  Like the last time I commented on a post of hers, I have to ask myself, is she just so lazy that she won’t check anything out before she posts it, or is she purposeful in spreading rumors? 

Just look at the whole thing, and then check out these links:

Obama’s policy speech on nuclear weapons;  a plea from Sam Nunn, Henry Kissinger, William Perry, and George Shultz, among others for a goal of a nuclear-free world.

If you don’t know something, fine.  Go find out what you can.  But if you ignore facts, then your ignorance is your own fault.

Puppy Girls Have a Date

Olga and Polly will have their first opportunity to show their puppy charms this Saturday.   Hopefully they will find their forever families.

Since I’ve had them separated, they have been much easier to deal with.  Obviously two happy puppies are less overwhelming than four.  I let them visit each other for a short time and noticed something that was evident when we first found them (but less so than when they were all together):  Murphy and Polly connect with each other and Olga and Emiliano do the same.  Their personalities match up that way, too.

Polly and Murphy were the drainpipe pups.  They are the most wary.  Polly is still a very complex girl.  I took her out on the leash for a bit yesterday and while she scampered around a little, she ended up just sitting in the grass, looking around and smelling.  I tried to tug her by the leash, but she wouldn’t budge.  Murphy is the opposite of Polly, but that’s why they stick together, I think.  Murphy wears his emotions on the outside.  He’s definitely the baby.

Olga and Emiliano are comparatively calm.  Olga is completely alpha dog.  She’s not afraid and runs with abandon.  She is extremely clever and has had that self-awareness in her eyes for a while now.  Emiliano is more reserved, but is also the biggest.  He’s a little shy and sometimes afraid, but he is a gentle, old soul.  He looks absolutely regal with the white blaze on his chest.

I’ll miss them, of course.  I know that they will be loving members of their new families.

This Election is Heating Up

Not only is the Democratic Presidential primary neck and neck (and quite contentious), but the local Dem races are more interesting than they have been in a long time.

First I got a call from Henry Cisneros, and then another from the Clinton office.  Later in the week, Michelle Obama called.  This past Sunday, a neighbor called on behalf of Obama and I picked up the phone and spoke with her.  (My plan now is to vote for Edwards — he’s still on the ballot here — and then see what’s up at the caucus.)  Today, Hillary Clinton called and left a message.  Also, Edwards announced today that he and Elizabeth will join a new effort to end the occupation is Iraq — based on the cost of the occupation vs. what needs to be done and paid attention to here at home.

I can’t decide.  Obama getting the nomination would bring me some satisfaction for the work I did for Jesse Jackson in 1988.  (See this comment for an illustration of why I would like for him to win.)  But Hillary’s still fighting when so many are against her.  I admire that.  There’s another week to think about it for me — which is, in and of itself, refreshing.

I wrote about one local earlier.  I wholeheartedly support Jessica Farrarfor state rep.  She’s hardworking and the perfect match for Dan Patrick.  For U.S. Senator, I’m going with Rick Noriega.  (ZOMG!  Will John Cornyn try to link him with that guy who used to run Panama and is now in a U.S. prison thanks to George H. W. Bush?  Probably.)  The other choice I have made is for the 190th District Court.  I’m going with Andres Pereira.  He’s got Garnet Coleman’s support, is bilingual, and is young.  He answers a Charles Kuffner questionnaire here.

I’ve got to research the rest.

Tx-22 Republican Debate

Houston KRTK tv had a debate with the 10 willing Republicans (Pete Olsen said no and got poked for it, as is the Republican way).

I don’t think Nick Lampson has much to worry about.  I have watched half of the debate and taken notes.  (I’ll write more about it tomorrow.)  It’s mostly just the candidates pushing the same tired Republican lines — but with a few exceptions.

They all want to build a wall across the border with Mexico — whether the landowners want it or not.  There was a hit on funding the NEA (always a winner with wingnuts) by Cynthia Dunbar — who is probably a flat earther/earth is 6000 years old type involved in education.  She deserves a bit more research and probably a reasonable person to run against her for whatever seat she holds.

Shelley was there.  And smiling and annoying.  She and others pointed out the Pete Olsen is in WASHINGTON DC.  ZOMG!!!  As Mr. Squier pointed out, TX-22 is a Republican seat and should go back to being Republican.  What they forget is that Tom DeLay, their mentor, made the district more Democratic in his bargain with redistricting.  It’s not a solid Republican district anymore. 

It must be very difficult to look at the writing on the wall.

Added:  Brian Klock wants to scare you:


Republican Candidates for Harris County District Attorney Part 2

I’ll continue with my notes from the debate on Red, White and Blue a week ago, and add in what I saw in the Tuesday debate (which I finally watched yesterday online).

Last Friday, toward the end, Kelly Siegler was very indignant and defensive (perhaps it was understandable, given she felt the D.A’s office that she has worked in had taken quite a beating — deservedly — just about the entire debate).  She declared that the Assistant D.A.’s like herself had given their careers to the job, that they haven’t told people about all the good they do, and that they work for very little money.  She said that the way she would repair the reputation of the D.A.’s office would be to tell “all those people whose feelings have been hurt” that they would be willing to discuss it.  She repeated the same response on Tuesday, stating she would, “welcome anyone who would like to discuss those hurt feelings” and that there was a “pool of people in the office” who could “go out into the community and talk.

I don’t want to harp on this one point with her (I do have others) but repeating the opinion that all of the racist activities in the D.A.’s office under Chuck Rosenthal — and I’m not just referring to the email nonsense — just hurt people’s feelings is patronizing.  That attitude should be enough to sink her campaign.  But there is more.

On Friday, she repeatedly stated that a prosecutor’s job is “to convict a guilty person.”  She believes this.  It is dangerous, in my opinion, for a prosecutor to think this way.  The job, all of the other candidates affirmed, is to see that justice is done. 

While Siegler has been in the office, the D.A. has given judges lists of people to call for Grand Jury duty.  As Pat Lykos noted, when she was a judge, she appointed commissioners and charged them to find Grand Jurors who were representative of the community.

More tomorrow.

I get these campaign thingies . . .

in the mail just about every day.  A good number of them are for people running for district courts in Harris County.  I guess they make people a little more familiar with the candidates’ names, but I don’t pay much attention to them.  Except for the one I got today.

The glossy 4 page campaign ad I got today was from Jose Medrano.  Who is Jose Medrano?  He’s a Democrat, running against incumbent Jessica Farrar, the Texas State Representative for District 148 — my district.

I’m extremely happy with Jessica Farrar.  While I have lived in this district, she has worked hard to protect the property owners who would be affected by  the proposed expansion of I45, has been a formidable foe against Dan Patrick on women’s health issues, and been a voice of reason wrt immigration and voting rights.  She score 100% on my personal ‘how is your State Rep. doing for you’ scale.  In other words, I want her to stay where she is and keep doing what she’s been doing.

So why would someone think he could do better than Rep. Farrar?  Let’s look at that pretty ad I got in my mailbox.

It is cheerful, yet serious.  The ad relates, in the candidate’s words, his path to this point, including internships with Garnet Coleman (who was my rep until I bought a house) and Jessica Farrar.  Medrano states:

Both, Representative Coleman and Representative Farrar knew my story and my teenage mistake, but it didn’t make a difference to them.  They saw that I had turned that moment into a success story.

It all sounds good, right?  Except that there is on little hitch.  Medrano is running against Farrar.  From his ad, again in his words:

I’m asking you to join me in changing the status quo.  It’s a new course and with your vote and your support, we can start building a new Texas.  There was a time when elected officials focused on policy and not theatricalpolitics.  Many of today’s politicians care more about fighting amongst each other than taking care of the needs of Texas families.  It’s time to stop putting political drama above matters important for a prosperous Texas.  The issues facing Texas families today (snip) need independent leadership to overcome the theatrical politics and finger pointing in Austin.  (my italics)

I see.  From what I have read, Speaker Craddick and/or his allies in the Texas House (sure one is Dem.) have a something to do with this.

(links later) 

Olga and Polly

After not getting an appointment at SNAP last Saturday, I was disappointed because it meant that the window of opportunity to take the girls to a place over in Highland Village to be adopted had closed.  I feel much better now and am once again hopeful that I’ll be able to take them to a PetsMart by next weekend.

Olga and Polly got spayed today.  They weighed in at 22.5 and 22.8 lbs., respectively.  While they were a little scared, they were still troupers.  Also, they got their rabies and final puppy vaccinations, so after 7 days they will be good to go.

I bought a nice bathmat and we put it in the utility room (now recovery room) between the cabinets.  It’s a nice little cubbyhole that they’ve been in before.  They licked a couple of ice cubes and settled in:



Everything is fine, except Murphy misses his sisters 😦