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The Deep

The Deepis a new book by Claire Nouvian.  She was on The News Hour a couple of weeks ago (link to the transcript) and now there is also a slide show up at that same link.

The book contains 200 photos of deep-sea creatures taken by scientists.  I think she took some of them as well.  They are really spectacular.


Update on Man-Talk

It’s not porn, Portman, or guns so much as it is fat white boys talking in funny voices.  Oh, and sitting on the pot to pee.

Baker and Hunt won’t be on for two more weeks, so I can’t tell if the moran factor will increase or decrease when he joins.

Here’s a taste of the double moran that’s on in the morning and afternoon:

Leftist candidate for President of the new North American Free Trade Zone, Balack Ossama said this week that the racial hate being spewed by talk radio is the reason the “immigration bill” was defeated after the best efforts of the Senate and the House to sneak it passed US citizens

Oh, and it looks like Michael Berry didn’t make this a very smooth transition at all.  But what did I expect?

Damn Vista!!!!

Actually, I’m pretty lazy and can’t remember from one time to the next how to download pics from my camera.  I took some of the kittehs tonight and then couldn’t get this goofy machine to recognize my camera.  CRAP.

 Well, it’s time for Hell’s Kitchen!!!!

A Links Post

A handful of links (I’m waiting for a video to download — it takes forever with my dialup).

I found Mr. Lee’s CatCam fairly easily.  I really like this site.  It came up today because R and I were speculating about where Junebug and Braveheart go.  Junie spends a lot of her time on roofs.   Mr. Lee seems to always be looking for other cats.

Via Matt Stiles at the Chron, this curious little story by R. J. Gonzales about how Houston annexed New Orleans in 1949.

Kathleen posted on her blog yesterday and I ran across her in a comments section of another blog.  Here’s my posts about that.  I screwed up the font on that blog and haven’t fixed it yet.  I’m so used to wordpress that blogger seems really weird.

 The video I’m still downloading is from CSPAN 2 via Think Progress.   Representative Michael Tunner (R OH) attempts to smear Lawrence Korb when he testified before congress.  Once Rep. Turner stops talking, he gets up to leave.  The chairman tells him to listen to Korb’s response.  Turner clearly has never watched The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.  He mispronounces Jim’s name twice.  I disagree a little with the focus in the Think Progress post.  It seems to me that Turner is trying to do a classic *gotcha* and then doesn’t even care what Korb has to say in response.

Late last Sunday night, I was listening to the radio trying to go to sleep and I heard an interview with John Anderson on Matt Drudge’s radio show .  (There was a guest host.)  He’s written a book called Follow the Money.  He predicted that Tom DeLay will be indicted in connection with Jack Abramoff before next January.  (Sorry, I don’t even want to try to find a podcast of a Matt Drudge radio show.)

And speaking of Tom DeLay, according to his website, his book is now selling for a whopping buck tweenty.  WoW. Ahh, and he’s added a link in his side bar “Tom DeLay Legal Defense Fund“.  I can’t resist.  I have to click it.  It’s almost sad.  Not.

I’m really struggling with Blood Meridian.  It is brutal.  It is beautiful.   At times, I have alternated it with Greenwald’s book,  A Tragic Legacy, but that is depressing, too.

That’s it for tonight.

I forgot one thing.  I really want to read this book.  (Hint to R to flag it — but it will probably get flagged by lots.  Asking doesn’t hurt, though, right?)


Cats sent me these. 


More Beautiful

Thank you so much.  They are my two favorites in one: purple flowers.

Did you get my email?!?!?!?!??!?!?

Wingnuts Attack

I watch So You Think You Can Dance every week.  I’ve written about it before.  At the beginning of the show tonight, one judge had to apologize for the jacket she wore.  Another had to apologize for the ‘peace’ theme from the previous night.  Of course, the coreographer that I like the most was responsible.

As Tom DeLay says: think about it.  The wing nuts had no problem with last year’s winner pulling off his pants and revealing U.S. flag spedos.   No problem with that.

Macy Update

As Macy’s wounds have healed, his other big problem has become more obvious.  Last night I did some research and from what I could tell he has mange.  I had never thought to ask if my regular vet would treat a feral cat, so today I called.  They do.

I made an appointment and packed the poor little guy up in the truck.  He looks awful — so bad I won’t even put up a picture of him now.  The trap is so long I had to prop one end up on the dashboard.  Poor little Macy just held onto the bottom of the trap — no crying.  What a brave little dude!

We didn’t have to wait very long.  Two vet techs came to get us and then Dr. Humphreys — my new hero — came in.  One of the vet techs put on these huge, heavy-duty gloves that went up to her elbows.  Macy didn’t want to come out of the trap, even when they stood it on its end.  Then — he escaped!  He went flying around the examination room, and at one point even tried to jump onto the examination table — easily 3 foot high.  The tech with the gloves trapped him with a towel and before I knew it she had him securly on the table.  Color me very impressed.  Dr. Humphreys took it all in stride and started his examination.

He confirmed that Macy has mange.  He said there’s a liquid I could put on him much like flea preventative, and there’s an injection that he could get today and then again in two weeks.  Injection please!  He checked the wounds on Macy’s forelegs and said they looked ok — they were healing fine.   He also did a feline lukemia test and it was thankfully negative.  I was very happy and very relieved.

The ride home was really long — lots of traffice — but Macy hung in there — not one peep out of him. 

From the pictures I saw, Macy should start looking better fairly quickly.  Dr. Humphreys said that he might need a third shot since he’s got such a bad infestation.  If his appetite stay good, and this mange treatment works, I should be able to get him fixed in a month and then he can finally rejoin Junebug, Braveheart and Rowdy in their idyllic life.

She’s Baaacckkk!!!

Well, sort of, I think.  Kathleen aka rightwingsparkle, darling of the third (or lower) tier of wingnut bloggers and formerly a blogger on the local newspaper, has switched her blogger template, lost the comments from before and is itching to get back to blogging.


Since I’m a meanie, I don’t want to link to her little blog here, so I will link to a post I put up at this shell blog I have at blogger.

Houston Radio — One more thing . . .

ok, I admit that I listened to KRPC’s Michael Berry this morning.  I got up late and was too lazy to change the dial.  It was worth it though.

As I wrote yesterday, KTRH is changing its format next Monday.  Well, so is KPRC.  As of next Monday it will be the “9-5-0 AM Radio Mojo” and according to Berry, it will be “man-talk.”

 My question:  What the hell is “man-talk”?

An Article about Tim O’Hare of Farmers Branch

I ran across this article than ran in the Chron on Sunday, and it reminded me that I had wanted to put together a time line of the research I have done on this subject.

First, there was a meeting in Farmers Branch, reported on here (I orginally linked here), and during which Tim O’Hare set out his points for ways to improve Farmers Branch.  The meeting took place in April, 2006.  He did not mention immigrants of any status in his suggestions.

Then there’s this blog entry from Angel Reyes, an attorney with whom Tim O’Hare met.  (The orginal link is in the same blog post as above.)  While it’s dated November 17, 2006, Reyes states that he met with O’Hare “in the not-so-distant past” about taking some cases.  During that discussion, O’Hare stated his ambitions:  after city council, run for mayor, and then when his term was up, he’d be “the ‘go to guy'” in Farmers Branch.  O’Hare said nothing about immigration at that time, and Reyes noted that most of the case concerned people with Hispanic sirnames and that O’Hare’s lawfirm advertised that Spanish speakers were welcome.

 Then last summer, the mayor of Haelton, PA was all over the news with his proposed ordinance called Illegal Immigration Relief Act.  The Farmers Branch ordinance, offered in  November, 2006 , is very similar to the one in Hazelton.  I wonder why?

I have several posts in my Immigration category about things that have happened since.  I find it remarkable that O’Hare still claims, after being debunked over and over again (here’s just one of many), that immigration is related to property values or crime.

Tim O’Hare is your typical hypocritical conservative.  I’m so tired of them.