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The Reconstruction of Tom DeLay’s Blog

DeLay’s blog is back up and running.  He (or someone) has reposted his initial posts but without the comments on the originals.  By the time I got home, the post about President Carter was up again.  I left a comment, but it’s still in moderation, I guess.  (I’ve checked several times.)  I wrote about Israelis getting Peace Prizes for agreeing to measures that by law the Israeli government has banned.  I also asked if DeLay would only post and not respond in the comments.  I don’t know why my comment hasn’t been posted yet (no time stamp — only a date stamp on comments).

Funny thing is that the DeLay team has let comments on a couple of other posts stand instead of deleting them (as it did the comments on the main posts last night).  I’m sure that those will be saved and pointed to in the future to slam commenters who disagree with DeLay.

Lastly, DeLay showed up on Gallagher’s show this morning, touting his “GAIN” program.  Yes, you read that right, “GAIN” program.  As Roberto said, “why not just call it “PAY ME” and be honest about it.  Watching/listening to DeLay attempt to be relevant is comical and pitiable  — what’s that damned over-used German word?


Tom DeLay’s Short-lived Blog

It looks like he started it last Friday, then put 2 or 3 posts up today, and now it’s basically gone.  There were about 100 comments on the second post.  When I clicked on the comments link for the last post (it was about Jimmy Carter’s new book), the site went *poof* and I got a “page not found” message. 

According to U.S. News, “And Democrats need not apply: His site will have a way to filter them out.”

Clearly the filter didn’t work.

via Think Progress