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So I was listening to Joe PagLIARulo this morning . . .

and while being dickish to one of his callers, he had this to say:

I am way more effective behind this microphone than I would be running for president and I don’t wanna be the president and I don’t wanna be the king like Obama does.  I’ve got incredible ideas and my ideas, I believe my ideas affected positive gains in the last election.


Maybe one or two more callers went by and then PagLiarulo had a long discussion about personal attacks — particularly when one’s debate opponent has nothing.  He said:

Once they lose, once they’re against the wall, the only recourse they have is to attack on a personal level and you know what?  I’m too big for that.  I’m too smart for that and so are you.

So, I called and asked him what proof he had that he individually or any other  talk show host had on the election.  He said none.  I said thanks.  Then he immediately launched into personal attacks:

Are you going to hang up now Michelle?

Me:  So you’re just making this up.

So are you going to hang up now you big scardy (sic juvenile) cat?

He wants to know why I asked the question — well it’s because he made that claim (see above).

I never said I influenced any election.  You’re wrong.  You’re dead wrong.  . . Do I think that I affected change in the election?  No.

Joe PagLIARulo.  Still a liar.


OMG My Tax Bill is HIGHER must be Obama’s fault

On Birther Radio (otherwise known as KPRC and managed by Michael Berry), I’ve heard people calling in on Joe Pag’s show especially, crying about their paycheck being less or their taxes going up.

Of course, tax rates haven’t gone up, unless you pay more for cigs so kids can have health insurance.  If you are getting less in your check, you need to talk to your employer.  S/He is either cheating you, or s/he is cheating you.  Everyone got more money in their paychecks a year ago.  If your income tax bill has gone up, perhaps you are like me and you don’t have as much to deduct this year.

Yeah, I could cry about the fact that I got my energy efficient windows when I couldn’t get a tax break for doing so, but I blame that on GWBush and the Republicans for not getting with the energy efficiency program.  Dicks.